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Things To Do In Ibiza

Planning A Trip To Ibiza? Here's our list of top things to do in Ibiza

Ibiza is already world-renowned for being one of the most beloved party destinations in the world. However, most visitors may ignore the fact that the island town is also home to some of the most exquisite little beaches and a variety of other natural landscapes. Additionally, the town is scattered with historical monuments, most notably the Dalt Villa UNESCO Site and the Ibiza Cathedral. Exploring these ancient structures are some of the best things to do in the city. Naturally, the beaches in Ibiza are some of the notable worldwide like Santa Eulalia and San Antonio cannot be missed and are highly recommended to soak up some sun by day and party the away at. All in all, there is something unique to do for every visitor that lands on Ibiza’s shores.

Dalt Vila UNESCO Site

Dalt Vila UNESCO Site:  Things To Do In Ibiza
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One of the best things to do in Ibiza is to make a trip to the stunning Upper Town or Dalt Vila, the oldest part of the town and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was constructed way back in the 16th century by Charles V, and offers stunning views of the surrounding harbor and Mediterranean Sea. The are is divided into 7 separate citadels, each offering visitors a fascinating insight into the history of the area as well great photo opportunities, especially during sunset.

Visit the Ibiza Cathedral

Visit the Ibiza Cathedral:  Things To Do In Ibiza
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Another one of the most popular activities is to explore the Catedral de Eivissa or Ibiza Cathedral as it is famously known. Created back in the 14th century, the structure shows influences from both the Catalan Gothic and Valencian Style of design. This is a great place of worship that only formally became a cathedral later in the 14th century. It is ideal to explore for historians and design lovers alike and is located at the top of a hill in the Old Town which offers scenic views all around.

Discover Playa D’en Bossa

Discover Playa D’en Bossa:  Things To Do In Ibiza
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Undoubtedly the star attraction in Ibiza, this tourist resort is the place to visit to have a blast and soak in the beachy atmosphere of the town. Ideally situated near the longest beach in the island, the resort is the ideal place to spend the day at, owing to the large number of water sports and opportunities to sunbathe. By night, the entire area becomes a party haven, with celebrations carrying on till the early hours of the morning.

Explore San Antonio

Explore San Antonio:  Things To Do In Ibiza
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Located on the west side of the island, a trip to the second largest town in Ibiza, San Antonio is another one of the best things to do. Known for its notoriety in the past, the town has cleaned up its act and offers visitors a heady mixture of nightlife and lovely beaches. This is a great place to explore for young couples and adults alike looking to party the night away.

Visit Talamanca

Visit Talamanca:  Things To Do In Ibiza
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Only a 15-minute walk away from the marina, Talamanca is a great place to go snorkeling or scuba diving and is a bit more isolated that most of the other parts of Ibiza. It is a great place to picnic with the family and enjoy some down time for the hectic partying scene. It is full of charming beachside restaurants, cafes and bars and a host of other fun-filled activities for visitors to pick from.

Day Trip to Santa Eulalia

Day Trip to Santa Eulalia:  Things To Do In Ibiza
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Another part of Ibiza with a more chilled out vibe. Playing a round of golf here is a surprisingly popular tourist activity. The course overlooks the stunning Mediterranean Sea and provides a luxurious and relaxing alternative to the hectic party schedule of Ibiza. There is a fantastic hippie market here that sells fascinating accessories and artefacts.

Punta d’es Moscarter

Punta d’es Moscarter:  Things To Do In Ibiza
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Considered the northern tip of Ibiza, a trip to this part of the island town is fascinating owing to its different natural landscape. It has a pine forest, coastline and even a manmade lighthouse located here. Hiking and traversing this slightly rocky landscape is a fun-filled activity for adventurous travelers owing to the Punta d’es Moscarter's reclusiveness.

Enjoy Cala Comte

Enjoy Cala Comte:  Things To Do In Ibiza
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This is the most popular island in Ibiza and a trip to the island town is considered incomplete without exploring Cala Comte. It a narrow strip of beach only 800 meters long and surrounding massive hills and natural lagoons that make it a magical destination to visit. It is equally charming for nature lovers and adventurers alike.

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