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Planning A Trip To Madku Dweep? Here's our list of top things to do in Madku Dweep

Have the urge of soaking in some history? Here’s your chance; head over to Madku Dweep, a small island in Chhattisgarh that will definitely appeal to the historian in you. The island has abundance of natural resources and beauty like lush green trees and grasslands, the island is surrounded by calm waters of Shivnath River, which is a beautiful sight to watch from the island. There are several things to do in Madku Dweep, depending on your mood; you can finish your pilgrimage on the island by visiting the 19 renovated temples and the other old one and then head over to see the ruins of the ancient times as well. After that, you can cities and towns in the surrounding regions as well. Want to explore Madku Dweep even more? Let us have a look at some of the things to do on this island.

See the 19 Shiva Temples

See the 19 Shiva Temples:  Things To Do In Madku Dweep
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Madku Dweep was home to several Shiva Temples that were found in a dilapidated state in the last few centuries. After excavation took place on the island, a lot of information was found and the Shiva Temples were going to be rebuilt. This reconstruction was done with the blessing and assistance of Sage Madku, after whom the island was named. After the reconstruction, 19 Shiva temples that are almost identical in characteristic were made. The walls of these temples have several sculptures that were etched on it and have Shiva Lings inside the temple.

Go Boating

Go Boating:  Things To Do In Madku Dweep
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Since Madku Dweep is situated in Shivnath River, there are several things to do that relate to water in this place. One such sport is boating and you can enjoy this activity right here in Madku Dweep. You can get boats for hire at the shore of the island or you can hire them from the mainland as well; you can choose from two options, choose to boat yourself or have a person rowing the boat. The best time to indulge in this activity is early morning or evenings when you can catch the sunrise or the sunset.

Set Up a Picnic

Set Up a Picnic:  Things To Do In Madku Dweep
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Imagine having a picnic on an island like Madku Dweep, yes you can do that now on the lush green meadows of the island. You can set up a picnic and enjoy a day on the island itself; you can even go on a night camp, the island has provisions for camping in the night as well, but you would have to take proper permission for that. It is a one time opportunity to explore these areas in the state; you can park by the river in the night and go night fishing as well.

Check out Sculptures on the Island

Check out Sculptures on the Island:  Things To Do In Madku Dweep
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Most of the sculptures you will find on the island of Madku Dweep are inside the ancient temples. They are also as ancient as the temples as they were made during the same era. These sculptures have a lot of spiritual importance and are regarded as being important objects to preserve the past. Other than the temples, you can find several sculptures of animals like elephants, lions, birds, humans and others of gods and goddesses that are worshipped by people of the region. It is interesting to observe these sculptures as they are done up so intricately.

Go on a Nature Walk

Go on a Nature Walk:  Things To Do In Madku Dweep
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Madku Dweep is a great place for nature enthusiasts and plant lovers and not just that, the surrounding areas in Bilaspur are also quite abundant in natural resources. Going on a nature walk is the best way to explore the true essence of the place. Observe some of the rarest plants in the region and exotic flowers that grow on the island and get lost in the freshness of the air. You can even go to regions beside the island to take a nature walk, this is a great way to explore new grounds.

Attend a Festival

Attend a Festival:  Things To Do In Madku Dweep
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Every place has its own characteristics and Madku Dweep is unique for its island topography. But other than that, they also have vibrant festivals that are held in certain times of the year. As you can imagine, if there are so many temples in one spot, festivities will take place. All Hindu festivals related to the almighty are celebrated in Madku Dweep; priests from all over Chhattisgarh come to this island to perform pujas. Navratri is a great time to visit the island and see all the festivities and decorations that are in full swing.

Relax at Waterfalls

Relax at Waterfalls:  Things To Do In Madku Dweep
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The region of Chhattisgarh is so natural that you will fall in love with it. There are several caves and waterfalls in the area that are worth visiting. You can go to the Tirathgarh falls close to Bilaspur to have one of the most exciting waterfall experiences in your life. The best time to visit this waterfall is during the monsoons when there is heavy rain and the waterfall shows its entire beauty, although this is also a time when you need to be most careful. Tirathgarh falls is about 50-65 ft in height and the white cascade coming down from top is an excellent site.

Visit Excavation Sites

Visit Excavation Sites:  Things To Do In Madku Dweep
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Excavation sites at Madku Dweep are phenomenal and impart a lot of knowledge to anyone who is visiting. After the people of the region started to excavate the place, they found temples, bricks, pillars, inscriptions and a lot more in Madku Dweep and these things that were found have now made the foundation for this island. Archeologists and architects together have re built 19 Shiva Temples that were found underneath along with other temples as well. These excavation sites are perfect for a study tour or in general to gain some knowledge about the region.

Attend the Annual Mela

Attend the Annual Mela:  Things To Do In Madku Dweep
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Every town and city in Chhattisgarh has its own unique charm and it is the same for Madku Dweep, the beautiful island. A lot happens on this island including festivals and fairs; the Annual Mela in Madku Dweep commences in the month of February and a lot of locals attend this fair. Inside the fair you will find several games to play, rides, food stalls and many other novel things. This annual fair is locally also known as Dhorohar Festival and is celebrated with much enthusiasm. Children and adults both participate in dances and sing songs to entertain the crowd.

Madku Small Island

Madku Small Island:  Things To Do In Madku Dweep
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The Madku Small Island is right beside the main island of Madku Dweep and is almost of similar size. This island also lies on river Shivnath and is an ideal place to go on nature walks. You can go to this island by boat; on the smaller island you will find a few small temples along with a lot of greenery. Most of the small island is covered in forest land and muddy pathways. This is a great place to explore the region of Madku Dweep, go for nature walks and observe the flora of Madku Dweep. You must visit both the islands to get a complete tour of Madku Dweep.

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