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Things To Do In Indravati National Park

Planning A Trip To Indravati National Park? Here's our list of top things to do in Indravati National Park

Indravati National Park in Chhattisgarh is a famous wildlife park having a lot of significance for the state. This park stretches over an area of 2799.08 sq km and has some of the most diverse variety of flora as well as fauna. The different kind of animals, birds, flowers and trees is what makes this national park so special. The land in the park is undulating and a little hilly; it is also densely populated by plant life and has quite a few open spaces. As you can imagine, there are several things to do in Indravati National Park like going on a safari, observing the wildlife and birds and simply relaxing in nature. But other than this there are several thongs to do even around the wildlife area. Let’s have a look at the interesting things you can explore during your visit to Indravati National Park.

Stay at a Forest Guest House

Stay at a Forest Guest House:  Things To Do In Indravati National Park
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Chhattisgarh has several national parks and sanctuaries that exhibit the natural wildlife of the region and these reserves attract a lot of people throughout the year. Since a lot of tourists visit, Chhattisgarh has been developing eco tourism for sustainable stay, which is great for the wildlife in the region. If you are visiting Indravati National Park, it is the best to stay at a forest guest house or cottages that are available right beside the national park. The thrill of staying in these cottages is different from that of a hotel. This is the best way to stay within the premises of the national park and get an authentic feel of the dense forests.

Relax at Malangir Waterfall

Relax at Malangir Waterfall:  Things To Do In Indravati National Park
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The Malangir Waterfall, also known as the Bailadila Waterfall is a famous spot in Dantewada, which is very close to Indravati National Park. The water that falls from a height is collected into a pool of water in which one can swim, play around and even fish. After you are done seeing the national park, you can head over to this spot to spend a relaxing day. You can enjoy a picnic on the banks of this waterfall and spend an entire day just taking in the natural beauty of the place. This waterfall shows its true colours in the monsoon season when the water is almost overflowing, but at the same time giving a beautiful look.

Explore the National Park on a Jeep Safari

Explore the National Park on a Jeep Safari:  Things To Do In Indravati National Park
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The topography of Indravati National Park is undulating and quite hilly in certain areas with some of the most unique variety of wildlife and plants. When you go there, you are bound to want to explore the place; for this very purpose, the national park offers jeep safaris for its tourists. You can hire a jeep along with a driver who will also be your guide and will show you around the park. It is interesting to go on this safari and observe the animals in their natural habitat. You can spot deer, lions, leopard and other exotic animals on your safari, that too very close to them.

Go Boating at Dalpat Sagar Lake

Go Boating at Dalpat Sagar Lake:  Things To Do In Indravati National Park
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Along with all the natural beauty that Chhattisgarh has to offer, the state has an artificial lake by the name of Dalpat Sagar Lake. This lake is a manmade lake situated close to Indravati National Park and is visited by many for the purpose of rehabilitation. This is a great place to relax, go fishing or simply lay back and enjoy a boat ride. The best time to go on a boat ride on this lake is early morning or evenings; this is the perfect time to see the sunrise or the sunset. There is also a small musical fountain right in the middle of the lake for the entertainment of the people who are visiting.

Go on a Boat Safari

Go on a Boat Safari:  Things To Do In Indravati National Park
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So you have already ventured on a jeep safari and now you are looking for something different? Hop on a boat and go on a boat safari on the famous Indravati River that passes by the Indravati National Park. Boat safaris are fun and a different way of exploring nature; at Indravati National park you have the liberty of exploring wildlife on land as well as water. If you are particularly more inclined towards observing birds in the region, this is the safari that you must do. You can either do it in a group or with your family; while on this safari, you can observe several birds’ right on the banks of the river. So get ready to see something different on this trip.

Attend Village Haats

Attend Village Haats:  Things To Do In Indravati National Park
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Looking to shop on your trip to Indravati National Park? If the answer is yes, then you are in for a treat; haat bazaars in this region are quite famous. Being organized in several villages near the national park, these haat markets are the soul of region. Tribals living in the region set up shop every week to sell some of the most unique items. These items include handicrafts, old artifacts, hand woven cloth, metal products, wood, earthen pots and ceramic products. You can also find tribal jewelry in these markets that look quite fashionable. The entire tribal community gathers at these haats and sells respective novelties to people who are visiting.

Observe Tribal Lifestyle

Observe Tribal Lifestyle:  Things To Do In Indravati National Park
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Once you are done observing wildlife in Indravati National Park, you can explore the tribal lifestyle in the surrounding areas. The national park is surrounded by several small villages that have a culture and traditions of its own. Several tribes live in this region; some of them are the Gond tribes, Bhunjia, Muria, Halba, Kamar and Munda amongst many others. These tribes dominate the region and are very keen on keeping up their traditions and safeguarding their culture. Visit villages like Bastar to see the lifestyle of these tribes, the way they cook, celebrate different occasions and festivals etc.

Set up Camp near the Jungle

Set up Camp near the Jungle:  Things To Do In Indravati National Park
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If you are more inclined to adventure and need an adrenaline rush, set up a campsite close to the jungle. The authority of Indravati National Park provides several spots inside the park where you can set up your tent and enjoy a fun filled night by campfire with your family. These spots are a little away from the jungle as it could get dangerous. The thrill of staying in a tent in the park and having a story telling session under the starry night sky is simply an experience that you wouldn’t forget. Ask the authority of Indravati National Park for permissions and equipment for camping out in the open.

Engage in Bird Watching

Engage in Bird Watching:  Things To Do In Indravati National Park
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Bird Watching is one of the top most things to do in Indravati National Park. If you are an avid bird observer, this is the place for you. Get your binoculars on your trip and see some of the most exotic birds coming to the marshy banks of Indravati River. You can see a rare species of Hill Myna, which is not usually found anywhere else in the world; you can also see other birds like Steppe Eagles, Racket Tailed Drongos, Phakta, Teether, Parrots, Peacocks and so many other varieties of birds. This is a way to make good use of your trip to this national park. 

Visit the Pious Somnoor Sangam

Visit the Pious Somnoor Sangam:  Things To Do In Indravati National Park
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A famous spot near Indravati Nationa Park is the Somnoor Sangam; a place where the Indravati River and the Godavari River meet. This junction point of these rivers is thought of as pious and several people visit for this very reason. You will see many people enjoying the view of the place and some people taking a dip in the water that signifies the washing of all sins. Somnoor Sangam is a lovely place to visit with your family to find some peace of mind and also feel pious at the same time. There is a temple nearby as well which gives a novel feel when you visit.

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