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Mandawa Weather And Best Time To Visit Mandawa

Planning A Trip To Mandawa? Here's a snapshot of Mandawa weather and the best time to visit Mandawa

Home to nearly 30 million people, the Thar Desert is amongst the most populated deserts in the world. Long since the establishment of the silk route, humans have found a way to live and move through the Thar. The climate in the Thar Desert has not seen much change since humankind started settling in, neither has Mandawa. Most regions in Rajasthan like the Shekhawati region are arid and dry. While the temperatures can sour as high as 50°C in the summers, the winters are usually chilly. This town, like other places in the region, sees a boom in tourist influx during winters, when the weather in Mandawa is pleasant and festivals abound. The best time to visit Mandawa would definitely be from October to March.

Summer: April to June

Summer: April to June:  Mandawa Weather And Best Time To Visit Mandawa
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Summers here, like elsewhere in the Thar Desert, are very hot. Daytime temperatures can rise up to 45°C, making it very hard to get around. Summers here are also known for the hot winds that they bring inland. There are also threats of sand storms that can wreak havoc. If you’re looking for a budget holiday and can tolerate the heat, this is your time to visit Mandawa on budget. The prices of almost all services go down with the drop in tourist inflow. While the heat limits the number of people that come to Rajasthan during the summers, the summer-time festivals in Rajasthan play a vital role in sustaining livelihoods. The festivals can be such fun and can be a wonderful opportunity to explore the rich culture of the place.  

Monsoon: July to September

Monsoon: July to September:  Mandawa Weather And Best Time To Visit Mandawa
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Although the region doesn’t see much rain, the rains that the monsoons bring reduce the temperatures and come as a much needed break from the heat. Although the temperatures come down, the daytime can still be hot and unpleasant and the humidity doesn’t help much. The prices though are still low and with temperatures better than the summer, monsoon can be a good time to visit.

Winter: October to March

Winter: October to March:  Mandawa Weather And Best Time To Visit Mandawa
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Winters are the busiest time of the year in Mandawa in paticular and Rajasthan in general. With the temperatures finally bearable, there is a welcome boom in the tourist inflow. While daytime temperatures range from 20°C to 22°C, nights can be rather chilly and cold. But with the harsh heat of the desert finally gone, getting around is much easier. Most of the festivals in Rajasthan also take place in winter. The likes of the famous Pushkar Camel festival, the Kabir Yatra, Kite festival and the Desert festivals happen between October and March. Winters therefore are undoubtedly the best time to visit Mandawa. Given the number of people that visit during this time of the year, prices of services can go up and tourists are advised to make booking for accommodation and other services much in advance.

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