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Jaisalmer Weather And Best Time To Visit Jaisalmer

Planning A Trip To Jaisalmer? Here's a snapshot of Jaisalmer weather and the best time to visit Jaisalmer

The golden city of Jaisalmer is located very close to the Indo-Pak border, right at the edge of the Thar Desert. Due to its location and the terrain, Jaisalmer experiences extreme temperatures during summers and winters. Located in close proximity of the Thar, Jaisalmer weather is dry and arid all year round. Even during the monsoons, the city receives very little rainfall; however, the rains do bring down the temperatures a little for a temporary respite.


The golden city does have its charm all through the year irrespective of the weather conditions. However, tourists do prefer to avoid the hot summers. To figure out the best time to visit Jaisalmer, read on!

Summers (April to August)

Summers (April to August):  Jaisalmer Weather And Best Time To Visit Jaisalmer
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April brings in with it scorching heat and the months of May and June also experience heat waves during the day. However, with appropriate safety measures, one can make for an excellent trip to Jaisalmer with bumper discounts in this period as it is the off season. While travelling during the day, we suggest you carry a good sunscreen, wear light clothes and keep your head properly covered with hats or scarves. Please remember to always remain hydrated and carry some water with you if you’re going to be out in the sun through the day.

Monsoon (September and October)

Monsoon (September and October):  Jaisalmer Weather And Best Time To Visit Jaisalmer
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Jaisalmer experiences a very short monsoon period. Even during this period the city experiences very little rainfall. However, even the little rainfall will show you a changing landscape of Jaisalmer. You might be able to catch some greenery in the arid deserts. With the slight rainfall, temperatures drop to anywhere between 19-33o Celsius and it tends to get slightly humid. However, as October approaches, the weather becomes pleasant and tourists start flocking into Jaisalmer. The evenings are chilly while the days are pleasant by the time October ends. 

Winters (November to February)

Winters (November to February):  Jaisalmer Weather And Best Time To Visit Jaisalmer
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Winters are the best time to be in Jaisalmer. With pleasant days and cold nights, this season brings out the romance of Jaisalmer. While sightseeing and outdoor activities like Quad Biking, Camel Safari, etc. are more favourable during the day, the nights let you indulge in some bonfires (some hotels do arrange it on request) with your favourite music and drinks. With temperatures ranging from 5-24o Celsius, do not forget to carry your jackets while sightseeing. You would need them as evening approaches. You would be very lucky to experience the Desert Festival that happens annually in January or February. Do enquire before you plan your winter trip to Jaisalmer.


One positive aspect of Jaisalmer is that all of its attractions are accessible all year round. Irrespective of the time of your vacation, you will be able to have an all-encompassing experience of this beautiful city, its culture and its royal heritage. While in the golden city, experience the lives of the erstwhile rajputana royalty and take back memorable experiences. A visit to the Sonar Quilla and a stop at one of the many eateries within the fort complex for a quick cooler and a snack will be a wonderful experience. While in the desert, do not miss out on a camel safari. You may also enjoy a session of dune bashing at the Thar Desert. Visit the Gadsisar Lake and if you’re travelling luxury, put up at the oasis hotel of Suryagarh.

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