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Sydney Weather And Best Time To Visit Sydney

Planning A Trip To Sydney? Here's a snapshot of Sydney weather and the best time to visit Sydney

Home to the iconic Sydney Opera House, Sydney is the largest Australian city. The weather in Sydney is ideal all year round and it has over 300 sunny days and over a hundred days of clear skies. This harbour city attracts tourists all year round. The best time to visit Sydney would depend on the activities you want to do and the events or festivals you want to attend. There are 4 distinct seasons the city experiences, winters here are not too cold while summer temperatures can easily cross the 30°C mark.

Spring (September to November)

Spring (September to November):  Sydney Weather And Best Time To Visit Sydney
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With sunny days and very less humidity, spring is the best time to explore all outdoor activities in Sydney. Temperatures range between 14°C to 22°C during these months. With few tourists coming during the spring, this is the ideal time to beat the crowd and catch some amazing deals on accommodation and activities. This is a good time to indulge in activities like cycling and bushwalking. Make it a point to visit the Sydney International Food Festival in October and Sculpture by the Sea in November.

Summer (December to February)

Summer (December to February):  Sydney Weather And Best Time To Visit Sydney
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The summer months are the best time to enjoy outdoor life in Sydney. Ideal for cruises in the harbour, sunbaths in the beach and activities such as surfing, swimming and kayaking. This also happens to be the peak season for tourists and bookings should preferably be done in advance. With temperatures easily crossing the 30°C mark, we advise carrying light airy cotton clothes. And extra sun-block never does any harm. Keep your heads covered and stay well hydrated. Make sure to experience the spectacular New Year’s Eve celebrations in this vivid city.

Autumn (March to May)

Autumn (March to May):  Sydney Weather And Best Time To Visit Sydney
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Warm days and mild nights characterise the season of autumn in Sydney. The average temperature ranges from around 15°C to 26°C. April will call for a few showers. During this time, Sydney celebrates its annual Mardi Gras and the Royal Easter show. This would also be a good time to visit the zoo, wildlife parks and other attractions. You can also take a cruise on the Yara river without the summer crowd. With winter approaching towards May, we suggest carrying a few warm clothes for the evenings. 

Winter (June to August)

Winter (June to August):  Sydney Weather And Best Time To Visit Sydney
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June to August is the coolest period of the year in Sydney. With the average temperature being around 14°C, the maximum goes up to 17°C and nights can be as cool as 10°C. These are the least crowded months in the entire year and will give you some unbelievable deals on accommodation and tours alike. Being a year-round destination, only the outdoor water parks remain closed during winters. You can always head to the beach for a bout of water sports or just a relaxing sunbath. A number of activities and festivals take place during this season. While here, do not miss the Sun Herald City2Surf Run, the Sydney Film Festival and the Sydney Winter Festival.


While Sydney is a year-round destination, if you're on a budget, we suggest exploring the beautiful harbour city in autumn or winter. However, if the Aussie Christmas is your thing, summer is the time to be here. 

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