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Gold Coast Weather And Best Time To Visit Gold Coast

Planning A Trip To Gold Coast? Here's a snapshot of Gold Coast weather and the best time to visit Gold Coast

We are not kidding when we say that the best time to visit Gold Coast is whenever you feel like surfing a wave. Gold Coast is a sea lover’s delight. With a vast coastline and ample number of activities to do along the shore, Gold Coast is sure to keep you mesmerised. The weather in Gold coast is very predictable with over 300 days of sunshine in a year. It is a year-round destination that attracts crowds of all ages. By daytime, you can enjoy thrilling water sports and indulge in some lip-smacking seafood cooked to perfection in one of the city’s many gourmet restaurants.


By night, Gold Coast has an unimitable party scene which is known to attract crowds of all ages from across the world. The tropical kind of climate here ensures that the warm sunny days are followed by pleasant cool evenings, which makes the party atmosphere even better.


Some of you may want to avoid the peak summer months of November and December. At times the weather in Gold Coast can become unbearably warm during this time. Having said that, people still have preferences of visiting at a certain time of the year. For us, the best time to visit Gold Coast would surely be the months of April and May. Read on to discover why.

April and May - The Best Months

April and May - The Best Months:  Gold Coast Weather And Best Time To Visit Gold Coast
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The months of April and May happen to be a shoulder period for tourism. These months have very low rainfall and pleasant weather. In addition, there are no school or college holidays as well at this time, so you’re able to avoid the crowd of local tourists. Temperatures during this time range between 16.5°C to 25°C. It is mildly sunny and perfect for indulging in water sports and other outdoor activities. The hotel prices too are some of the lowest during this period.


These months allow you to experience a package of perfect weather, rock bottom tariffs and avoid the local crowds. In addition to this fantastic package, there are also several events happening around this time which will definitely make your Gold Coast experience a memorable one.


Visiting during April and May? Be sure to attend the Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival and the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

November and December - The Months to Avoid

November and December - The Months to Avoid:  Gold Coast Weather And Best Time To Visit Gold Coast
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While it may seem that Gold Coast is the paradise of summer destinations, the weather can become uncomfortably warm at times during these months. Add to this the fact that this also happens to be the summer break for schools, attracting a large number of Australian families who make this their summer getaway. These months are probably the most crowded in Gold Coast resulting in skyrocketing prices for all activities and accommodations.


Another reason to avoid the month of November is that of the Schoolies week. Schoolies Week sees graduating students come in and spend the week at Surfer’s Paradise. This region becomes almost like a watering hole for these kids who spend their days and nights partying away. Tourists are generally advised to keep away from these areas during this time.


Partially, October is also best avoided if you’re not a motorsport fan. October marks the preparations for the Gold Coast 600 V8 racing festival. These preparations take up weeks and can lead to congested roads. The race itself draws thousands from Australia and across the globe, thus making this a crowded affair. 

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