Palma de Mallorca
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Things To Do In Palma de Mallorca

Planning A Trip To Palma de Mallorca? Here's our list of top things to do in Palma de Mallorca

An absolutely thriving city with a rich historic and cultural influence, Mallorca continues to mesmerize visitors who visit its shores. There is a thriving art, food and nightlife scene here in addition to some charming beaches, making it an ideal getaway. Exploring monuments like Bellver Castle, La Seu Cathedral and the Arab Baths are some of the best things to do for visitors curious about the evolution of the city. On the other hand, community events like Tapas Tuesday and restaurants like San Juan Mercado Gastronomico are great places to spend the evening taking in some exquisite food. There is something unique to do here for every kind of tourist.

Walk Through Bellver Castle

Walk Through Bellver Castle:  Things To Do In Palma de Mallorca
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One of the best things to do here is to explore the 14th century Bellver Castle. The journey to the castle takes visitors through a charming Pine Forest to the top of a hill where it is located. From here visitors can get stunning views of the surrounding city and sea. The castle used to be an imperial abode but is now home to a number of cultural events and also is home to a Mallorca History Museum.

San Juan Mercado Gastronomico

San Juan Mercado Gastronomico:  Things To Do In Palma de Mallorca
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The go-to spot in Mallorca, enjoying a meal at the celebrated San Juan Mercado Gastronomico restaurant is one of the best and most popular things to do in the city. The stunning interiors and 17 stalls provide a magical experience when combined with the world-class food available, like Pintxos, Tapas, small plates of meat and cheese - all complemented by a world-class selection of wines and spirits. This is the ideal way to enjoy a romantic evening with loved ones.

Explore Palma’s Old Town

Explore Palma’s Old Town:  Things To Do In Palma de Mallorca
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Also known as Casco Antiguo, exploring the old town is an extremely popular tourist activity. The cobbled-streets, archways, mosaic tiled homes and walls all draw visitors here throughout the year. It is a charming little area, where visitors can pick handmade baskets and other handicrafts. Additionally, visitors can stop off for a quick refreshment and some delicious tapas if required.

Visit La Seu Cathedral

Visit La Seu Cathedral:  Things To Do In Palma de Mallorca
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Built nearly 600 years ago, a visit to the La Seu Cathedral of Mallorca is another hugely popular thing to do. The massive structure has high ceilings, porticoes and some of the biggest rose-tinted windows seen anywhere in the world. Modernist artists like Antoni Gaudi have some of their works displayed here. There is a terrace and bell tower space here which draws several visitors throughout the year.

Enjoy the Portixol Promenade

Enjoy the Portixol Promenade:  Things To Do In Palma de Mallorca
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Mallorca is known for its wide and vibrant promenades and enjoying the Portixol Promenade is easily one of the best things to do in the city. It can be covered by a 30 minute walk or a 20 minute bike ride depending on visitor’s preferences. There is a charming marina and beach nearby which is perfect to take in some sunshine or dip into the warm sea water. The stunning Hotel Portixol is also located here.

Tapas Trail

Tapas Trail:  Things To Do In Palma de Mallorca
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This concept was created to encourage visitors to come enjoy a relatively low-key night out on Tuesdays, giving it the name Tapas Tuesday. However, this turned into one of the most popular tourist activities in the city and the Tapas Trail happens on Wednesdays now as well. In the old neighbourhood of Gerreria, visitors explore a number of unique Tapas and Pintxos restaurants serving the best selection of food and wines available in the city. It is the ideal way to spend an evening for young couples and families alike.

Visit the Ancient Arab Baths

Visit the Ancient Arab Baths:  Things To Do In Palma de Mallorca
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An ancient wonder of the city, these Arab Baths date back to as early as the 10th and 12th century. Originally, the city of Palma de Mallorca was known as Medina and Mayurqa due to the heavy Moorish dynasty’s influence. The area is built using the remnants of similar, old structures and is filled with columns, a domed rooftop and a charming courtyard. This is a great place to explore for historians and architecture lovers alike.

Hit the Beach

Hit the Beach:  Things To Do In Palma de Mallorca
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Once visitors get fed up of sightseeing, Palma’s City Beach is the go-to spot. Enjoying an afternoon here is another one of the best things to do as it is easily reachable from the heart of the city. Additionally, there are a number of restaurants, hotels, cafes and hang-out spots scattered all over. The area has a very lively and energetic vibe to it. The Anima and Nassau Beach Clubs are both located further up this stretch. It is a fun way to enjoy the sunshine and take in the charm of Mallorca.

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