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Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast

Planning A Trip To Gold Coast? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a city of beaches, waterways and canals. The lively city has a mixed bag of offerings. The various experiences and activities here attract all kinds of tourists, from adventurers to luxury seekers, splurging ones to the miserly. There will be multiple tourist places to visit for each kind of traveller. From the exciting journey through wildlife parks like Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to the thrill of rides at theme parks like Warner Bros and Sea World, from the scintillating nightlife to quiet relaxation at the beaches, you are welcome to take your pick from these tourist places in Gold Coast.

Tour to the Hinterlands

Tour to the Hinterlands:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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Take a refreshing break amidst nature, away from the glitz and glamour of the main city of Gold Coast. Explore the surrounding hinterlands which take you through lush greens, scenic hills and spectacular views of the best nature has to offer. The hinterlands are an hour’s drive from the main city and are easily accessible by car or coach. The experiences of the hinterland revolve around Mount Tambourine and the many protected National Parks located in the vicinity. Revel in the beauty of cascading waterfalls and the enchanting glow worm caves. Horse Riding is another popular way to explore the wildlife and natural beauty of the area. While here, you can also opt for a tour of a winery or a mini village gallery walk featuring the local arts and crafts and natural produce up for sale. They have a couple of small cafes to grab a quick bit too. 

Theme Parks for a Fun Filled Day

Theme Parks for a Fun Filled Day:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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The theme parks make Gold Coast a family destination. While here, you must visit them and make the most of your trip. The city has 4 major theme parks located to its northern outskirts. Mostly all of them are approximately an hour's drive away from the main city and are located in close proximity to each other.


Dreamworld: The largest of the theme parks in Gold Coast, Dreamworld has 5 thrilling roller coasters and over 35 other rides and attractions. The park is divided into different theme sections housing rides, shows, souvenir shops and food stalls. While there, the Bid9 Thrill Rides must be on the list of adventure seekers. Do remember though, the Giant Drop and the Tower of Terror II are not for the faint-hearted.


Warner Bros Movie World: Designed to attract all the movie buffs, the park holds an extremely entertaining movie parade on a daily basis. The parade includes all your favourite movie stars from Tweety to Batman on his Batmobile. Watch out for Cat Woman as she cracks her whip on the parade ground. Probably the biggest attraction of the park, be prepared to stand in the crowd if you arrive late for this. The park also features various rides based around different movie characters. There are a number of restaurants and souvenir shops in the park as well.


Sea World: The Marine Mammal Park in Gold Coast, Sea World is the perfect place for water babies. It includes various water rides and aquariums and animal exhibits. This is a fun place for the entire family. The Dolphin Show and the Polar Bear exhibit are some favourite picks among most visitors. You could also indulge in some penguin feeding. Sea World also houses a resort which you could opt to stay in for a couple of nights due to its close proximity to other theme parks. Probably an extended weekend here would ensure you can experience all the theme parks.


White Water World: A subsidiary of Dream World, Whitewater World is the largest water park in Gold Coast. The heated water pools ensure you can enjoy the rides at the park comfortably all year round. The Super Tubes Hydro Coaster and the Tentacle Monster are some of the largest water slides. For the younger kids, there is the Wiggle Bay and the Pipeline Plunge. The adults can rent out a luxury private cabana to relax with some drinks while the kids have their fun in water.

Orchard and Cavill Avenues for the Night of a Lifetime

Orchard and Cavill Avenues for the Night of a Lifetime:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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If you have come to Gold Coast seeking its one of a kind nightlife, Orchard Avenue and Cavill Avenue are the places to head to. These areas house the major nightclubs of Gold Coast and each club has its own different take on the nightlife scene. Going pub hopping here would be a nice idea if you have come in with a large group.

Dracula's for a Cabaret Show

Dracula's for a Cabaret Show:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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What’s an all adult trip without some raunchy cabaret show? Head to Dracula’s, the oldest and probably the only continuously running cabaret show in all of Australia. Indulge in some sizzling dance performances as you sip your Australian wine. The stand-up comedy show and the live band performances will surely keep you entertained. Add a buffet dinner onto this package and you’re set for the night.

