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Dhanaulti Weather And Best Time To Visit Dhanaulti

Planning A Trip To Dhanaulti? Here's a snapshot of Dhanaulti weather and the best time to visit Dhanaulti

Dhanaulti is a unique hill station in Uttarakhand located at a height of 2200 meters. It is relatively unknown and still a niche tourist spot. September to June is the best period to visit as visitors can truly soak in the natural beauty and scenic surroundings. The monsoons and winters are best avoided, as they tend to bring extreme weather conditions to Dhanaulti with them. All in all, the weather is relatively stable throughout the year for visitors. Read below to find out the best time to visit Dhanaulti.  

Summer (April - June)

Summer (April - June):  Dhanaulti Weather And Best Time To Visit Dhanaulti
Photograph by traveltriangle.com

This is hands down the best time to experience Dhanaulti in all its glory. With temperatures rarely rising above 30°C, the sunrises and sunsets are truly magical and throngs of tourists tend to flood here during this period. The blue skies, spectacular flora and fauna and panoramic views of the neighbouring Himalayas are not to be missed. At night temperatures are known to dip as low as 7°C and it is advisable to carry winter clothes, despite being the summer season.

Winter (November - February)

Winter (November - February):  Dhanaulti Weather And Best Time To Visit Dhanaulti
Photograph by www.uttarakhand.org.in

The winter season tends to set in from the last week of October, continuing till the second week of February. The temperature averages 1 – 7°C during the peak months. The months of December and January are to be avoided if possible as the weather conditions tend to get quite risky. In February, tourists could be lucky enough to witness light snowfall as winter tends to start moving away as the second month of the year begins.

Monsoon (July - September)

Monsoon (July - September):  Dhanaulti Weather And Best Time To Visit Dhanaulti
Photograph by www.trekearth.com

Dhanaulti is best avoided during this season. Even though it is known to not receive massive rainfall, the moderate showers still tend to hamper all outdoor activities, making it a pain to navigate around the area for tourists. With temperatures averaging 24 – 32°C, roads tend to get slippery and there is a chance of cloudburst and landslides occurring in the area. It is strongly advised that tourists carefully observe the weather and plan their trip here accordingly.

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