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Madrid Weather And Best Time To Visit Madrid

Planning A Trip To Madrid? Here's a snapshot of Madrid weather and the best time to visit Madrid

The people of Madrid believe in never letting the night end and taking siestas by the afternoon, they are easygoing and charming and let you in quite simply. This is the real climate of Madrid, the unique culture and people that it holds. Otherwise, the city sees dry hot summers and cold winters. Spring’s weather makes it the best time to visit Madrid and if you are planning a trip to splurge and enjoy the peak tourist season, then summer is the best!

Spring (March to May)

Spring (March to May):  Madrid Weather And Best Time To Visit Madrid
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Madrid sees some of its best weather days during spring. Some rainfall is common but it does not disrupt the lovely weather. With a range of 7-21ºC on an average for the season, Madrid is pleasantly warmed up. The outdoor cafes and rooftop bars start opening for their all-day sojourn by April end and May and you must take full advantage of the same. Make sure to carry some warm clothes for the nights and keep an umbrella handy at all times.

Summer (June to August)

Summer (June to August):  Madrid Weather And Best Time To Visit Madrid
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Summers in Madrid are insanely dry and hot because of its geographical landscape. The city is situated atop a plateau in the middle of the country. June is warm, but July and August get real hot - to almost 40ºC highs on bad days. The rains may give some respite but thunderstorms may surround the city from time to time. These don’t last long though. But this is also the season to make the most of the sunny days and live an authentic Spanish life, all rounded with afternoons on rooftop bars eating tapas and evenings drinking beer, nights roaming the city squares and late nights partying. The best apparel to pick for your wardrobe of summer holiday includes light cotton shirts, linen dresses, shorts and hats, and of course, the local espadrilles.

Autumn (September to November)

Autumn (September to November):  Madrid Weather And Best Time To Visit Madrid
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The high Madrid sun starts to turn south by September and hence autumn sets in. This is a mild season with a bit more rain. October end and November see most of the rainfall, while the temperature keeps dropping until winter sets in by December. The parks and rooftop bars are not all closed yet but their availability may depend on the weather. This may be a cheaper time to travel but is not the best if you are looking to experience Madrid in all its glory.

Winter (December to February)

Winter (December to February):  Madrid Weather And Best Time To Visit Madrid
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Winter is not freezing cold in Madrid, in that, you will rarely see the temperature drop below freezing point. January marks the coldest month and the winds are high and heavy. On sunny days you can go around with just a warm sweatshirt or jumper without much fanfare, as the daytime temperature varies between 10°C-15°C. But the nights may turn chilly, especially with the icy winds coming down from the surrounding mountains. One redeeming factor for winters in Madrid is that they remain dry, with negligible snowfall or rainfall. Sunshine and clear blue skies are the norm!


This makes the cheapest time to travel and budget backpackers choose winter all the time.

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