Tropical Fruit World in Tweed Valley

Tropical Fruit World in Tweed Valley:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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For the fruit lovers, the Tropical Fruit World is sure to be paradise. Located in Tweed Valley, the tour takes you around the fruit orchards and allows you to sample the choicest of fruits. The Fruit World has fruits from across the world growing here. All year round, visitors can get to see touch and even taste some of the most exotic fruits on earth. There is a plantation safari guided tour which will enlighten you on all the various plants grown in the valley. At the tasting show, you can get to sample these fruits, the existence of which can only be believed once you have actually set eyes on them. For the kids, there is also a miniature train ride, a jungle river cruise and a fauna park. Admissions are $47 for adults and $25 for children, which include the guided plantation safari tour and the fruit tasting. To keep alive the experience, you can also purchase the freshly made tropical fruit jams and sauces which are sold here.

Australian Outback Spectacular

Australian Outback Spectacular:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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Arguably the best live show of Gold Coast, the Australian Outback Spectacular brings to life great Australian Legends. This is a must visit attraction for an evening full of rapturous fun as you see the gorgeous animal stars and death-defying stunts bringing to life before you the old ballads of Australia. These couples with stunning special effects and a delectable three-course dinner with drinks are sure to make this a memorable evening. The tickets for the show are priced at $100 for adults on weeknights and $110 for a Saturday night. Be sure to book in advance as the seats for this show fill out real quick.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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Among the top attractions of Gold Coast and one of the longest running ones, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect place for family-friendly fun in Gold Coast. The sanctuary houses interactive animal and bird displays and open enclosures within the cool environment of eucalyptus forests. The sanctuary is located just off the Gold Coast Highway in Currumbin and is easily accessible by car, bus or coach. It is a 20-minute drive from Surfer’s Paradise. One of the main attractions of the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is the iconic mini train that takes you around the park, entertaining the kids and relieving the adults of being on their feet all day long.

Currumbin Beach

Currumbin Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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Currumbin Beach in Gold Coast is a suburban paradise. With its own little community settled like a village on its shore, Currumbin is indeed quite quaint and serene. You can enjoy the beach as well as the views on both sides of it. While one side is the sea, the other boasts of cute houses perched on the hill. Many, hence, call it the Pacific Paradise. Water sports here include long boarding, swimming, kayaking and fishing. While for food, there are a line of eateries!

Mermaid Beach

Mermaid Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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Another beach on the coast of this town, Mermaid Beach is laidback in its vibe. The name of the beach comes from HMS Mermaid, the cutter on which John Oxley sailed and discovered places like River Tweed and Brisbane back in 1823. The surfing waves are perfect here, as is the sun and the warm water. Any season is a good season to enjoy this beach. And at the hour of dusk, as crowds need sustenance, the bars, coffee houses and cafes light up, as gourmet kitchens cook up a storm of Asian, European and Australian fare.

Coolangatta Beach

Coolangatta Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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Yes, Gold Coast is a never-ending journey of beaches. And water babies have never complained!


The Coolangatta Beach is locally famous for its sandy shores and casual vibe. A chill crowd lounges on its beach, with nobody concerned about what the others are doing or wearing. Deep sea and underwater diving are undertaken here, as well as professional surfing is taught. So if you are interesting in either, make your way to Coolangatta. This is also a popular tourist haunt for skydiving and hump-back whale watching (between September and August).

Surfer’s Paradise

Surfer’s Paradise:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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Rock and Roll clubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, beach line and a lit up skyline that touches the sky — that’s Surfer’s Paradise. It has been the life of Gold Coast since the 70s and contrary to its name, is not just a paradise of surfers but all those who wish to see a good time. Once a waste land, it is now so popular that locals as well as tourists throng this street every night, with concerts, festivals, art shows and other events organised regularly.

Lamington National Park

Lamington National Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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Lamington National Park is home to thick rainforests, humungous ancient trees, tall mountains and walking tracks carved through them all. The park is perched up on Plateau of Lamington and hence also sees a high traffic of local and migratory birds. There is a mountain eco-lodge in the lap of the park — Binna Burra, surrounded by rare flora and fauna. First of its kind. You can go up here to hike, picnic, camp, nature-walk, bike or bird-watch on any day of the week.

