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Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode

Planning A Trip To Kozhikode? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Kozhikode

Previously recognized as Calicut, Kozhikode is an exemplary district that graces the coastal band of Kerala in South India. This city is frequently christened as the Spice Capital of India. It facilitated accessibility to Kerala from foreign shores, notably breached by Vasco da Gama in the 15th century. Kozhikode’s prosperous history is not the only thing that attracts hundreds of travelers to this beautiful town. The city is peppered with incredible beaches, imposing waterfalls, and exuberant forests. Tourists can visit the cultural centers and museums to gain some in-depth knowledge of the rich heritage that strives within Kozhikode. Let us identify some of these thrilling tourist places to visit when in Kozhikode.

Kappad Beach

Kappad Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://www.tripadvisor.in

Situated approximately 35 km from the Kozhikode Railway Station, Kappad Beach forms an important cog of the historical wheel of Kerala. If we go down the memory lane around 500 years ago, Vasco da Gama marshalled around 170 personnel into Kerala through the magnificent shores of Kappad Beach. This would completely change the landscape of the Malabar Coast as spice trading blossomed. The unparalleled charm of Mother Nature, the confluence of cyanic skies and the Arabian Sea, and the pure and pristine sands of this beach could coax tourists into staying here permanently. The usual mode to reach Kappad Beach involves hiring a cab to the destination. To have a more exciting trip, tourists could also ride through the backwaters of Korappuzha River to reach this amazing beach.

Pazhassiraja Museum

Pazhassiraja Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by http://www.keralaculture.org

Located about 5 km away from Kozhikode, Pazhassiraja Museum preserves ancient relics belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization. The museum displays age-old coins, conventional sculptures and utensils prepared from bronze, tiny prototypes of ancient temples, diamond cysts, stone sculptures, and gold coins. The mini temple prototypes have been created using plaster of Paris, and attract a number of foreign admirers. The museum was brought up to commemorate the undying spirit of renowned freedom fighter, Pazhassiraja Kerala Varma. It was his guerilla tactics that helped raise a fight back against the British East India Company during the 17th century. With such history roots connecting to ancient civilizations, this museum is a true historian’s paradise.

Sailing through Kappad’s Backwaters

Sailing through Kappad’s Backwaters:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://www.tourism-of-india.com

The backwaters of Kappad Beach exhibit spellbinding sceneries. These backwaters comprise of a perfect fusion of canals, lakes, and lagoons. Tourists can take up a cruise boat to explore Kappad’s backwaters and familiarize themselves with the culture that prevails within this region. The ride showcases fishermen setting afloat their cockleshell water vessels, white lotuses decorating the surface of the water, and fish hunting through the use of feet as weapons. These homely villagers will always make you feel at home and also hand you some local delicacies. Floating atop Kappad’s backwaters is truly an experience that will remain etched in tourists’ senses for a long time.

Payyoli Beach

Payyoli Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://www.trover.com

Payyoli Beach is located along the northern stretch of Malabar Coast in Kozhikode district. The swaying coconut trees, vibrant and relaxing winds, and cleansed sands add to the beauty of this tranquil beach. From November to December, a number of Olive Ridley turtles throng Payyoli Beach in their quest to lay their tiny eggs. The fishermen in the vicinity have founded a conservation center known as Theeram as part of their attempts to nurture these magnificent creatures. Hundreds of exotic species of birds thrive along the shores of Payyoli Beach. It is a breathtaking sight to watch these feathered friends go about their natural tasks. These exciting features make Payyoli Beach a hotspot for travelers from all over the world.

Mananchira Square

Mananchira Square:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://www.holidify.com

Situated right in the heart of Kozhikode, Mananchira Square was named after King Manavedavan who belonged to the Zamorin dynasty. To recreate the yesteryears' environment, the Mananchira Square has been populated with a music platform, open-air amphitheater, and a lyrical fountain. All these features surround the Mananchira Tank, which receives water through a natural spring. This tank once formed a source of water supply for the Zamorin Kingdom during their reign in Kozhikode. A layer of lush grassland is spread out across Mananchira Square and forms a part of the park. The environment is relaxing and comforting in the company of marvelous sculptures and greenery of the park. It is a good place to unwind from the usual hustle and bustle of the city.

