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Tourist Places To Visit In Varkala

Planning A Trip To Varkala? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Varkala

Situated approximately 50 km northwards of Trivandrum, Varkala symbolises the tranquil coastal side of Kerala. This town offers tourists with a convenient low-budget trip to the land of backwaters. In addition, these backwaters house some of the most adulated religious shrines in the country. Varkala’s sands have always helped bring together several cultures under one abode. Varkala not only comprises of these backwaters and ashrams, but also idyllic beaches and paradisiac islands. This provides visitors with some heavenly tourist places to visit on their trip to Varkala. Let us delve deeper into these mesmerizing touristy spots that grace the town of Varkala.

Janardhana Swamy Temple

Janardhana Swamy Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Varkala
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With roots dating back to the 12th century, Janardhana Swamy Temple maintains a 2,000 year-old ancient culture. Followers of Lord Vishnu throng the temple in large numbers during the festival of Arattu to revel in the company of God. Various paintings in the temple’s vicinity depict the different postures of Lord Hanuman. Janardhana Swamy Temple is regularly used by pilgrims to perform last rites of their loved ones. It is believed that praying at this temple can cleanse pilgrims of their sickness. This makes the spot a frequently crowded religious center.

Sivagiri Mutt

Sivagiri Mutt:  Tourist Places To Visit In Varkala
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Sivagiri Mutt has been acclaimed as one of the most sacred shrines in Kerala. The SreeNarayana Dharma Sangham consortium has its headquarters at this region. Ardent followers of Sree Narayana Guru, a great social reformist of his era, throng the organization on a frequent basis. The Guru was taken aback by the all-embracing spirit of Varkala and decided to spend the rest of his life atop the Sivagiri hillock. His retreat center attracts thousands of devotees throughout the year.


Sree Narayana Guru spent his life spreading knowledge far and wide, raising an elementary school at this hillock for the same purpose. The Sivagiri Pilgrimage draws many worshippers dressed in yellow outfits to the hillock during the month of December. The sheer dedication with which the faithful recite prayerful hymns and holy chants is awe-inspiring.

Kappil Lake, Varkala

Kappil Lake, Varkala:  Tourist Places To Visit In Varkala
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The quaint Kappil Lake is situated around 6 km away from the city of Varkala. Encircled by coconut plantations, this peaceful lake’s waters trudge along elegantly and unite with the Arabian Sea. The boat club at Kappil Lake offers pedal boats on hire to explore the still waterway. A unique combination of beach and backwater is on display at Kappil Lake. The bridge running over the lake provides a breathtaking vista of the lake flowing toward the blue skyline. The surreal confluence of the skies and the waters attracts photographers, nature lovers, and peace seekers galore.

Varkala Lighthouse

Varkala Lighthouse:  Tourist Places To Visit In Varkala
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Varkala Lighthouse is located within close proximity to Varkala Beach. This lighthouse is an everlasting embodiment of architectural brilliance that the British portrayed. It was constructed by the British in the 17th century and stands at a towering height of 130 feet. Varkala Lighthouse was initially used to provide directions to ships that entered into Kerala from out of the country. These ships mainly included British vessels. Tourists are free to scale to the top of the lighthouse. Once atop, they will be mesmerized with the scenery on display. The tower offers a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and the tranquil Varkala backwaters. These traits make Varkala Lighthouse an apt pit stop for photographers and families that wish to enjoy a picnic.

Varkala Tunnel

Varkala Tunnel:  Tourist Places To Visit In Varkala
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Varkala Tunnel is another example of the marvelous architectural prowess of the colonial era. This tunnel was constructed in the 19th century. It facilitated convenient trading of goods from Northern Kerala to Southern Kerala. Varkala Tunnel was instrumental in providing direct access to Thiruvananthapuram from Malabar. It symbolizes the well-connected inland waterways system of Kerala. Tourists will discover two tunnel diversions at the location. One tunnel stands at 2,370 feet and the other stands at 1,140 feet. Owing to its historical importance and natural charm, Varkala Tunnel is a must visit for all tourists.

Thiruvambady Beach

Thiruvambady Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Varkala
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Well-known for its black sands, Thiruvambady Beach is a wonderful extension to the never-ending line of beaches at Varkala. This beach lies within touching distance of the North cliff. The beach can be reached by either descending down the cliff or driving to the area. Thiruvambady Beach is located around 1 km away from Thiruvambady Road, which lies in the town area of Varkala. It lacks the jam-packed crowds that other beaches in the region witness. For tourists who wish to find an undisturbed spot to relax their senses, Thiruvambady Beach is a gift of nature.

Kilimanoor Palace

Kilimanoor Palace:  Tourist Places To Visit In Varkala
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Kilimanoor Palace is well-known as the place where the renowned Indian painter, Raja Ravi Varma, was born. The palace boasts of historical roots that date back to the 18th century and earlier too. Its present structure was constructed in 1753. The palace compound has a striking resemblance to the conventional architectural structures of Nalukettu homes in Kerala. Spanning around six hectares, the palace consists of several buildings, wells, a couple of ponds, and blessed groves. The Royal Travancore kin reside at Kilimanoor Palace even today. These royal traits make this place a historian’s dream come true.


Chirayinkeezhu:  Tourist Places To Visit In Varkala
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Chirayinkeezhu is a tiny taluka located around 13 km away from Varkala. It is famous for housing the confluence of the Anchuthengu backwaters and the Vamanapuram River. The name of this place has geographical significance. “Chira” stands for backwaters in Malayalam and “keezhu” was utilized to specify the east. Chirayinkeezhu holds holistic importance due to the presence of Sarkara Devi Temple. Pilgrims from all over the country throng the temple to pay their respect to the Devi during the Kaliyoot festival. The region has also raised several Superstars of the Malayalam Film Industry over the years. Some of them include stars like Bharath Gopi and Prem Nazir.

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