Things To Do In Sirpur

Planning A Trip To Sirpur? Here's our list of top things to do in Sirpur

Situated on the banks of the beautiful River Mahanadi in Chhattisgarh is a small ancient town known as Sirpur. This town is an ancient one with several temples and ruins that a lot of people go to see and learn more about the place. But other than all the places you can see in this old town, there are a lot of things to do in Sirpur. Some of them include going on a pilgrimage to all the temples in and around the vicinity, visiting sanctuaries around the region, staying at an amazing resort and so much more. Let’s have a look at all the things you can indulge in this beautiful town.

Boating on Mahanadi

Boating on Mahanadi:  Things To Do In Sirpur
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The Mahanadi River in Chhattisgarh is one of the holiest rivers in the country and is responsible for a lot of life. This river runs through Chhattisgarh and most cities in the state enjoy this river and activities related to it. One of the best things to do on the river is to go on a boat ride and you can do so on your trip to this place. At the banks of the river you will find several people who are mostly fishermen and who will take you on a boat ride around the river. This is one of the most relaxing things to do in Sirpur and is absolutely recreational.

Visit Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Visit Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Sirpur
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After you are done touring the area of Sirpur, you must head over to Branawapara Wildlife Sanctuary in the same region. Located a few kilometers from this holy ancient town, the sanctuary is something that you would want to visit, especially if you are with your family and children. Here you can see more than 200 species of animals and birds, with the best time to visit the sanctuary being winters when you can see a lot of wildlife activity and immigrant birds. This is a nice getaway for a day or two when in Sirpur. You can even find resorts to stay in close to the sanctuary.

Take a dip in the River

Take a dip in the River:  Things To Do In Sirpur
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Another interesting thing to do in Sirpur is to visit the ghats of the temples near the river. When you visit the temple, you can see several people taking a dip in the water and then coming after saying a few prayers. This is done as it is believed by Hindus that if you wash yourself in a holy river, all your sins are washed off as well. Just so that you can get a true feel of the place, you can also indulge in this activity. The best time to do this is early mornings or evenings when you can feel the serenity in the air and the birds chirping.

Go on a pilgrimage

Go on a pilgrimage:  Things To Do In Sirpur
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The best way to spend your time in Sirpur is to visit temples that make the place famous. But other than the temples inside Sirpur, there are many places of worship in and around the place as well. The best way to explore these places is to hire a taxi with a local driver who will take you around everywhere. Some of the best temples to go to are the Lakshman Temple, The Ram Mandir, Surang Tilla, Maa Sheetla Devi Mandir and many others. It is best to do some research about all the quaint temples in the area before venturing out. These beautiful temples will change your perception towards this place.

Visit a Monastery

Visit a Monastery:  Things To Do In Sirpur
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Sirpur is a significant place for Buddhists and for the religion of Buddhism as well. This is the place where Buddha once meditated and spent a lot of time thinking about life. Since this is an important Buddhist city, a monastery has been constructed to commemorate Lord Buddha. The monastery finally opens up to the Buddh Vihar with beautiful carvings and sculptures. The doorway to this monastery is beautiful and has pillars with carvings on it, almost as if they are greeting the visitor. It is said that this monastery was built back in the 7th century AD.

See the Sirpur Stupa

See the Sirpur Stupa:  Things To Do In Sirpur
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A special archeological site in Sirpur is the Sirpur Stupa which was built in the early 6th Century. The stupa is made of bricks and has a round structure with a tapering top. It is said that this Stupa was built by an avid follower of Buddhism, King Ashoka. The diameter of the stupa is 45 cm and is built on a stone with dimensions of 13.20 m x 12.80 m. This is a great place to visit as it is said to have brought in the culture of Busshism in Sirpur. This is a historical site that everyone visiting Sirpur must see. Take a couple of rounds around the stupa to see the structure and observe how it was made.

Stay at a Resort

Stay at a Resort:  Things To Do In Sirpur
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The best way to explore the place around you is to be one with nature and observe the place for yourself rather than being told. One such way of exploring the region of Sirpur is to stay at a resort nearby that is usually situated in the arms of nature. Resorts like Hiuen Tsiang Tourist Resort is a famous one as it offers visitors a little more than any other resort and makes people feel comfortable in the lap of nature. You can also choose to stay at Johar Resort in Sirpur which has a lot of activities like bicycling, nature walks, camps, star gazing and a lot of other stuff that will excite you.

Attend Aarti at the Ghat

Attend Aarti at the Ghat:  Things To Do In Sirpur
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You may think that attending an aarti by the ghat is something that you can only do in Banaras, but that is not the case; you can attend a peacefull and a very beautiful aarti by the ghats on Mahanadi River. This is one of the most serene things you can do in Sirpur. Wake up early in the morning and head over to the boating area and ask one of the boat owners to take you on a ride on the holy river. Chances are you are able to see a beautiful scenario; priests performing pujas, aroma of lit incense sticks and the humming of sacred prayers. This scenario is something you must not miss when you visit Sirpur.

Go on a Safari in Barnawapara

Go on a Safari in Barnawapara:  Things To Do In Sirpur
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The best part about Sirpur is that it is located right next to Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary, which is one of the biggest sanctuaries in the region. Since the sanctuary is right next to Sirpur, it gives visitors a great chance to explore the forest area as well. When you visit Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary, you can go up to the authorities and ask about jeep safaris. They will provide you with a jeep and a driver who is also a guide and will give you more insight on the animals and birds that you see inside the sanctuary. This is one of the top most things to do around Sirpur.

Spend a Day at Dhaskund Waterfall

Spend a Day at Dhaskund Waterfall:  Things To Do In Sirpur
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After you are done visiting all the places in Sirpur, you can spend a day resting at Dhaskund Waterfall. Located on Sirpur Road Awarai, this place is extraordinary; the white cascade of water falling from the top of the waterfall is truly a spectacular sight and cannot be replicated. This is a great place to have a picnic with your family or simply relax and maybe go for a swim in the water below. The best time to go to Dhaskund Waterfall is during monsoons when the waterfall looks gorgeous or during summers to beat the humid heat.

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