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Granada Weather And Best Time To Visit Granada

Planning A Trip To Granada? Here's a snapshot of Granada weather and the best time to visit Granada

Granada enjoys a Continental Climate, located in the southern half of Spain and is about 2300 feet above sea-level. The city is bordered by the Sierra Nevada Mountains on one side and the Mediterranean Coast on the other. Summers do get quite hot here, as noted with most Spanish cities. The spring season, especially from April to May is the best time for travel to Granada. Rainfall in the city is relatively limited, with showers peaking from the period of November to April. The well-balanced temperatures and weather conditions make this an ideal time for travel through Granada. Additionally autumn is also a good season to explore the city and is generally considered the tourist off-season.

Spring Season (March – May)

Spring Season (March – May):  Granada Weather And Best Time To Visit Granada
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This is considered the best period to visit Granada, owing to the well-balanced temperatures, reduced humidity and clear visibility. Periodic rainfall does tend to characterize this season, but nothing too crazy is to be anticipated in terms of torrential downpours or storms etc. The days are long and visitors can anticipate bright sunshine throughout this season. Evenings tend to become relatively cooler and visitors are advised to layer-up accordingly.

Winter Season (December – February)

Winter Season (December – February):  Granada Weather And Best Time To Visit Granada
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This is the coldest period of the year, with temperatures averaging between 15 to 7° C. There are strong winds and although the weather during the day tends to be relatively stable, at night temperatures dip significantly and can get near freezing levels during certain weeks of this season. Snowfall is also observed on occasion during this period. Trips to Granada are advised only after checking the weather forecast in advance.

Summer Season (June – August)

Summer Season (June – August):  Granada Weather And Best Time To Visit Granada
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During this season, there is high visibility, clear skies and long days. However, the sunshine can get quite intense and hence visitors are strongly requested to remain hydrated during this season. The city of Granada receives nearly 12 plus hours of sunshine on average. Temperatures are known to cross an excess of 35° C, with the highest recorded temperatures setting in at 42° C during the peak of summer. This is not the most ideal time for a trip to Granada, unless visitors are attracted by the warm weather.

Autumn Season (September – November)

Autumn Season (September – November):  Granada Weather And Best Time To Visit Granada
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Another one of the best periods to visit Granada, this season comes at the perfect time of year. The temperatures are not too hot as experienced in the summer, nor are they the windy and cold conditions faced in the winter time. This is the perfect season to enjoy the outdoor exploration on offer in the city. Similar to the spring time, post sunset the weather conditions do tend to become a little chilly and visitors are requested to dress appropriately.

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