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Things To Do In Yingkiong

Planning A Trip To Yingkiong? Here's our list of top things to do in Yingkiong

Located in the Upper Siang District, Yingkiong is the HQ of the District and earns its name from the River Siang flowing beside it. Renowned for its diverse and rich cultural heritage, Yingkiong is known for its camaraderie and exuberance where the entire community comes together to celebrate festivals and their cultural events. From a tourism perspective, from the gamut of things to do, adventurists flock the place for outdoor activities like mountaineering, trekking, hiking, camping, river rafting, angling, fishing and more. Yingkiong is also popular for its incredible panoramic sights, dense forestry, varied birds species and numerous brooks and other water bodies gushing through the District. Yingkiong is perfect as a holiday destination for those who are looking for offbeat tourist spots and enjoy being close to Nature. Here’s a snapshot of things to do in and around Yingkiong.


Festivals:  Things To Do In Yingkiong
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Being inhabited by chiefly 4 local tribes, Khamba, Adi, Memba and Mishmis, Yingkiongi is known to enjoy some of its most popular dance forms like Broh, Ponung and Roja. Their most awaited festive occasions include Solung, Etor and Unying-Aran or Aran. While the festival of Solung’s observed for agriculture and good harvest by the Adi Tribe, Aran is a new year’s festival celebrated in the East and Upper Siang. Solung’s celebrated in Mid August/September. Aran typically marks the arrival of Spring and celebrates good health and abundance of its people. Previously known as the Brahmaputra Darshan Festival, the Siang River festivities are all about communal harmony and celebrated in Yingkiong, Pasighat and Tuting. Etor’s celebrated in May and is mainly focused on crop protection with huge feasts and prayer offerings made out to the Gods, celebrated to invoke the community’s annual agricultural cycle.

Sightseeing along the Pasighat-Jengging-Yingkiong Circuit

Sightseeing along the Pasighat-Jengging-Yingkiong Circuit:  Things To Do In Yingkiong
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A popular trekking route in A.P, the Pasighat-Jengging-Yingkiong Circuit commences from Pasighat and goes up to Yingkiong, leading to Komsing where visitors can witness the incredible stone memorial of Noel Williamson, the Asst. Political Officer of Sardia. This memorial was set up during the British Rule in black stone atop the Kekar Monying mountain cliff where Adis, a freedom fighter fought against the British. While trekking the route, tourists can stay at the Circuit House/Inspection Bungalow.

Enjoying the Scenic River Siang

Enjoying the Scenic River Siang:  Things To Do In Yingkiong
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As it originates from China, the River Siang flows through Arunachal Pradesh and then merges into the mighty River the Brahmaputra. Enjoy indulging in a variety of water sports like swimming, angling or river rafting in the river and take a leisurely stroll, experiencing the breathtaking scenic views atop the 70m long hanging bridge over the Siang River, which is made of cane and bamboos.

Trekking at the Mouling National Park

Trekking at the Mouling National Park:  Things To Do In Yingkiong
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Besides reveling in nature’s abundant flora and fauna at the Mouling National Park, you can also explore the wilderness here by taking up a trek during winters from Bomdo or Ramsing Villages. Within the sanctuary, there are several water cascades as well, of which the Nirbung and Dabung Waterfalls are very popular. The Mouling National Park’s known to be a nature’s paradise for bird watchers, trekkers and animal lovers.

Road Trip – Roing

Road Trip – Roing:  Things To Do In Yingkiong
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Enjoy the narrow lanes and meandering turns on a journey to Roing – a Biker’s dream come true. Situated in the Lower Dibang Valley, Roing’s the District HQ for Lower Dibang and is renowned for its distinct culture which attracts many anthropologists and nature lovers here. It is also a lovely destination to travel to for biking enthusiasts, where one can not only experience snowfall but also enjoy a wide variety of greenery and blue skies! There are many biking expeditions conducted to Mayodia Pass via Roing during winters. January-February is the busiest time of the year here.

Spending the Day with Locals in Along

Spending the Day with Locals in Along:  Things To Do In Yingkiong
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Situated at an altitude of 300m above the sea’s level, Along is West Siang’s HQ and lies nestled amidst a breathtaking valley and surrounded by the gorgeous rivers of Siyom and Sipu and towering mountains. The crisp and fresh mountain air from the rolling hills speckled with lush green plantations makes Along the perfect health retreat and ideal haven during summers. From taking a mountain drive to enjoying the trekking the farmer’s country to exploring the local villages, Along won't disappoint you.

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