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Pushkar Weather And Best Time To Visit Pushkar

Planning A Trip To Pushkar? Here's a snapshot of Pushkar weather and the best time to visit Pushkar

Famous for the Pushkar fair, the holy Rajasthani town of Pushkar is a tourist destination visited by people from all over the world. The temples in Pushkar also attract thousands of pilgrims all round the year. However, the highest rush is seen during the Pushkar fair, when the place becomes vibrant.  The best time to visit Pushkar is from October to March, when the weather in Pushkar is cool and dry (winter).

Summer (April to June)

Summer (April to June):  Pushkar Weather And Best Time To Visit Pushkar
Photograph by https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d0/Pushkar.jpg/1200px-Pushkar.jpg

Summers in Pushkar can be quite harsh. The temperature might go as high as 45°C. So, a Pushkar tour in summer might not be a very good idea. However, due to limited visitors, hotels might offer high discounts during this period. Therefore, you can plan a pocket-friendly tour, and can save on money during this period. Also, during the night, the desert gets colder, and makes a good spot for a stroll. Don’t forget to carry your sunscreen!

Monsoon (July to September)

Monsoon (July to September):  Pushkar Weather And Best Time To Visit Pushkar
Photograph by https://www.behance.net/gallery/2392254/monsoon-on-Pushkar

The month of July marks the onset of monsoon, which lasts up to September. There is scanty rainfall in the town, but it becomes quite humid in monsoon. The number of travellers is minimal, and if you do not mind some rain, you can go on to this beautiful destination as the temperature is not as high as that of summer.

Winter (October to March)

Winter (October to March):  Pushkar Weather And Best Time To Visit Pushkar
Photograph by https://i2.wp.com/travelblog.expedia.co.in

The winter season begins in October and extends till March. Pushkar is a traveller’s paradise during this time. The temperature in day ranges from 15-25°C, but at night, it might drop as low as 5°C. The rush of travellers sets Pushkar abuzz with chaos. Flocks of tourists visit this holy place for sightseeing, devotion, and most importantly, to attend the typical Rajasthani festivals.  Look out for the best deals in hotels and transportation, and set sail to Pushkar in winters.

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