Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary

Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary? Here's a detailed Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
40.1° C / 104.3° F
Current Conditions:
Clear Sky
Best Months To Visit:
December to March
Recommended Duration:
1 to 2 Days
Nearest Airport:
Swami Vivekananda International Airport (198.7 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Bilaspur Junction Railway Station (74.8 kms)

Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Maikal Range of Chhattisgarh; it is a beautiful forest area consisting of some of the most natural resources. A trip to this sanctuary will give you a glimpse of what the region is actually about; with a variety of diverse animals and birds, this place is a great piuck for a trip for nature lovers.  Situated close to Bilaspur, this place is accessible by various modes of transport; you can reach this sanctuary by means of an airplane, car, bus or even a train. Tourism in Acahnakmar Wildlife Sanctuary is popular during winter when the climate is perfect for observing the animals in the region. Our travel guide to Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary will give you a peek into all the things you should be doing in the sanctuary and the places you can visit in and around the sanctuary; read on to know more.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary Tourism And Travel Guide
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By Air:

The closest airport to the sanctuary is Swami Vivekananda International Airport in Raipur. This airport is distanced at 198.7 km from the sanctuary and can be easily reach by means of local transportation from the airport.


By Road:

You can take a road trip to Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary by car to see some of the most beautiful landscapes. You can also take a trip on a bus from within Chhattisgarh OR from neighbouring states as well.


By Rail:

The nearest railhead to the sanctuary is Bilaspur Junction Railway Station in Bilaspur. Several trains frequent this station and come from other cities in the country. The station is distanced at 74.8 km from the sanctuary.


Getting Around:

The best way to get around the wildlife sanctuary is by a safari jeep. These are provided by the sanctuary itself along with guides who will drive you around and explain to you the different characteristics of the jungle and the animals and birds in it. You can choose to walk or ride a bicycle to explore the forest area.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary Tourism And Travel Guide
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Summer (April-June):

The hottest season in the sanctuary is the summer season that stretches from April to June. Temperatures in this season range from 30°C to 42°C in the peak season. This is not the most recommended time to visit.


Monsoon (July-October):

After the humid summer, monsoon comes in during the month of July. Temperatures during this time range from 21°C to 28°C and the climate remains cool and pleasant throughout. This is a great time to visit and go on bicycle trails.


Winter (November-March):

The best season to visit Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary is the winter that starts in the last week of October. Temperatures during this time range from 10°C to 18°C, with some winters having even lowered temperatures. Visit the sanctuary in this season to make the most out of your trip.

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary Tourism And Travel Guide
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Visit Kalachuri Group:

Right behind Narmada Kund is a group of temples that have a lot of religious significance. Pataleshwar Temple and Machhendranath Temple are great examples of architecture in this place. A must visit for pilgrims as well as people interest din architecture of ancient temples.


Enjoy a Day at Dhuni Pani:

Visit a natural hot water spring in Chhattisgarh at Dhuni Pani. This is a great place to visit and the region provides great views of the Maikal range along with the water from the hot springs flowing. This place is its best during monsoons and winters.


See a Fort:

Chhattisgarh is famous for several forts, one of them being Chaiturgarh. The fort is not very far from the sanctuary and can be reached easily. The fort is quite heighted and gives great views of the landscape below it from top.


Go on a Safari:

Once in Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary, you must experience the jeep safari. This is the best way to explore nature and the sanctuary. The reserve provides a guide as well who will show you around the park and give information about the animals and plants.


Go on a Pilgrimage:

The region around Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary is dotted with several temples, most of which are of Hindu religion. Some famous temples are Mahamaya Devi Temple, Shri Yantra Mandir and Shiv Mandir amongst many others.

Eat At

Eat At:  Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary Tourism And Travel Guide
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When you reach Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary, you can find a few food stalls inside the sanctuary. You can fill yourself up over there or you can carry lunch with you. If you are staying at a resort close by, food will be provided by them, sometimes with an additional cost. But if you want to taste authentic food, you must go to some great places in Bilaspur District. You can go to Shri Bhagwan Restaurant to eat vegetarian Thalis, you can also go to Rasoi Restaurant for tasty veg food. These are restaurants that you will find in the district itself, but to get even more of an authentic feel, you can head over to the nearby villages to taste great tasting food. The tribals cook really well and are very innovative with their recipes as well.

Shop At

Shop At:  Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary Tourism And Travel Guide
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Shopping is a must experience on any trip that you go to. Shopping in Bilaspur is great because you can do both modernized and authentic shopping. There are several malls in Bilaspur; Vintage 24, Rama Magneto Mall and few more of them have top brands of clothing and footwear that you can choose from. But if you want to take back something specific that reminds you of this place, you must go to the Haat Bazaars in the villages that take place every morning and evening. The best part about these Bazaars is that you can find unique items here that you will not find anywhere else. Jewellery, pots, vases, handicrafts, sarees, holy items and many other things can be found in these bazaars.

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