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Alicante Weather And Best Time To Visit Alicante

Planning A Trip To Alicante? Here's a snapshot of Alicante weather and the best time to visit Alicante

Alicante serves as both a famous port city as well as the capital of the Costa Blanca region of eastern Spain. It is beloved for its stunning white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. It is also a increasingly popular tourist destination. The weather in Alicante is well-balanced for most of the year, with the spring season between March and May being the best time to visit. Alicante is known to get very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, with temperatures fluctuating wildly at times. Autumn is a more quiet month and sees sporadic rainfall occurring at times. The warmest months of the year are July and August and the coldest ones are December and January. To learn more about Alicante's weather conditions check out the article below. 

Spring Season (March - May)

Spring Season (March - May):  Alicante Weather And Best Time To Visit Alicante
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Well-balanced temperatures, sunny skies and reduced rainfall levels makes this one of the best times to visit Alicante. The evenings are cool which a light breeze and outdoor activities are highly enjoyable during this part of the year. It is also one of the busiest months of the year in terms of tourism, with thousands of local and international visitors pouring in. Rainfall can be anticiprated sporadically for around 1 to 2 days in the month and the temperature averages at an average of 18 to 25° C.

Summer Season (June - August)

Summer Season (June - August):  Alicante Weather And Best Time To Visit Alicante
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Another one of the best times to visit the city, summer brings with it higher temperatures, reduced humidity and lower levels of rainfall as experienced in the spring. It is the second most popular season for tourists from Europe especially, who normally don't go on summer break till August. Around the afternoon temperatures may rise to well over 30° C and hence visitors are advised to stay well hydrated and rested throughout.

Autumn Season (September - November)

Autumn Season (September - November):  Alicante Weather And Best Time To Visit Alicante
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A rather brief season, autumn brings with it moderate to light rainfall accompanied by gentle winds as well. Temperatures average around 17 to 29.5° C, which is still ideal for outdoor exploration. Tourism slows down during this period, which is generally considered to be the off-season as it follows the spring and summer which are considered the best times to visit. However, for visitors looking to escape the crowds and enjoy the city, this a great time to visit as well. 

Winter Season (December - February)

Winter Season (December - February):  Alicante Weather And Best Time To Visit Alicante
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Winter is not the best time for visitors to explore Alicante. The lowered temperatures, cold winds, gloomy skies and snowfall are some of the characteristics which define this season. Toursim drops further during this part of the year as visitors can only explore the city for a limited number of hours. Outdoor exploration becomes difficult as the weather conditions can be quite erratic at times. Rainfall is also experienced periodically which further dampens the mood of travellers. 

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