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Seville Weather And Best Time To Visit Seville

Planning A Trip To Seville? Here's a snapshot of Seville weather and the best time to visit Seville

The capital city of Andalusia, Seville enjoys a Mediterranean Climate. It is one of the hottest parts of Europe and the weather is generally very warm throughout the year. Visitors are strongly recommended to be well-hydrated and dress appropriately. The winters can get quite cold here, with temperatures dropping down to single digits in the evening. The best period to visit Seville is generally March to May, as the temperatures are at a happy average and this is the period when the Semana Santa and Feria de Abri Festivals take place, giving the city an energetic and unique vibe. December to January are great times to visit for visitors with a reduced budget as it is generally seen as the off-season. 

Summer Season (June – September)

Summer Season (June – September):  Seville Weather And Best Time To Visit Seville
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This season is known to be scorching hot, with Seville recording some of the highest temperatures in Europe. The weather is dry and wind velocity is at an all time low. In July and August temperatures are known to rise as high as 40 °C around noon. However, post sunset the weather thankfully cools down and becomes relatively cooler. Visitors are recommended to keep an eye on the weather here before making a visit. 

Winter Season (December - February)

Winter Season (December - February):  Seville Weather And Best Time To Visit Seville
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The average temperature during this period is between 10 to 11° C. The weather can however get quite bad on occasion, with spells of rain and heavy winds. With the regular temperatures being quite high, this is another popular season for tourists looking to enjoy cooler temperatures in the city. Getting out and exploring the sights and sounds of the city is enjoyable thanks to the cooler temperatures. 

Spring Season (March – May)

Spring Season (March – May):  Seville Weather And Best Time To Visit Seville
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The weather is a bit erratic during this season, with random showers and an increase in humidity being the key characteristics. The temperature averages at about 30 °C throughout this period but can alternate based on the change in climate. There are many festivals taking place in the city, making it one the best times to visit.

Autumn Season (September – November)

Autumn Season (September – November):  Seville Weather And Best Time To Visit Seville
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This is another one of the best periods for visitors to explore Seville. With the passing of the monsoon and the onset of winter, the climate reduces significantly. This makes it ideal weather for outdoor exploration and adventurous activities in Seville. This is also the season when the first monsoon showers begin, which reduces the temperature significantly.

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