Boating at Kalipoika

Boating at Kalipoika:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://www.tourmyindia.com

Kalipoika is a product of the Kerala government’s continuous efforts to conserve wetlands and encourage eco-friendly tourism. Flanked by palm groves and dense grasslands, this astonishing destination entices tourists with its incredible allure and astounding landscapes. The waters of Kalipoika offer tourists activities such as pedal boating, cruising, and row boating to please themselves. Located approximately 2 km away from Kozhikode, Kalipoika is nestled in a tiny village in the center of Kozhikode, Arayidathupalam. Presenting tourists with a breathtaking eyeshot of the Western Ghats, this spot allures thousands of visitors throughout the year.

Peruvannamuzhi Dam

Peruvannamuzhi Dam:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://www.tripadvisor.in

Peruvannamuzhi Dam lies within the confines of the picturesque village of Peruvannamuzhi in Kozhikode. Hundreds of tourists from all over the country throng this dam to admire its brilliant structural design. Peruvannamuzhi Dam lies within the vicinity of the Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary which nurtures diverse exotic species of wildlife. The alluring dam area is located about 60 km away from Kozhikode and is popular for its endearing deserted islands. Other intriguing centers set up in the surrounding area include a crocodile farm and a bird sanctuary. Tourists can also unwind by taking up trekking activities in the region and activities such as speedboat cruises and rowboats. Adventurers and families shall experience relaxation and nature’s charm at this ideal picnic spot.

Mishkal Mosque

Mishkal Mosque:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://www.livemint.com

More than 600 years ago, an Arab merchant named Nakhuda Mishkal built the colossal Mishkal Mosque purely out of sweet timber. The fact that a Zamorin King supported the reconstruction of this mosque post the Portuguese attacks in the 16th century reminds us of the diverse religions that have harmoniously prevailed in India over the ages. Comprising of four stories, this massive mosque contains detailed sculptures and carvings on its walls and ceilings, resembling ancient temple designs. The outer area of the mosque consists of a pavement prepared from Italian slabs, 24 supporting pillars ornamented with carvings, and 47 doors. A massive prayer auditorium that can accommodate around 300 devotees also thrives within the mosque. These amazing architectural patterns and the rich historical importance of Mishkal Mosque add to its attractive aura.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://www.keralatourism.org

In Kozhikode, the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is your spot if you enjoy bird watching and serene natural jungles. The sanctuary is not too far from the city centre, just about 19 km. You get to spot more than 60 types of migrating birds and almost a hundred species of the native variety. Since the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is located in the middle of a mesh of islands in a river by the same name, you also get to go boating and island hopping while watching herons and gulls and terns fly above your head. Fishermen also swear by the crabs and mussels of this area so this is also a catchment.

Thusharagiri Fall

Thusharagiri Fall:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://www.google.com

The glorious Chalipuzzha River of Western Ghats splits into three waterfalls, together termed as Thusharagiri. The mist that rises out of this gushing energy of water paints the surroundings a beautiful dreamy white. Trekking, rock climbing, swimming and relaxing by the waterfalls are just some of the things you can do around here.

Valayanad Devi Temple

Valayanad Devi Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://twitter.com

Constructed back in 1300s, Valayanad Devi Temple is credited to the Zamorins of this region. Its architecture style is Dravidian, with a rich history of folklore. The story goes — Zamorins won the battle against King Valluva Kolathiri and were convinced that they had won only because of the blessings of Valayanad Vagabathi devi. Hence they had this temple built. Lord Ayyappa and Lord Shiva are also worshipped here.

Kakkayam Dam

Kakkayam Dam:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://www.keralatourism.org

A locale of beautiful nature, scenic water and chirping birds — Kakkayam Dam is a perfect place to enjoy some family time. Picnic spots by the bank are always filled with families eating or playing, while the little waterfalls hidden in the thickets around the dam entice you for a hike every now and then. Boating in the dam is permitted so there’s another little fun activity you can indulge in. Do also visit the famous hanging bridge on a waterfall nearby.

