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Things To Do In Trivandrum

Planning A Trip To Trivandrum? Here's our list of top things to do in Trivandrum

Don’t get stuck with the obvious and mundane during your travel to Trivandrum. This might be the capital of Kerala and the place might have a lot of official dealings but Trivandrum has a lot of offer to its travellers. Here are our top picks of the best things to do in Trivandrum.


Skydive:  Things To Do In Trivandrum
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When in Trivandrum, contact the Academy for Mountaineering and Adventure Sports (AMAS) for your dose of thrill. A government funded organization, they offer a huge variety of adventure sport activities. Sky diving is quite the highlight of course. 

Hire A Bike

Hire A Bike:  Things To Do In Trivandrum
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Kerala is beautiful. No matter where you go you’ll find something to be awed about. The best gear to have here is a bike. Hire one or take yours along. Turn the key and the state is yours to explore. From Trivandrum you can go to Varkala, Kovalam, Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary etc. Of course the Trivandrum boys also recommend biking on the sleek streets of Kowdiar and the road to the airport.

Scuba Dive

Scuba Dive:  Things To Do In Trivandrum
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With the ocean so close by, water sports and adventure activities are bound to be both demanded and offered. One of the best things to do during your travel to Trivandrum is to go scuba diving, snorkeling or riding an under water scooter. 

India Coffee House

India Coffee House:  Things To Do In Trivandrum
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This desi brand is everywhere, in all Indian states. But it would be quite a radical act to be in Trivandrum (which is so famous for its coffee) and not visit the India Coffee House here. The building is quite an architectural delight. The interiors are old fashioned but breezy and spacious. 

Eat At Villa Maya

Eat At Villa Maya:  Things To Do In Trivandrum
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Tripadvisor rated Villa Maya as India’s 2nd best restaurant. That ought to be a big deal right? It actually is! If you are in Trivandrum, don’t miss out on Villa Maya. It is a restored 18th century Dutch mansion with an open courtyard which has private curtained seating arrangement. You are bound to love the food here. It really is well done. 

Zoological Garden

Zoological Garden:  Things To Do In Trivandrum
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Remember Life of Pi? The  Yann Martel novel which was recently turned into the film starring Irrfan Khan and Tabu had its inception in the Trivandrum Zoological Garden. Established in 1859, this was one of India’s first zoos. Go here for some rare animal sightings – such as the hippos, tigers, macaques, vultures and snakes.

Climb Up The Lighthouse

Climb Up The Lighthouse:  Things To Do In Trivandrum
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Kerala, with acres and acres of sea shore and centuries of sailing, trading and in general interacting with the sea has many lighthouses. Almost every beach town has a lighthouse. You can climb up one such tower and enjoy the view of the endless ocean to tick off one of the best things to do in Trivandrum.

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