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Tourist Places To Visit In Vagamon

Planning A Trip To Vagamon? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Vagamon

Vagamon is a picturesque hill station situated along the boundaries of Idukki and Kottayam districts in Kerala. The dense vegetation, blue hillocks, twisting rivers, and unrestrained waterfalls decorate this town with their natural charm. In addition to its scenic wonders, a few religious spots also add to the cultural heritage of Vagamon. These amazing traits of Vagamon offer visitors several exciting tourist places to visit on their tour of the town. Let us dive in and check out some of these beautiful destinations, from Kurisumala Monastery to Pattumalai Church, Idukki Dam to Thangal Para.

Kurisumala Monastery

Kurisumala Monastery:  Tourist Places To Visit In Vagamon
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Kurisumala Monastery is seated at one of the highest points of the Kurisumala Hills of Vagamon. This Christian pilgrim ashram is sure to enchant with its composing and spiritual atmosphere. Trekking to the Kurisumala Monastery is an enriching experience due to the serene landscapes on offer while walking through the hilly terrains.


A Syro-Malankara Catholic church owns the Monastery. Pilgrims walk up to the monastery while saying their prayers on Good Friday, a day of the year that marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Devotees consider this as an act of sharing the sufferings that Christ went through. This adds value to the holistic importance of this marvelous tourist site.

Mundakayam Ghat

Mundakayam Ghat:  Tourist Places To Visit In Vagamon
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Mundakayam Ghat is situated around 8 km away from Vagamon. This ghat offers panoramic portrayals of the region surrounding it. This feature means that sunsets from the ghat are mesmerizing to the eyes. Exotic species of birds also make this place a bird watchers’ delight. Encompassing sceneries attract paragliding enthusiasts towards the Mundakayam Ghat. If you are fortunate, a paragliding flight from atop the ghat may also act as a shortcut to nirvana. Hazy hills, plantations of tea, and impenetrable pine forests add to the aura of this natural wonder. It is only fitting that therefore, a lot of photographers and nature admirers throng this region throughout the year.

Marmala Waterfalls

Marmala Waterfalls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Vagamon
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Marmala Waterfalls is located in Kottayam district. About 8 km apart from Erattupatta, this waterfall releases its irresistible beauty from 60 m high into the lap of Teekoy River. The stunning view of the exuberant streams falling down the ravine thrills shutter bugs and nature enthusiasts alike. Discovered recently, the Marmala Waterfalls remain as flawless and clean as Vagamon city itself. The rainy season provides the best view of the falls. During this time, the untouched streams turn milky in color and offer a refreshing environment.

Thangal Para, Vagamon

Thangal Para, Vagamon:  Tourist Places To Visit In Vagamon
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Thangal Para, nestled atop the Thangal Hill, is a blessed site for people of Islamic religion. The spot marks the commercial entrance of Arabs from Yemen into Kerala on account of business needs. A gigantic globe-shaped rock is miraculously placed out here. History narrates that beside the rock lies the resting tomb of an esteemed Sufi faithful, Sheikh Fariuddin. He visited Thangal Para around 800 years ago. A mosque at Thangal Para conducts spiritual celebrations for devotees every year during the festival of Urus. These factors contribute to the spiritual and historic importance of Thangal Para. Blissful natural beauty in the region also makes trekking and boating for visitors a pleasant possibility.

Pattumalai Church

Pattumalai Church:  Tourist Places To Visit In Vagamon
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Pattumalai Church draws its architectural beauty atop the Pattumalai Hill of Vagamon. Upon researching, the locals would reveal that the name “Pattumalai” stands for “The Hill clothed in Silk”. The church is dedicated to Christian Saint Mary, who is familiar by the name Velankanni Matha. The church was constructed solely of granite rock and is nestled amid tea plantations. This reminds tourists of the ancient Indian architectural designs. The clean air, pleasant climate, and tranquil surroundings help visitors attain a soul gripping divine experience.

Idukki Dam

Idukki Dam:  Tourist Places To Visit In Vagamon
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The Idukki Dam is a symmetrical wonder that stretches along the entire breadth of the enchanting Periyar River. The dam construction displays a dual curvature arch. This arch provides breathtaking view for visitors that throng the dam. The dam has been built in a narrow valley right between two granite hillocks named Kuravathi and Kuravan. The steep arch makes it one of the tallest arcs in all of Asia. The view from atop the dam is similar to that of a painter’s artistic portrait, attracting tourists from all parts of the country. Idukki Dam is a valuable source of water for the cities nearby, offering services such as irrigation and power generation.

The Orion County, Vagamon

The Orion County, Vagamon:  Tourist Places To Visit In Vagamon
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The Orion County is a project that shelters water-friendly holiday homes etched within the confines of Vagamon. Encircled by tea gardens galore, these homes provide several facilities such as jogging tracks, outdoor and indoor games, yoga, health clubs, medication centers, and restaurants. In addition, fishing and boating in the inner lakes is a pleasing activity. Visitors who wish to spend a luxurious holiday amidst lush green vegetation would find this place appropriate. This dream village is simply a replica of the paradise we always dreamt of.

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Vagamon
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Situated about 19 km away from Kottayam district, Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls is a spectacular specimen of Mother Nature’s beauty. Refreshing streams dropping below from a height of more than 100 feet provide visitors an amazing view. The surroundings offer chilly winds and a friendly climate, making this a top picnic spot. Families frequently camp around the waterfall area to experience these gushing waterfalls. One experiences the unique feeling of being embraced by the creator’s wings when standing at this splendid site.

Vagamon Falls

Vagamon Falls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Vagamon
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The popular Vagamon Falls, perched 2 km from the town centre of Vagamon make for a cute little nook to get away. Picnics, hikes, downtime and photography are just some of the things people come here to indulge in. With the lush forests, scenic waters and pools, this is the best place to kick back relax.

Vagamon Lake

Vagamon Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Vagamon
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Vagamon Lake is a beautiful little waterbody in the lap of lush hills, 7 km from Vagamon. Tourists prefer a trip down here on a cool breezy day as the carpets of green grass sway with the wind and families enjoy secluded corners for a relaxing picnic. The lake also has boating facilities and you can indulge in a ride, or choose to grab your camera and capture the brilliant sights. In the past, and even sparingly now, Vagamon Lake is used by moviemakers for shooting too.

Barren Hills

Barren Hills:  Tourist Places To Visit In Vagamon
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Contrary to the name, Barren Hills are anything but. A beautiful emerald green meadow located about 6 km away from Vagamon’s city centre, this is perfect for short treks, rock climbing sessions and paragliding. Mostly adventure seekers are found milling around these hills, but leisure seekers also find the place captivating. You can choose either, and enjoy the sunset from the top!

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