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Perth Weather And Best Time To Visit Perth

Planning A Trip To Perth? Here's a snapshot of Perth weather and the best time to visit Perth

Perth is a land of wineries in Western Australia that enjoys a mediterranean climate all-round the year as it is situated in one of the five mediterranean climatic zones. Perth is known for its wine culture, leisure lifestyle, modern skyline and beautiful coastline. Weather in Perth is very different from India. For instance, their summer starts from November and stays till February, and Winter starts from July and stays till October. The best time to visit Perth is from September to November, but it is mostly sunny in this destination, so don't forget to carry your SPF, a hat and sunglasses.

Summers (December to February)

Summers (December to February):  Perth Weather And Best Time To Visit Perth
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Perth's summer is very hot and dry, and if you're a wine lover, this is the time for you to visit Perth. The temperature ranges from 17.5°C to 33°C and the hottest months are January and February. But there's no better feeling than lurking around the beach for sea breeze known as Fremantle Doctor that helps you to beat the heat of Perth. Perth offers you ultra-photogenic beaches in summer and it's the best time to grab your unbrella deck in WA's favourite Cottesloe Beach.

Autumn (March to May)

Autumn (March to May):  Perth Weather And Best Time To Visit Perth
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Perth experiences a different kind of autumn which feels like an addition to Perth summer. Autumn starts from March where the temperature ranges from 27°C to 30°C in daytime. As the season progresses, April and May see a drop of 2 to 5°C. There's a lot of sunshine left - and you may be surprised by the occasional showers and humidity along with warm, dry heat in the mornings and cooler weather in the night. 

Winter (June to August)

Winter (June to August):  Perth Weather And Best Time To Visit Perth
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Winter in Perth is characterised by downpours of rain and occasional storms with lightning. As the temperature is between 9°C to 19°C, Perth winter is best experienced with ice skating at Winterland. Although it's mildly cold in Perth, there are many events taking place around this time. From farmers market to food and wine evenings in Swan Valley to concerts and exhibitions, winters in Perth can be greatly enjoyed too. 

Spring (September to November)

Spring (September to November):  Perth Weather And Best Time To Visit Perth
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During spring, Perth is the liveliest destination filled with warm, colours and nature at its best. Spring is the best time for you to visit Perth. September to November is the time to discover the paradise of 12000 species of wildflowers in Kings Park, Rottnest Island, Yanchep National Park or at Swan Valley. Explore whale watching, walk around the campus of University of Western Australia, take a hike, find vibrant street art and watch Elizabeth Quay in spring. 

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