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Things To Do In Vagamon

Planning A Trip To Vagamon? Here's our list of top things to do in Vagamon

Vagamon is a captivating hill station nestled between the Kottayam and Idukki districts in the state of Kerala. This hill station is set amid magnificent plantations and trickling streams. Splendid valleys and panoramic sceneries provide a heavenly experience for visitors.


Unblemished by recent developments, Vagamon renders ample outdoor activities for tourists who wish to explore. Out of these, mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing, and paragliding are some of the best things that visitors can do when in Vagamon. In addition to these adventuring quests, tourists can also attain relaxation by visiting religious centers and discovering the cultural harmony of Vagamon.

Trek to Murugan Mala

Trek to Murugan Mala:  Things To Do In Vagamon
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Murugan Mala is a compact hillock located about 8 km away from the citadel town. Trekking up the hillock is a treasuring experience with sceneries that come straight out of dreams. The Murugan Mala temple is seated at the pinnacle of this mount. The temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan, who was the child of Lord Shiva.


The marvelous sculpture of Lord Murugan has been carved out of a solitary rock, symbolizing ancient Indian architecture. You can take a walk through the temple area and be struck by the spellbinding aura of the views that the hillock showcases. The refreshing winds are sure to sweep you off your feet. These traits make Murugan Mala a perfect spot for trekkers, nature admirers, and photographers.

Vagamon Pine Forest

Vagamon Pine Forest:  Things To Do In Vagamon
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Situated along the border of the Western Ghats, Vagamon Pine Forest is an incredible treat of nature. Who would have imagined a tropical valley filled with long stretches of towering pine trees looking out over a cliff edge? This forest remains quiet for most of the time due to the lack of crowds. It is an exquisite feeling to walk through these forests and absorb this natural phenomenon. The forest provides an ideal environment for adventurous tourists, with activities such as trekking, rock climbing, and paragliding. The aura at such heights is refreshing and calming to the human body.

Vagamon Waterfalls - Trekking and Camping

Vagamon Waterfalls - Trekking and Camping:  Things To Do In Vagamon
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Vagamon Waterfalls lie within the confines of Idukki district in Vagamon. A long drive of about one and a half hours is enough to reach the falls from the central area of Vagamon city. The milky color of the streams and the eye-catching landscapes add to the beauty of this tiny waterfall. Trekking through the flourishing vegetation allows adventurers to get away from their daily routine. Camping along the river banks helps visitors discover heaven on earth. Tourists often camp at this destination to soak in Mother Earth’s beauty. Due to these magnificent features, photographers, peace seekers, adventurers, and nature freaks can all procure paradise at these falls.

Walk through the Barren Hills of Vagamon

Walk through the Barren Hills of Vagamon:  Things To Do In Vagamon
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Barren Hills is located about 10 km from Vagamon city, inside this small village called Kolahalamedu. Winter season is apt for paying a visit to this hilly terrain. Tourists can enjoy various activities out here, including bird watching, trekking, paragliding, and rock climbing. A unique quality if this area is that it takes up a different form for each season of the year. The hills not only experience lush green grasslands of the monsoon season, but also dry lands of the summer.


A prolonged stay at this hillock would help visitors get a glimpse of all the seasons on offer. Trudging along these barren hills during the evening hours of the rainy season provides a perfect relaxing experience. Scintillating sceneries and beautiful flora and fauna make this place a suitable shooting destination for several Malayalam movies. The locals preferably call this place “Mota Kunnu”, wherein “Mota” refers to bald or egg and “Kunnu” refers to a hilly area.

Boat Ride at Vagamon Lake

Boat Ride at Vagamon Lake:  Things To Do In Vagamon
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Vagamon Lake is nestled amidst three hillocks and flourishing greenery. The hills surrounding the lake are draped with green foliage. The site enthralls with a paradise-like atmosphere during the monsoons when abundant vegetation grows around the area. Pedaling or rowing a boat through the Vagamon Lake provides visitors with an experience to cherish. The peaceful and silent waters provide tourists with an ideal comrade along their journey. You may also end up shedding some useless calories along the way.

Tandem Paragliding at Vagamon

Tandem Paragliding at Vagamon:  Things To Do In Vagamon
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At a distance of 10 km from the main town area lies the tiny village of Kolahalamedu. This small region provides adventurers with a perfect opportunity to perform tandem paragliding at heights never imagined before. Flying at close to 6,000 feet over sea level, these flights provide a thrilling aerial adventure. You need not know how to take off and command these aerial vehicles. A professional tandem paraglider takes up the pilot’s role and helps you launch, fly, and land safely. This ride offers those who dare to come aboard with a panoramic view of God’s Own Country, Kerala. Imagine yourself touching down straight into nature’s beloved arms.

Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary

Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Vagamon
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Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary lies approximately 10 km away from the central city area. It provides visitors with an apt picnic site. Families get away from their daily hustle and bustle inside the city and come and relax at the sanctuary. The lush vegetation spread across the region will help you abandon all your miseries and attain peace within. The region also offers boating rides along the Idukki reservoir. This renders a perfect spot for couples to grow in love and spend time with each other on their romantic boat rides.

Trekking to Suicide Point, Vagamon

Trekking to Suicide Point, Vagamon:  Things To Do In Vagamon
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Vagamon also proudly houses a remarkably breathtaking Suicide Point. It is a V-shaped ravine that provides a scenic display of the gaping valley below. The vertical extent of the valley appears like a never-ending abyss. Adventurers would find solace in trekking up to this awe-inspiring point. The ascent offers a formidable trekking task, but the fascinating journey to the top cannot be ignored. Once at the apex point, the majestic scenery and refreshing breeze will ease out the side-effects of the strenuous climb in a jiffy.

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