Palma de Mallorca
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Palma de Mallorca Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Palma de Mallorca? Here's a detailed Palma de Mallorca tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
18.2° C / 64.7° F
Current Conditions:
Scattered Clouds
Best Months To Visit:
March to May
Recommended Duration:
2 to 4 Days
Nearest Airport:
Palma de Mallorca Airport (10 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Palma Estacio Intermodal Station (7 kms)

The capital island city of Palma de Mallorca, the relatively small Palma packs a punch and offers visitors world-class nightlife, sightseeing, food and shopping, not to mention immense natural beauty. It continues to grow in stature as a tourist-favourite holiday spot, especially for European travellers. It is best reached via air or by sea as there are no roadways or railways directly connecting Mallorca to the rest of Spain.


Tourism in Palma de Mallorca is booming throughout the year, but the best time to visit remains during the spring season, between March and May. The summer season sees a number of cultural activities and events taking place that also draw throngs of tourists. The Old Town, Bellver Castle and La Seu Cathedral are just some of the fascinating historic monuments to explore here. Once visitors tire of sightseeing there are plenty of restaurants and beachside nightclubs to unwind at. This travel guide should provide further insights into the Spanish Island’s coastal capital city.

How To Reach

How To Reach:  Palma de Mallorca Tourism And Travel Guide
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By Air:

This is the best way to reach as the Palma de Mallorca Airport is the 3rd largest in Spain and is well-connected to majority of the surrounding Spanish and European cities.


By Road:

The journey by road is not feasable as there are no real roadways connecting the island of Mallorca to Spain. Hence visitors need to travel by road to the nearest port or airport to then eventually get to their destination.


By Rail:

Travel via rail may be time consuming and expensive as visitors will be required to get off at a station located close to an airport or port close to Mallorca. 

Weather And Best Time To Visit

Weather And Best Time To Visit:  Palma de Mallorca Tourism And Travel Guide
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Spring Season (March - May):

One of the best times to visit the city, the spring season is characterized by well-balanced temperatures and a light evening breeze post sunset. 


Summer Season (June - August):

Another popular season for tourism, this is the period when most of Europe is on a summer break and tourists tend to flock to Mallorca to take in the sunshine and clear skies.


Autumn Season (September - November):

Autumn brings with it cooler weather and light rainfall, but still provides favourable conditions for outdoor exploration of the city.


Winter Season (December - February):

The coolest part of the year, weather conditions average between 15 to 17° C during this period. The snowfall from the surrounding mountains doesn't reach the city.

Things To Do

Things To Do:  Palma de Mallorca Tourism And Travel Guide
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Walk Through Bellver Castle:

One of the best activities in Mallorca is to explore this 14th century Gothic-inspired castle that offers visitors stunning panoramic views of the city and surrounding sea.


San Juan Mercado Gastronomico:

The best place to enjoy a stunning Tapas or Pintxos meal, this restaurant is divided into 17 unique stalls that offer some of the most exquisite wines and food in the city.


Explore Palma's Old Town:

Another popular activity is to visit the Old Town. It is an energetic area, full of shops, bars and historic monuments that are certain to charm visitors. 


Visit La Seu Cathedral:

The landmark cathedral of the city, exploring this historic structure is another must-do activity owning to its rich and diverse history and stunning interiors.


Food:  Palma de Mallorca Tourism And Travel Guide
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The food scene in Mallorca is one of the vibrant and unique in all of Spain. Local dishes consist primarily of meats and vegetables. Almonds and olives are the 2 native foods of the region and do tend to feature in a large number of traditional dishes as well. There is a thriving Tapas and Pintxos food scene here and nowhere is it as well done as the famous San Juan Mercado Gastronomico. Additionally, the other popular places include Adrian Quetglas Restaurant, wine bars like Sa Vida Palma and the Roosevelvet Bakery. There is something here to cater to every visitor’s food preferences and budgets.


Shopping:  Palma de Mallorca Tourism And Travel Guide
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Palma offers visitors a number of big brand department stores to shop at as well as local handicraft ones. Paseo del Borne is the go-to street for all luxury shops and has a hip and youthful vibe. Additionally, the cobble-stone streets of Placa Court and Placa Major offer visitors a great opportunity to check out some local, affordable designer stores and street markets can be found here selling accessories, clothing and even local produce.

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