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Bikaner Weather And Best Time To Visit Bikaner

Planning A Trip To Bikaner? Here's a snapshot of Bikaner weather and the best time to visit Bikaner

Located in the western region of Rajasthan, a major part of Bikaner falls in the Thar Desert. It is fabled to have been lush and fertile once upon a time, in the era when river Saraswati flowed through its lap. Now, it is only that, a fable. The climatic conditions here are similar to all other places that fall in the desert region. The weather in Bikaner is normally hot and the region is rather arid. There are three major seasons, the summer, monsoon and the winter. Managing to curb the day-time temperatures and also providing an escape from the hot winds that otherwise dominate the region, winter is considered as the best time to visit Bikaner.

Summer: March to June

Summer: March to June:  Bikaner Weather And Best Time To Visit Bikaner
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Summers in Bikaner, like elsewhere in the Thar Desert are very hot and dry, almost drying and searing the skin in the same breath. Day-time temperatures can sometimes go up to 45°C while the mean temperature during summer is around 32°C. The season is also dominated by hot winds, often accompanied by dust storms, hence making it undesirable for sight-seeing. If one has the tolerance for excruciating heat, summers can turn out to be the pocket-friendly time to visit this place.

Monsoon: July to September

Monsoon: July to September:  Bikaner Weather And Best Time To Visit Bikaner
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Although Bikaner experiences a designated monsoon season, it doesn’t receive much rain. There is moderate rainfall throughout the season but the humidity levels go up, making it very uncomfortable to move around. The rains though bring the temperature down and come as a much needed relief from the summer heat. If carrying an umbrella or a raincoat doesn’t bother you, monsoon can be a good time to visit, as the prices of accommodation and other services come down.

Winter: November to February

Winter: November to February:  Bikaner Weather And Best Time To Visit Bikaner
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Considered as the peak season in Bikaner, winter is the best time to visit this city. The temperatures come down and average around 22°C during the day, while it can get quite chilly during the nights. Winters are the preferred time for sight-seeing and other activities here. The famous camel festival of Bikaner is also during this time and attracts a number of visitors. Considering the boom in business and amicable weather, the locals know this is the best time for tourism and hence prices can be very high. Therefore planning in advance would be recommended if you wish to pay Bikaner a visit in winter.

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