Things To Do In Chirmiri

Planning A Trip To Chirmiri? Here's our list of top things to do in Chirmiri

Chirmiri is a beautiful little hill station in the district of Koriya in Chhattisgarh. This town that is located on a hilltop is scenic beauty of the surrounded by all sides in lush greenery, dense forests, some of the most beautiful and ancient temples as well as heighted waterfalls. As you can imagine, there are several places to see in this hill station that will blow your mind, the scenic beauty of the place will always remain intact in your memory. But apart from the places you will get to see I this trip, there are several things to do in Chirmiri as well, let’s have a look at some of them below.


Trekking:  Things To Do In Chirmiri
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Some of the most understated trails in the country are in Chhattisgarh and Chirmiri is a place you can experience a few of them. One of the top most things to do in this hill station is to go trekking and you can find various organizers if you want to go in a group. This hill station has some of the best trekking trails that are highlighted with various species of plants and vibrant flowers. The color pattern of these trees, plants and flowers make this trek even more exciting, especially for someone who loves nature.

Boating on Hasdeo River

Boating on Hasdeo River:  Things To Do In Chirmiri
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The famous Hasdeo River is situated very close to this beautiful hill station of Chirmiri with one of the top most things to do being boating in the lovely calm river of Hasdeo. The best time to venture on the river is early morning or evenings when the atmosphere is calm and very cool. A villager usually will row the boat and take you around the river for a great view. There are a couple of temples at the banks of the river as well which you can visit on your boating trip.

Picnic at a Waterfall

Picnic at a Waterfall:  Things To Do In Chirmiri
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After you are done completing your pilgrimage to the different ancient temples in the vicinity, you must go relax by a waterfall. Chrimiri is surrounded by River Hasdeo which is a tributary of Mahanadi and has some of the most heighted waterfalls in the region. The best way to spend your time in this region is to go see some of those lovely waterfalls. Spend a day with your family and friends at the banks of the waterfall and see the white cascade of water fall from a height. Children and adults can enjoy a swim in the water as well.

Stay in Forest Camp

Stay in Forest Camp:  Things To Do In Chirmiri
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Another great way to spend time in Chirmiri is to stay at a forest camp organized by the tourism board or by a private company. These forest camps are quite exciting and give people a chance to explore nature at its best. Tents are provided by the authorities along with other essential camping things. You can do a bonfire right outside your tent along with other people present there. This is a great way to do stargazing in the night as well.

Go for Nature Walks

Go for Nature Walks:  Things To Do In Chirmiri
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If you are too tired to go trekking or even go sightseeing, don’t worry, there’s something to do for everyone in Chirmiri. Simply wake up, have a hot coffee and get ready to go for a leisure walk in the green pastures of this beautiful hilltop. There are trails that one can walk on which are quaint, quite and very serene. Be sure not to get lost, you can go with a group if you wish and can inform the authorities about it. On you nature walk, you will get to breathe fresh air all around you that will get you energized. The best time to go on a walk is early in the morning.

Attend Annual Fair

Attend Annual Fair:  Things To Do In Chirmiri
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Ratanpur which is quite close to Chirmiri is the birthplace for the famous Maha Maya Devi Temple. During June Annual Fair is held in the huge premises of the temple which is visited by several people in the region as well as tourists who come from different states. This fair is a great one to attend as it has several things to entertain people who visit; there are dances, musicals, comedy and of course a bunch of food stalls selling scrumptious food to all the visitors. If you are visting during June, you must attend the festival to have some fun.

Enjoy the View from the Hotel

Enjoy the View from the Hotel:  Things To Do In Chirmiri
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If you want to visit Chirmiri during monsoons, it is a great idea! Stretching from the month of July to October, the monsoons are quite long here. If you visit around August or September, chances are you may get stuck in the hotel room due to heavy rain. But this is a time you must utilize; one of the best ways to spend monsoons in Chirmiri is to look at the beautiful view and you can do this sitting right in your hotel room or resort. Usually resorts have rooms with views and this si a great way to sip a hot cup of tea and enjoy the weather.

Explore Wildlife

Explore Wildlife:  Things To Do In Chirmiri
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Another great place to explore nature around Chirmiri is at Guru Ghasidas National Park. This wildlife park is close to Chirmiri and can be easily reached by hiring a car and driving there or by simply taking a bus. Guru Ghasidas National Park is also known as Sanjay National Park and is quite popular amongst tourists. This national park has some of the most endangered species in the region and a variety of migrant birds that come to the banks of the Mahanadi River during winters. This is a great place to bring your family and friends who love nature and wildlife.

Spend a Day at Fossil Park

Spend a Day at Fossil Park:  Things To Do In Chirmiri
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Located in Manendragarh, Chhattisgarh is the famous Fossil Park, a place where geologists have found fossils of marine life from years and years ago. A good sum of money was given by the state government to the developers of this place to set it up as an educational place for people who want to know more about fossils and marine creatures. A long time ago, there were several fossils of sea shells and other ancient marine creatures that are now extinct and were dug up. These are important in knowing about marine life and life on earth.

Visit Ratanpur Fort

Visit Ratanpur Fort:  Things To Do In Chirmiri
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Located at a distance of 25 km from Bilaspur and close to Chirmiri is a beautiful ancient fort. Ratnapur is famous for a couple of temples and also for the amazing Ratanpur Fort. The architecture of the fort is spectacular and shows how talented the architect was. The fort has two structures; you enter from one side thinking it’s just one structure but as soon as you get in, you can see another structure in front of you. This fort was beautifully designed and is worth witnessing.

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