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Paris Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Paris? Here's a detailed Paris tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
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Best Months To Visit:
June to August
Recommended Duration:
4 to 5 Days
Nearest Airport:
Charles de Gaulle (39 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Gare du Nord (3 kms)

The city of love, lights, fashion, glamour and so much more, Paris is the perfect destination for your next holiday. The capital city of France and the most happening city of Europe, Paris is every traveler's dream destination. Nuzzled amidst the chic streets and stylish cardigans, the entire city dazzles with beauty and glamour. There is something in the city for everyone. It bears the history of the bygone centuries, stands as a landmark for business and breathes freely in its own culture. With such magnificence, tourism in Paris is bound to be one hell of a ride! Here's a travel guide to take you through Paris.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Paris Tourism And Travel Guide
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Paris, being central to so many ideas and needs of the modern world industry, is well connected locally and internationally.


By Air: There are three major airports in Paris. Each one of them located strategically; one close to the central Paris, one at the southern side and another at the north-eastern end. Charles de Gaulle International airport receives most international flights. Orly Airport, in the south, takes in flights from French, European, and other major cities. Beauvais – Tille Airport deals with flights exclusively from European destinations only.


By Rail: Paris is well connected with railways. It has many local stations and it also connects to international cities. For traveling within the city one can also make use of the metro networks. It is affordable and faster. It also has a great frequency of trains.


By Road: Taxis and cabs are available for hire. But in Paris, buses are the most convenient way to travel by road. These buses are inexpensive and offer great views. You can also board multiple boards if you wish. The buses here start at 6.30 am and go until 8.30pm with some exceptions running until midnight. 

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Best Time to Visit

Best Time to Visit:  Paris Tourism And Travel Guide
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The best time to visit Paris is considered to be summer. During the months of June to August, Paris shines with all its beauty and is crowded by flocks of tourists everywhere. At this time, most things including flight rates and hotel accommodation rates rise up. For people on a budget not wanting to miss out on anything, Fall is the best time. There are lesser people and more space. Most importantly, you wouldn’t have to compromise on the weather. Springs also work well. Though, winters are preferably avoided. During its winters, Paris is grey and dull. Snowfall isn’t common but sometimes Paris experiences a good snow cover. 

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Paris Tourism And Travel Guide
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Eiffel Tower: It is almost a sin to visit Paris and not witness the modern marvel that is the Eiffel Tower. The tower is open from 9.30 am until 11.30 pm. You can pick your way up to the tower. The options available are by lift and by stairs. Each of these has separate costs ranging from €10 to €25.


Catacombs: The catacombs in Paris have recently been opened for entry to its visitors. This underground ossuary holds remains of the dead of over six million people. The entry is open to people of legal age. This place also has several walk-throughs during the night, making it a perfect night trail.


Musee Picasso: As the name suggests, this old museum is made in the memory of the famous spanish painter and artist Pablo Picasso who lived in Paris for many years. This museum has over 5,000 of his artworks. Not everything is on display at once but the travelers are allowed to enter all of its rooms.


Wine Tasting: When in Paris, you should make sure to visit some of its local breweries and vineyards and indulge in some good quality wine tasting. Many companies curate small events for visitors and tourists. Most of the famous places for this are The Latin Quarters, Luxembourg Gardens, Ile Saint Louis.


Luxembourg Gardens: This place is the perfect getaway from all the hustle bustle of the city. It makes a great place for soothing yourself in the peace and shade of nature. It has lush green gardens, jogging tracks, play area for kids. Close to it is also a small but interesting place to buy some fresh honey during the fall. 

Eat at

Eat at:  Paris Tourism And Travel Guide
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If you plan on having the rich three-course meal to enjoy the real art of gastronomy of Paris, we suggest you ditch that and head on to the streets instead. With many chic cafes and street food joints, Paris truly lives here.  L'éclair de genie serves the best eclairs you can imagine. The hot chocolate served at Angelina will leave you craving for more. If sweets aren’t for you, then you can hop to Gustave Pigalle and try their amazing sandwich with a Mexican twist. 

Shop at

Shop at:  Paris Tourism And Travel Guide
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Shopping is a serious business and art for Parisians. The best departmental stores one can find are here, Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. The 7th arrondissement is full of high-end luxury brands like Dior, Chanel, Dolce e Gabbana, Prada, Gucci. One will also come across many designer depots or consignment stores along with some flea markets and antique stores. The McArthur Glen Outlet Shopping Mall in Troyes, Champagne, and the La Vallée Village outlet mall are your go-to, if malls are your cup of tea.

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