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How To Reach Paris

Planning A Trip To Paris? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Paris

It is a known fact that Paris is is a top tourism destination in the world. In the recent years, Paris has hit its all-time tourism highs. With such a huge number of tourists coming into the city, it is well equipped to take them around with relative ease. There are many ways of traveling to and within the city of Paris. Here's all you need to know about reaching Paris. 

By Air

By Air:  How To Reach Paris
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Paris has three international airports and each one is located in a place that makes traveling easier and smoother. Charles de Gaulle International Airport is the busiest and is located about 23 kms from central Paris. It connects to the most number of international flights. The next, Orly Airport is located about 13 kms to the south of Paris. Most flights coming in here are low-cost flights and ones from French or other European cities. The third is Beauvais – Tille Airport which the farthest, located 85 kms to the north of Paris. This airport is exclusive for flights from and to European destinations.  These airports receive flights from all major airlines such as Air France, Emirates, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Air China, American Airlines etc. 

By Train

By Train:  How To Reach Paris
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Paris is brilliantly connected to other parts of France and most European stations through railways. It has six terminal stations that also connect to major international spots. Each of them is located in different area of Paris and they are all very accessible. There are trains that link these stations with each other as well. There are some trains that directly take you to destinations such as Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Cologne, and United Kingdom.


There is also a Metro and Regional Express Network in Paris. The metro services are operational from 5.30 am until 12.30 am. With 16 metro lines, the service is superb and has a high frequency of trains. The regional express network is the most convenient and affordable source of travel with the city. 

By Bus

By Bus:  How To Reach Paris
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Buses in Paris are a great way to commute. You get to see the beautiful landscapes and amazing architecture of the city without spending a lot. Buses are inexpensive and convenient. Buses in Paris run within the city, country and even to international places. The bus passes are low-priced and allow you to board multiple buses. Most buses start at 6.30 am and close at 8.30 pm with some exceptions that go on until midnight. The traffic usually dense but the expressways also called 'autoroutes' here are one of the best. 

By Boat

By Boat:  How To Reach Paris
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The river Seine of Paris offers cruise service that takes a trip through the river with nine stops. These stops include some of the landmark spots of the city like Notre Dame, The Louvre, Eiffel Tower. The passes are comparatively costlier than the buses but are totally worth it. A glimpse of it is even seen in the famous movie Before Sunset. 

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