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Pushkar Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Pushkar? Here's a detailed Pushkar tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
30.4° C / 86.7° F
Current Conditions:
Few Clouds
Best Months To Visit:
October to March
Recommended Duration:
2 to 4 Days
Nearest Airport:
Jaipur International Airport (150 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Ajmer Railway Station (15 kms)

There is a long list of things to do and places to visit in Pushkar. To provide an overview of Pushkar, there is only one word: Vibrant! This town of Temples, Ghats, and the Pushkar fair is situated in the Thar desert of Rajasthan. It is an important place from religious as well as cultural point of view. The Pushkar fair is one of the biggest fairs of India, which witnesses massive crowds. It is popular for the cattle trading, various exhibitions and competitions. The balloon fest of Pushkar is quite popular among the tourists too. Pushkar also houses some famous Hindu temples like Brahma Temple, Savitri Temple, Varah Temple, Meera Bai temple etc. The charm of the Pushkar ghats is something else. It is a chaotic, colourful, and perfect place for photography lovers. Here is a small tourism and travel handbook to guide you through your stay at Pushkar.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Pushkar Tourism And Travel Guide
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By Air: The nearest airport is the Jaipur International Airport, which is around 150 kms away. Jaipur airport is connected to all major airports of the country. There are International flights as well.


By Rail: The Ajmer Junction is a 30 minute drive from Pushkar. Ajmer has trains coming in from and going to all major Indian cities, and many of them run on a daily basis. Buses to Pushkar are easily available from here.


By Road: The State Transport Buses of Rajasthan are quite easily available that connect Pushkar to various cities within Rajasthan. Buses to Pushkar from Ajmer are also available directly at the Railway station. Driving your own car is also an option if you live nearby. Taxis to the desert town are easily available.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit:  Pushkar Tourism And Travel Guide
Photograph by http://drewhopperphotography.com/gallery/winter-in-pushkar/

Pushkar experiences 3 distinctive seasons through the year.


Summer (April-June): The summers are very hot, where the temperature can reach up to 45℃. Summers start from April and end in June. It is not advisable to visit during this time. However, hotels offer great discounts during this time. So, if you are planning to visit Pushkar in summer, don't forget a sunscreen lotion and an umbrella!


Monsoon (July-September): From July to September, monsoon visits this town. The temperature is easier as compared to summer, however, it gets very humid. Summer and Monsoon see a meagre number of visitors. Owing to that fact, hotels might offer discounts. But the rains might frequently spoil your plans of going out.


Winter (October-March): The best time to visit Pushkar is during the winter season, which runs from October to March. The days are bright, and the nights are chilling. The Pushkar fair is held during this time. Travellers' rush is observed in this city of the beautiful ghats. 


Things to Do

Things to Do:  Pushkar Tourism And Travel Guide
Photograph by http://pushkarcattlefair.com/images/pushkar_camel_fair1.png

Enjoy the Pushkar fair: This huge livestock fair is the main attraction of Pushkar. It hosts one of the biggest cattle trading events of the world and is known for various livestock exhibitions. There are various competitions and events held during the festival. The Pushkar balloon festival is a pleasant sight too. The fair is best experienced on the back of a camel!


Visit the Pushkar Ghats and temples: The Ghats of Pushkar surround the Pushkar lake. These beautiful ghats house a number of temples. The bell-chimes, mantra-chanting, sound of nagaras, music of aarti, and illuminated diyas contribute to the charm of this place. The surroundings of the lake are vibrant with the hustle of priests, photographers, pilgrims, and other tourists. The Brahma Temple and Savitri temple should definitely be visited. The atmosphere of the ghat is magnificent during the evening arti. 


Relax your mind and body at the Pushkar Yoga Garden: The Pushkar Yoga Garden is a place of peace and serenity. Many visitors, especially foreigners, stay at the Yoga garden, to practice Yoga and calm their spirit. There are various sessions of Yoga by the expert instructor. The Yoga Garden has a nice view surrounding it, which adds to its serenity.  


Camel Safari: A visit to Pushkar without enjoying Camel Safari is incomplete. The best time to go for a camel safari is in the evening, when the sun is slowly going down across the horizon. Many hotels arrange camel rides for their guests. You can also hire a camel near the site itself.

Shop at

Shop at:  Pushkar Tourism And Travel Guide
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Pushkar has markets where you can spend an entire day for shopping. It has everything, from large-showrooms to roadside shops where you can see the traditional Rajasthani culture on display. The main shopping market is the Sadar Bazaar. But the Sarafa Bazaar, Baza Bazaar and Kedalganj Bazaar also have a variety of shops. You can shop for ethnic garments, traditional handicrafts and other cultural souvenirs from these markets. People also buy jewellery, rose products and modern items like t-shirts, caps, pants, etc from the variety available in the markets of Pushkar. 

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