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Jaisalmer Desert Camel Safari

Planning A Trip To Jaisalmer? Here's a complete Jaisalmer Desert Camel Safari Travel Guide

 Jaisalmer Desert Camel Safari
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Riding through the undulating deserts of Rajasthan on Camel back and camping out under the starlit sky could be one of the most remarkable and captivating experiences that you can have in India.


Popular as the 'ship of the desert' the camel is quite literally the star of Rajasthan. From deserts to villages, from safaris to festivals, they’re everywhere. Permitting the tourist to take a sneak into the simple village life, a Camel safari brings the visitors closer to the rustic desert scene. The camel safari takes tourists through the desert sand dunes that make way into the ancient havelis, old temples and abandoned palaces.


Rajasthani folk music clubbed with exquisite food, that’s what a Camel safari promises along with some other temptations. Tourists can also take part in a variety of cultural programs organized in the desert. While most people assume deserts to be devoid of liveliness, it’s on the Jaisalmer Desert Camel Safari that you discover the true beauty and charm of the sands.

Jaisalmer Desert Safari

Jaisalmer Desert Safari:  Jaisalmer Desert Camel Safari
Photograph by http://www.flickr.com/photos/ahinsajain/6554748243/

The desert surrounding Jaisalmer is the most popular place for Camel safaris in Rajasthan. Many prefer taking Camel safari around Bikaner for it has its own charm. Many tour companies will let you chose your own route so you can decide between the roads less travelled and the most preferred safari tracks. Sam and Khuri are undoubtedly the two most preferred destinations near Jaisalmer. There could be nothing more interesting than a camel Safari around the golden dunes of the Thar.



Nestled in the west of Jaisalmer (45 kms), Sam are the proper sand dunes that are most popular with camel safaris. Get a glimpse of the real Rajasthan and enjoy various cultural events on the backdrop of shimmering sand dunes.  At night, you can also enjoy the campfire with live Rajasthani folk music and dance performances.  



Another popular destination for a Jaisalmer Camel Safari is Khuri which is surrounded by massive desert hills. If you find Sam sand dunes to be a bit crowded then you might find Khuri pretty peaceful. The Khuri village, located at a distance of 40 km south west of Jaisalmer makes way for romantic camel safari as well. Experience the vast starlit sky at night and don’t forget to witness the mesmerizing sunset right behind the Golden desert.  The village has a charm of its own that makes it stand apart from other destinations in Rajasthan. The houses here are made of mud and straw and are decked like the designs of Persian carpets. If you wish to shop for handicrafts, you can check out the narrow lanes featuring colourful local shops.


When it comes to choosing a Camel safari in Rajasthan, it is important that you don’t get tempted by the cheaper deals as they may not be convenient enough when it comes to food, camping and other facilities. 

Jaisalmer Camel Safari Tours And Duration

Jaisalmer Camel Safari Tours And Duration:  Jaisalmer Desert Camel Safari
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Similar to any other excursion, camel safaris can also be customized as per your requirement. For those on a tight schedule, full-day camel safaris are available wherein you can return back the same day. The deal is that you will be required to leave early. 2 days and 1 night options are also available. Those who wish to explore little more usually prefer a 4 day Camel safari. If this does not sound good enough for you then there are 14 days, 21 days and month long camel safari options on the platter too!  Custom made itinerary is another option that many hardcore enthusiasts go for.

Best Time To Go On A Camel Safari

Best Time To Go On A Camel Safari:  Jaisalmer Desert Camel Safari
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Since Rajasthan has a dry climate and Camel safaris tend to operate in day time, it’s good to be here in one of the months between September to March; since this time is relatively cooler. Post March, the desert starts oozing a lot of heat and immediately after that the monsoon season starts.

Jaisalmer Desert Safari Cost

Jaisalmer Desert Safari Cost:  Jaisalmer Desert Camel Safari
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Jaisalmer Desert Safari prices generally depend upon the quality of its food and accommodation. The average price per day (including meals) comes around to Rs. 650/$15. The prices might go up to Rs. 1500/$35 in case you wish to club it with transport and top class camping facilities. Remember, this is just an approximate price range.

Things To Carry On A Camel Safari

Things To Carry On A Camel Safari:  Jaisalmer Desert Camel Safari
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To ensure that your camel ride doesn’t give you sore legs and bums, just carry a padded cushion to sit on. Along with this you must also carry sunscreen, hat, torch, mosquito- repellent, enough water and plenty of warm clothes.

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