SkyPoint Observation Deck

SkyPoint Observation Deck:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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SkyPoint Observation Deck is a top floor viewing experience. You climb to the top of Q1 Building and get a 360 degree panoramic view of all of Gold Coast, extending into the blue sparkling Pacific. From this vantage, sometimes you may even get to see a whale or two jumping out of the water. On the deck itself you will find many indulgences like massage and spa bars, a lounge, a grand bistro etc. There is also an outward walkway from the deck, which is a thrilling experience. On weekends, SkyPoint Observation is only a 18+ venue as there are discos, parties and music.

David Fleay Wildlife Park

David Fleay Wildlife Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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David Fleay Wildlife Park is named after the man who was a visionary and trailblazer in the naturalist and protectionist ideology. He devised the concept of benevolent captivity, where an endangered specie could be captivated in a natural environment to take care and protect it until it grows to a point of stability. The wildlife park is hence home to some very rare and even endangered species, from wallabies to sea eagles, dingoes and snake to Koala bears. Visit the park to bring about awareness about their program, animals that are on the brink of extinction, and a little safari of them living happily in their ‘almost natural’ habitat.

Purling Brook Falls

Purling Brook Falls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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Shaped like the tail of a horse, this waterfall is located in the Springbrook National Park. Purling Brook Falls has also become a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its beautiful structure and unique value. Trekkers, campers and eco-tourists enjoy this area all the time. But even leisure seekers are welcome to come picnic here. The flora around this waterfall is rich and unique, creating a mesmerising atmosphere. There are natural bridges, thick rainforests, basalt caves and a few other falls around Purling Brook to visit.

Tallebudgera Creek

Tallebudgera Creek:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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Tallebudgera Creek is a pristine waterway in Queensland, situated inside the Burleigh Heads National Park. People visit here to kayak, swim, boat and camp on the banks. The aquatic life inside the creek is also quite a catch, literally. Hence the aborigines since time immemorial have called it a good fishing zone. There are mangrove jacks, flatheads, small barracudas and whitings too found swimming in the creek. Aside from the natural beach, there are also outdoor swimming pools and camping grounds along with hotels to accommodate visitors.

Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Heads:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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The village of Burleigh Heads is sandwiched between two popular tourist hotspots — Coolangatta and Surfers Paradise. Hence it also becomes a high-footfall zone by default. But not as crowded as the former two. The beach of Burleigh Heads is a must visit for some chill time and water-sports watching, while the Burleigh Heads National Park is perfect for a little bicycling tour or hike. Picnic spots are also readily available in the park, so pack a basket and head on a stroll. There is wildlife, heritage spots, gourmet eateries and everything you will need for a day out in the little village that is Burleigh Heads.

Tamborine Mountain

Tamborine Mountain:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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Tamborine Mountain was formed as a result of volcanic Lava eruption from a volcano close by. Its land is solidified lava and hence of greater interest to those interested in geography. There are also quite a few houses and a couple of villages on the ridge of Tamborine. You can visit to observe the volcanic soil, to enjoy leisurely hikes and explore the variety of flora and fauna that thrives here. Hidden in these hikes are little waterfalls, trails and gardens too. Try and find one to open a picnic basket!

Glow Worm Caves

Glow Worm Caves:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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There are man-made caves in Gold Coast where Arachnocampa Flava, a local glowing worm specie gets to enjoy its natural habitat and thrive. In turn, the Gold Worm Caves have become a famous tourist attraction. Its structure of flowstones, stalagmites and stalactites make it almost like stepping into nature’s own personal creation. Guided tours, photography tours and merchandise stores outside make this a full on tourist experience.

Miami Marketta

Miami Marketta:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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One of Gold Coast’s best street food markets, Miami Marketta is THE place to visit when hunger pangs strike. It stretches along the suburban coast of the city, blaring with hip music and teeming with delicious food scents. There is an open food court like dining area accommodating more than 600 people at once. They have close to 25 shops selling cuisines from different parts of the world, making this perfect for tourists. And then, on weekends, many a poetry slams, open mics, concerts and art events are hosted in the area.

Cavill Avenue

Cavill Avenue:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gold Coast
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When in Gold Coast and craving some shopping therapy, head to Cavill Avenue. It is also one of the best night spots in the city, close to Surfer's Paradise. There is the Cavill Avenue Mall here, the heart of all activity, home to many many bars, clubs, shops and eateries. Live music shows and tattoo parlours make the area come alive in a happy-hippy way. While the many restaurants and gourmet bars make it worth the fine-dining dime. A full day out shopping, perusing and eating the best foods is what Cavill Avenue promises.

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