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Things To Do In Thekkady

Planning A Trip To Thekkady? Here's our list of top things to do in Thekkady

Thekkady is a representation of the natural opulence of Kerala. There are plenty of reasons to visit this green paradise at the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border in Idukki. Here are our top picks of the best things to do in Thekkady.


Boating:  Things To Do In Thekkady
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Boat across the Periyar river in Thekkady. Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) offers five 2 hour trips every day. The banks of the river are a favourite haunt for the local wildlife such as the barking deer, Sambar, elephant and more. 

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari:  Things To Do In Thekkady
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Those who enjoy off beat paths and adventure would love this. The Safari stars from Gavi at 6 a.m. and includes breakfast and lunch. Travel through the heavily forested Thekkady, hear the birds chirp, stop and marvel at the waterfalls. This 9 hour safari is a must do activity in Thekkady.

Bamboo Rafting

Bamboo Rafting:  Things To Do In Thekkady
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It’s quite a unique experience to sail on a bamboo raft, floating so close to the surface of the water. Kerala Tourism organizes for such an experience in Thekkady. The trip starts at 8 in the morning with a guided trek through thick forests that are home to Sambars, Bisons, Elephants, Deers and Tigers. Bamboo rafting is part of the trek. These rafts are traditionally used by the tribal community (Mannan and Paliyan) that lives in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. 

Visit Plantations

Visit Plantations:  Things To Do In Thekkady
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Thekkady has acres and acres of plantations. A huge variety of spices are grown here like Cardamom, pepper, nutmeg, clove, turmeric, ginger etc. There’s of course also tea plantations. Learn about the different varieties and what goes into the production. You can also buy your own stock. Kerala, after all, is famous for spices.

Jungle Patrol

Jungle Patrol:  Things To Do In Thekkady
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Always wanted to do something for the world around you and have some fun while at it? At Thekkady, you have the perfect chance. Help the guards of the Periyar Tiger Reserve patrol the forests at night, making sure everything is alright. The patrols are three hour long and start from 7 in the evening and are open till 4 a.m.. 

Tribal Heritage

Tribal Heritage:  Things To Do In Thekkady
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Take a 2 hour detour to the Mannan and Paliyan Settlement as part of the Tribal Heritage Program (an attempt to boost eco-tourism). Witness the progress of Tribal culture in the Tribal Heritage Museum with displays of their weapons, fishing gear, bamboo furniture etc.

Nature Walks

Nature Walks:  Things To Do In Thekkady
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Be close to nature at Thekkady. Walk through green fields, trek through forests, visit the nearby tiger reserve, enjoy the splashes of the numerous waterfalls and get away from the hustle bustle of city life. Thekkady is best for a laid back holiday in the laps of nature.

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