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Barcelona Weather And Best Time To Visit Barcelona

Planning A Trip To Barcelona? Here's a snapshot of Barcelona weather and the best time to visit Barcelona

Barcelona’s exquisite climate for a majority of the year is primarily due to its closeness to the Mediterranean Sea. The seasons are broadly divided into spring, summer, autumn and winter. The most popular part of the year for tourism is in the moth of May or during the winter season, when the weather is well-balanced and rainfall is at a minimum. Summers can get blisteringly hot at times and caution is advised when travelling here during this period. Winter is taken to be the off-season, but this is also an ideal time for visitors to travel to Barcelona, due to the reduced costs of accommodation as well as fewer tourists being present in the city.

Spring Season (March – May)

Spring Season (March – May):  Barcelona Weather And Best Time To Visit Barcelona
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During this period, visitors can anticipate slight rainfall in March and April. However, the weather during this season varies and can provide visitors with consecutive sunny days as well. Normally, the month of May is the best month to visit Barcelona for many visitors owing to the well-balanced climate, cool temperatures of 9 to 21° C and sunny skies, especially towards the end of the month.

Summer Season (June – August)

Summer Season (June – August):  Barcelona Weather And Best Time To Visit Barcelona
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Majority of visitors see Barcelona as beach town and flock here to soak up some sun. However, it is highly recommended to be mindful of the weather conditions in the summer season as the city is known to get scorching hot, especially in the afternoons. Temperatures can rise as high as 30° C.  June is still relatively pleasant but July and especially August are the hottest months of the year. Travelers must stay well-hydrated and dress appropriately.

Autumn Season (September – November)

Autumn Season (September – November):  Barcelona Weather And Best Time To Visit Barcelona
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Although showers are experienced in the spring, this is primarily the monsoon season in Barcelona. Thunderstorms and decently heavy rain are what characterize this period. The temperatures drop significantly September onwards. As we get to November, the onset of winter begins to set in. It is not the best time for travel to the city.

Winter Season (December – February)

Winter Season (December – February):  Barcelona Weather And Best Time To Visit Barcelona
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This is another one of the best periods for exploring Barcelona. Due to the cooler temperatures, visitors looking to spend time at the beach will be quite disappointed. The waters tend to get very chilly during this season. However, for enjoying the rest of the outdoor activities available here and just generally exploration of the city, this is a highly recommended time for travel. Visitors must be well-clad as temperatures can drop down to single digits towards the end of December.

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