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Ranakpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Ranakpur

Planning A Trip To Ranakpur? Here's a snapshot of Ranakpur weather and the best time to visit Ranakpur

Located in the Pali district of the south-eastern region of Rajasthan, Ranakpur is a small village town known for its temples, dam and scenic beauty of the Aravali Ranges. The weather in Ranakpur is quite similar to other destinations here. While the place is mostly arid and dry, the scanty monsoon rains bring life and prosperity back to the region. Like elsewhere in Rajasthan, the summers are very hot and it is therefore not preferred to visit the region during these months. Winters are considered as the best time to visit Ranakpur, given the pleasant conditions and the Ranakpur festival.

Summer: April to June

Summer: April to June:  Ranakpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Ranakpur
Photograph by rajasthantourplanners.com

Summers in Ranakpur are very hot with temperatures climbing up to about 43°C during the day. While the nights are relatively better, they are still very unpleasant. With the scorching sun and the unbearable heat, summers are not a good time to visit the place. But if you have the tolerance for the scorching heat of Rajasthan, summers can turn out to be extremely budget friendly. With the drastic drop in the influx of tourists also comes the drop in prices, making accommodation and other services quite cheap.

Monsoon: July to September

Monsoon: July to September:  Ranakpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Ranakpur
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While the town of Ranakpur experiences a proper season of monsoon, rains are scanty. But even this scanty rainfall that the town receives is good enough to bring back some greenery to the scorched region. The monsoon also plays a major role in reducing the temperatures and therefore come as a big relief. While the temperatures are somewhat bearable, the humidity in the region makes it very unpleasant. The rains also interfere with activities like hiking. Monsoons are generally not preferred but this is also the time to avail some big discounts from services.

Winter: October to March

Winter: October to March:  Ranakpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Ranakpur
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Winters are considered as the best time to visit Ranakpur. The scorching sun is finally gentle and the temperatures drop. With the temperatures hovering around 22° to 25°C, the climate in winter is very pleasant and therefore is the preferred season to visit the region. Winter is also the time when the Ranakpur festival takes place. With some magical cultural and folk performances, the Ranakpur festival attracts numerous people from all over the country. Scheduled in October, the festival is very popular amongst the tourists. With an increase in the number of tourists visiting, prices tend to go up and planning in advance can be quite useful.

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