Malabar Botanical Garden And Institute For Plant Science

Malabar Botanical Garden And Institute For Plant Science:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://in.worldorgs.com

Malabar Botanical Garden And Institute For Plant Science, as the name suggests is a place of lots and lots of plants. A landscape of more than 40 acres, with a side of marshy land too, this garden is home to primitive as well as indigenous plants, medicinal as well as aesthetic shrubs, greenhouses as well as aquatic ecosystems. Endangered species of plants are specially kept in conservatories. Do visit for a walk to explore it all and participate in one of the their usual botanical workshops.

Thalikkunu Shiva Temple

Thalikkunu Shiva Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://commons.wikimedia.org

One of South India’s oldest temples of Lord Shankar, the Thalikkunu Shiva Temple is a famous pilgrimage in Kozhikode. It was a glorious temple back in the day, then destroyed by some invaders. But of course, no faith is as fragile as a ruined stone. So they rebuilt the temple and even today, Hindus believe in the holiness of this place. Its renovation also made it an architectural marvel, a beauty to look at again. From carvings to ponds in the premises, sanctum sanctorum to huge walls, Thalikkunu Temple is worth a visit.

Kakkadampoyil Waterfall

Kakkadampoyil Waterfall:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://www.thrillophilia.com

In a small village in Kozhikode is the Kakkadampoyil Waterfall. Now it is an idyllic little place, suffused with freshness and beauty. And hence it sees a high amount of footfall. The Kuruvan River pours down in the form of this waterfall and allows rich lush flora to flourish around it. The Gavi jungle nearby has also led the mountains around this waterfall to be named mini Gavi. There are elephants and butterflies and tigers too roaming the thickets. A great getaway from the city.

Beypore Beach

Beypore Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://www.onmanorama.com

The Beypore Beach is located at the mouth of River Chaliyar. It is your typical beach galore that is indulged in here — sunbathing and swimming, lazing on the sands and paddling in the water. What’s more is, the waters by this beach are quite jumpy, and perfect for surfing and water skiing. The lines of coconut trees and the stone bridge add a unique aesthetic to the place, making it even more Instagram-worthy.

Mother of God Cathedral

Mother of God Cathedral:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by http://calicutdiocese.org

Mother of God Cathedral is a church with wide huge doors and windows, carved with skilful craftsmanship. It was built by the colonising Portuguese back in the year 1513, later renovated in around 1724. The mortar added then has given the structure better stability and durability, without compromising on its design. Its Gothic style attracts all kinds of architecture and history buffs, while those interested in religion flock in anyway.

Srikanteshwara Temple

Srikanteshwara Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://www.thrillophilia.com

Srikanteshwara Temple is 100 years old, dedicated primarily to Lord Shiv, but also worshiping his son Ganpati and Lord Krishna. When in Kozhikode, tourists love a sightseeing of this temple. Especially for its folklore and history. There is a pond nearby, so you will have plenty to explore when you are done admiring the architecture.

Sarovaram Bio Park

Sarovaram Bio Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://www.thehindu.com

All mangroves, wetlands and eco friendly, the Sarovaram Bio Park is a conservation project undertaken by the central government after they identified about 27 precious wetlands in Kozhikode. A visit to this bio park will take you into the natural habitat of a number of indigenous species, including a variety of birds. You can boat in the Canoly canal, enjoy some fun time at the open-air theatre and take your kids to the kids’ park nearby.


Elathur:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kozhikode
Photograph by https://www.archdaily.com

A little hamlet 10 km away from Kozhikode, Elathur is perfect for those who wish to see the rural life of this district. The main occupation of these villagers is fishing, so be ready for the most delicious seafood, freshwater catch like toddy and fishes and a lazy beach galore. The beauty of Elathur is further enhanced by its placement — between a river and a lake!

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