Things To Do In Dantewada

Planning A Trip To Dantewada? Here's our list of top things to do in Dantewada

Located amongst beautiful mountain ranges, valleys and landscape is the district of Dantewada in Chhattisgarh. The district is known for its picturesque view of the mountains, beautiful temples, lush waterfalls and structures that have immense historical significance. There are a lot of things to do in Dantewada that will keep you entertained throughout the trip. The tribal culture of the locals, the festivals celebrated with enthusiasm, the numerous tribal markets where you can find original authentic jewellery and wildlife sanctuaries that border this district are some of the main attractions in the region. Below is a list of the things you should explore while you are in Dantewada.

Venture on the Dholkal Trek

Venture on the Dholkal Trek:  Things To Do In Dantewada
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Located in the Bailadila mountain ranges is a spot 3000 ft above known as Dholkal. This spot is famous for a ganesha temple and a surya temple, situated right on top. The trek to Dholkal Ganesh is popular and is a must do for adventurists. The trek is about 5 km in which you have to go through the bushy forests of Bailadila range. This trek is best done during the monsoon season, when it is even more challenging and exciting as the ground becomes a little slippery and you can see beautiful green landscapes. The terrain is a little difficult and you may want to take a local guide on hire to go to the peak.

Spend a day at Phoolpad Waterfall

Spend a day at Phoolpad Waterfall:  Things To Do In Dantewada
Photograph by smithsonianmag.com

Located at a distance of 40 km from the main part of Dantewada District is a beautiful waterfall called Phoolpad waterfall. This waterfall used to be accessible only to the locals, but lately tourists can enjoy the site and the water as well. The water comes from the Aranpur valley of the Bailadila mountain ranges and is extremely fresh. Falling from a height of 225 ft, the Phoolpad Waterfalls is a treat to the eyes. The falls is situated in the interiors and it can be viewed from the bottom as well as the top; both have extreme natural beauty. The best time to visit these falls is during monsoons when the waterfall is in full swing. You can enjoy a day at the Phoolpad waterfall by sitting next to it or even swimming in the water.

Enjoy a Picnic at Bodhghat Sath Dhar

Enjoy a Picnic at Bodhghat Sath Dhar:  Things To Do In Dantewada
Photograph by dantewadatourism.com

If you are looking to relax and have a picnic in Dantewada, head over to Bodhghat Sath Dhar, a place where the seven parts of Indravati River come together. This spot is located 6 km from Barsur, hence as soon as you are done looking at the archeological ruins there you can head over to this spot to relax with your family. The spot has immense natural beauty that has a scenic waterfall and is surrounded by lush green forests. This is the perfect place to spend an entire day with your family, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Explore Tribal Culture at Palnaar

Explore Tribal Culture at Palnaar:  Things To Do In Dantewada
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Palnaar is a small village in Dantewada which is on the verge of development. It is one of the first villages to have gone cashless during monetization. The village was fitted with POS machines in front of stores and every shop, dairy, general store etc, and has the facility of e-payment. When you visit this village, you will get a feel of a rural village along with the ease of modernization. Palnaar is a village where you can see the authentic side of Dantewada; located in the outskirts of the district, Dantewada gives tourists a glimpse of the tribal lifestyle and culture. You can even shop from various artifacts that are locally made.

Indulge in Bird Watching

Indulge in Bird Watching:  Things To Do In Dantewada
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Dantewada is located amidst several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries like Indravati National Park, Bairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary and Kanger Ghati National Park. These natural reserves have a variety of flora and fauna including birds of different kinds from different regions; these birds migrate from other places to the marshy region in Datewada to breed in winter time. Winter is the best season to go bird watching; if you are a bird watcher, this is something you can enjoy when you go to Dantewada. Pack your binoculars because you will be some exotic birds like Hill Myna, Racket Tailed Dongos, Steppe Eagles, Red Jungle Fowls and many other.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography:  Things To Do In Dantewada
Photograph by round.glass.com

Dantewada is surrounded by a vast expanse of green forest and because of this attribute there are a lot of things one can do; one of them being wildlife photography. If you are specifically interested in observing animals, birds, insects and plants and snapping them in your camera, Dantewada is a great place to do so. Carry different lenses because you are in for a treat! You can see a variety of wildlife in Indravati National Park and Bairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. If you plan to go on a jeep safari, you can see animals like Nilgai, barking deer, leopards, lions and a rare species of buffaloes upfront and this will give you a chance to snap them. You can also take photographs of various birds flying in from other regions as well as native ones.

Stay at a Tribal Homestay

Stay at a Tribal Homestay:  Things To Do In Dantewada
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If you are looking to experience the local tribal lifestyle of Dantewada then a tribal homestay is exactly what you need. This type of homestay will offer you an insight on the culture and lifestyle of the tribal people in that region. The tourism board in Dantewada supervises eco friendly methods to be used by the tourists as well to keep the place clean and tidy. These homestays are available in Barsur, Dholkal, Phoolpad and Muchnar; they aren’t very expensive and give tourists a great experience. Basic amenities are available for tourists at the homestay, along with warm hospitality given by these villagers.

Buy Stuff at a Tribal market

Buy Stuff at a Tribal market:  Things To Do In Dantewada
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The main tribals that are found in the region of Dantewada are Maria, Doria and Gond; these tribal groups have preserved their culture and traditions for years and are very proud of it. When you visit Dantewada, you must experience their lifestyle to feel the authenticity of the place. The tribal men and women also get income from the things they sell at tribal markets. These things include handmade jewelry, handicrafts, cloth, sarees, toys and many more things. Visit these tribal markets in the region to buy unique items that you can take home as a memory and enjoy talking to these sellers in the market to know more about their culture.

Visit Siva Temple in Samlur

Visit Siva Temple in Samlur:  Things To Do In Dantewada
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Located at a distance of 9 km from the main part of Dantewada District is a place called Samlur. In this region lies a Shiva Temple known as Karli Mahadev Temple, which is ancient but still quite intact. This Shiva temple is quite famous amongst locals and now amongst tourists as well. This temple was built in the 12th century and still stands strong. The Shiva Ling inside the temples is made out of sandstone and is approximately 2 ft in height. The temple itself is beautifully carved, just like temples in Barsur. The style of architecture of the temple is similar to others in the region and is absolutely beautiful.

Be Part of Tribal Entertainment

Be Part of Tribal Entertainment:  Things To Do In Dantewada
Photograph by chhattisgarh.thebrokenscooter.com

The tribes of Dantewada have lived in the region for a very long time and have their own set up. They celebrate several festivals together and organize fairs for the entertainment of locals as well as tourists. The main sources of entertainment for tribals here are folk songs, dance and dramas. If you want to get a feel of how it is to be one of them, head over to one of the villages in Dantewada and attend a festival or a fair to see how they entertain themselves. Folk songs like Reelo and Leja are sung during different festivals and occasions. Similarly, folk dances like Karsad, Gurgal and Kotni are performed during festivals and special occasions as well. When you visit these villages you can have a glimpse of their kind of entertainment and get entertained.

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