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Jodhpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Jodhpur

Planning A Trip To Jodhpur? Here's a snapshot of Jodhpur weather and the best time to visit Jodhpur

The second largest city in Rajasthan, also known as the Gateway to the Thar, Jodhpur has a deep cultural significance in the Rajputana history of Marwar. Also called the Sun City, Jodhpur will welcome you throughout the year in true Royal Rajput style.


Located in the arid region of Rajasthan, close to the Thar Desert, the weather in Jodhpur is generally warm all through the year. While you may face scorching heat during the summer days, the winters tend to be relatively pleasant during the day and chilly as the night falls. While most tourists avoid travelling to Jodhpur during summers and monsoons, these seasons do have major discounts on offer.


While there is very little difference in terms of temperatures between different seasons, one can simply choose the time for visiting Jodhpur based on the festivals you would want to see. Read on to find out which is the ideal time to visit Jodhpur for you. 

Summer (March to June)

Summer (March to June):  Jodhpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Jodhpur
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March marks the beginning of the summer season and temperatures begin rising by mid-March. During summers, the temperatures can go as high as 42o Celsius. Being in close proximity to the desert, Jodhpur has a long and arid summer. Do keep hydrated and avoid going around in direct sunlight for long stretches. However, a trip in this season will allow you to experience the colourful holi of Jodhpur. As we enter into the month of June, the temperatures start falling and the heat becomes more tolerable. 

Monsoon (July, August and September)

Monsoon (July, August and September):  Jodhpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Jodhpur
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Monsoons are very short in Jodhpur with very little precipitation. Rains do bring down the temperatures during the day but at the same time, humidity increases a little. Temperatures range from 24-37o Celsius. Being the off season, this time is great for the budget travellers. You wouldn’t have to wait in line at major tourist spots or face jam packed accommodations.


Depending on the Lunar calendar, the Marwar Festival of Jodhpur falls in the month of September or October. Originally known as the Maand Festival, this festival will let you experience the colourful culture of Jodhpur and Rajasthan at its very best. Do check your travel dates and make it a point to attend this festival. 

Winter (October to February)

Winter (October to February):  Jodhpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Jodhpur
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The peak tourist season with pleasant days and cold nights, winter is the best time to be in Jodhpur. While the days will be pleasant for most part allowing for pleasurable sightseeing, the evenings tend to become cooler with a need for jackets.


While October is generally pleasant, winters come in from the month of November. Temperatures in winters may go as low as 7o Celsius but will not rise above 24o Celsuis. Some of the major festivals happen during this time so it's a good idea to head to Jodhpur in Winters. Apart from the year round tourist attractions of the city, you can also enjoy the Desert Kite Festival, the Maand Festival (depending on the lunar calendar) and the Nagaur fair during this season.


The beauty of this city will leave you enchanted with its numerous palaces and forts irrespective of the weather. While in Jodhpur, make it a point to visit the Meherangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jaswant Thada, Mandore Gardens and the Balsamand Lake. The Marwar Festival is an experience of a lifetime in the month of October. And once you’re done with admiring the beauty of this city, let your tongue relish the exquisite Marwari cuisine at one of the many rooftop restaurants. Our favourite is the Indique Restaurant which lets you gaze at the night view of the Meherangarh fort as you sip your wine.

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