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Tourist Places To Visit In Pushkar

Planning A Trip To Pushkar? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Pushkar

Situated in the Thar desert, at the heart of Rajasthan, Pushkar is a popular tourist destination not only for Indians, but also for foreigners. The chaotic beauty of this place is truly an incredible experience. The famous Pushkar fair, camel rides, the ghats, traditional arts and crafts, these are some of the things that contribute to the essence of Pushkar as a tourist spot. Below are some of the tourist places to visit in Pushkar when on a holiday here.

Merta: Associated with Meera Bai

Merta: Associated with Meera Bai:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pushkar
Photograph by https://www.trawell.in/rajasthan/pushkar/merta

Merta is a 400 year old place, which is popular for the temple of Meera Bai. Earlier, it was known as Medantak, but its name was changed to Merta. It is the birth place of Krishna Devotee Meera bai, whose story and poems are quite popular in India. Therefore, it is a popular place to visit in Pushkar. The Dadhimati temple and Charbhuja temple situated here are also worth visiting.

Brahma Temple

Brahma Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pushkar
Photograph by https://www.ohmyrajasthan.com/uploads/7/OMR-628637837Brahma-Temple-Pushkar5.jpg

The Brahma Temple in Pushkar is one of the most popular pilgrimages in India, and definitely the most popular Brahma Temple. Lord Brahma in Hinduism is accredited with being the 'Creator' of the world, and he is one part of the trinity powers of Brahma-Vishna-Mahesh. The architecture of this temple is quite sophisticated, and beautifully done. A lot of devotees and tourists visit this temple throughout the year. Some of the special poojas (worship rituals) and yagyas in Hinduism are only performed here.

Savitri Temple

Savitri Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pushkar
Photograph by https://www.journeyera.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/SAVITRI-TEMPLE-PUSHKAR-1-8.jpg

The Savitri temple is the temple dedicated to Goddess Savitri, wife of Lord Brahma. Situated atop Ratnagiri hills, this temple not only offers devotion, but also a fabulous view of the town of Pushkar. The walk to the temple is quite a strenous trek. Visitors have the option of doing the trek or going by the cable car. Devotees prefer climbing to the top of the hill, as it is considered a means of achieving 'Tapas' for salvation.

Pushkar Lake and the Ghats

Pushkar Lake and the Ghats:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pushkar
Photograph by https://res-3.cloudinary.com/enchanting/images/w_1600,h_700,c_fill/et-web/2015/05/View-of-the-City-of-Pushkar-Rajasthan-India-As

In spite of being a desert town, Pushkar has a big lake in the middle, surrounded by beautiful ghats. The true cultural beauty of Pushkar can be seen on these ghats, and the temples sitting atop them. The bell-chimes, mantra-chanting, sound of nagaras, music of aarti, and illuminated diyas contribute to the charm of this place. One must also take a spiritual Bath in the lake to purify themselves. 

Naga Pahad

Naga Pahad:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pushkar
Photograph by https://www.tourmyindia.com/blog/top-places-visit-pushkar/

The cities of Pushkar and Ajmer are divided by a small hill which goes by the name of ‘Naga Pahad.’ According to a popular story, the hills of Naga Pahad are diminishing day by day, and eventually they will disappear altogether. It is believed to be the residence of Agastya Rishi.  The Nag Kund is situated in these hills.  Naga Pahad is also known for its view, and tourists can click brilliant pictures from its top.

Sarafa Bazaar and Bada Bazaar

Sarafa Bazaar and Bada Bazaar:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pushkar
Photograph by https://d27k8xmh3cuzik.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/sarafa-bazaar.jpg

These markets in Pushkar are the perfect destination to shop for ethnic items, handicrafts, traditional jewellery and attire, leather products, turbans, sarees, etc. The embroidered clothes, wall hangings, and other intricately made handicrafts fascinate a lot of tourists. The traditional art is preserved along with modern culture in this market. One cannot simply miss to visit this bazaar on their trip to Pushkar.

Man Mahal

Man Mahal:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pushkar
Photograph by https://swantours.wordpress.com/category/information-about-man-mahal-pushkar-in-hindi/

Man Mahal is a palace located near the Pushkar lake. It was built by Raja Man Singh. Currently the palace is being administered under the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation and is used as a bungalow for tourists. The marvellous view of sunset, lakes and temples around here attract a lot of tourists. Camel riding and camping can be arranged as per guest requests.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pushkar
Photograph by https://d27k8xmh3cuzik.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Rose-Farm.jpg

Pushkar is known for is rose plantations. In fact, it is known as the rose garden of Rajasthan. For someone who loves flowers, or a touch of serenity, this place is surely to be visited. Different varieties of Rose are grown here. This colourful garden has a special aroma to it, which is almost inexplicable, only enjoyable.

Yoga Ashram

Yoga Ashram:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pushkar
Photograph by https://hariomyoga.org

A lot of foreigners and Indians are attracted to the Yoga Ashram in Pushkar. In order to rejuvenate your mind and body, and awaken your senses, you must visit this place in Pushkar. Yoga is taught, practiced and preached here, along with Indian therapeutic practices. This place is known for its Ashram like setting, with calmness and serenity in abundance.

Other temples

Other temples:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pushkar
Photograph by https://www.tourmyindia.com/blog/top-places-visit-pushkar/

Other popular pilgrimage and tourist spots in Pushkar include the Varah temple, Rangji temple, Ramavaikunth Temple, Mahadev Temple, Kishangarh, etc.

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