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Tourist Places To Visit In Dhanaulti

Planning A Trip To Dhanaulti? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Dhanaulti

Located 2200 meters above sea-level, about 62 km from Mussoorie, Dhanaulti is a lovely hill station, another one of Uttarakhand’s hidden gems. The best time to visit is from September to June. Visitors tend to flock here to enjoy a variety of treks, temple visits and outdoor activities. Read below to find out our top tourist places to visit in Dhanaulti.

Surkanda Devi Temple

Surkanda Devi Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dhanaulti
Photograph by en.wikipedia.org

A trekker’s paradise, this temple is situated about 8 km away from Dhanaulti, at a height of 10,000 feet. The trek up to this temple is difficult, but highly rewarding due to the panoramic views that visitors can enjoy. It is one of the famed ‘Shaktipeeth’ temples of India. Built in dedication to Goddess Parvati, this literally means a sacred spot, where the Goddess exists for her devotees.

Dhanaulti Eco Park

Dhanaulti Eco Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dhanaulti
Photograph by www.holidify.com

Situated 7800 meters above sea-level, stretching out to 13 hectares of forest land, this is one of the most visited tourist spots in Dhanaulti. It was established by the Divisional Forest Officer and the people of Dhanaulti to curb the rise of poverty, through the creation of local jobs. The park is a prime picnic spot, with oak and pine trees as far as the eye can see and is especially charming during sunrise and sunset. The park is made up of two woodlands, Amber and Dhara, about 200 meters from one another.

Camp Thangdhar

Camp Thangdhar:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dhanaulti
Photograph by http://www.gotripperz.com

Situated 14 km away from Dhanaulti, this is undoubtedly the premier adventure camp in the area and a must-visit tourist spot. Located at a height of 8300 feet above sea-level, the camp spot is surrounded by gorgeous pine and oak trees. Adventurous visitors can partake in activities like rock climbing, mountain biking and trekking. Alternatively, other visitors can go check out the Jain Temples relatively close by.  

Apple Orchard Resort

Apple Orchard Resort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dhanaulti
Photograph by www.yatra.com

For food fanatics, this is an exciting spot to visit. All the produce here is locally sourced and the area is world renowned for their apple orchards. The sheer variety of apples and their by-products is marvellous. A variety of jams and juices and other processed foods can be found here. Visitors normally tend to pick up some goodies for themselves and their families from the resort.

Potato Farm

Potato Farm:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dhanaulti
Photograph by farmweek.com

Locally known as Aloo Khet, this is a patch of extensive farmland created by the local government in unison with some private farmers in the area. Visitors tend to go for long walks around the patches of land, learn about the local cultivation practices of Indian farmers and are normally rewarded with a beautiful sunset overlooking the Doon Valley.

Dashavatar Temple

Dashavatar Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dhanaulti
Photograph by upload.wikimedia.org

Initially called the Panchayatan Temple, it is situated approximately 10 km away from Dhanaulti in Deogarh. This temple was created during the Gupta Empire in dedication to Lord Vishnu and has intricate carvings of Vaishanava folklore all over the sides of the temple. It is in fact known to be one of the earliest temples of its kind in North India and offers a grand view of Dhanaulti.

Deogarh Fort

Deogarh Fort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dhanaulti
Photograph by upload.wikimedia.org

This is a 16th century fort, with uniquely decorated palaces having a vast variety of murals created on it. Visitors come to explore the grounds of this ancient fort, steeped in history. There are also several charming Jain Temples in this area to be explored.

Kanatal Adventure Park

Kanatal Adventure Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dhanaulti
Photograph by www.thrillophilia.com

It is one of the best camping sites in the area. Visitors staying here enjoy state-of-the-art comfort with the campsites having attached washrooms, buffet meals, a plethora of amazing outdoor activities and the natural beauty of the surrounding area to top it all off. The camps can be found on the Mussoorie – Chambal Road and are must-visit spots for families and tourists of all ages.

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