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Tourist Places To Visit In Perth

Planning A Trip To Perth? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Perth

If you've been searching for a cosmopolitan city that's surrounded by the best natural beauty, then look no further than Perth. This West Australian capital offers excellent urbane lifestyle of the locals in Barrack Street Jetty, beautiful culture and history at the Perth Mint and undeniable wildlife experience in Perth Zoo. There are so many beautiful places to witness in Perth. We’ve put together some of the best tourist places to visit in Perth to help you discover the best experiences on offer.

Kings Park

Kings Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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Nestled in the center of Perth, Kings Park is one of the biggest parks in the world - much grander than Central Park in New York. Witnessing the beauty of Kings Park is a MUST when you visit Perth. Here you can grab your friends and family and start a picnic in the midst of tall, white-trunked trees. You can also find an Instagrammable treetop bridge, bushy trails and next-door cafes in Kings Park. A wholesome family day.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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Embark on a cruise trip to Rottnest Island where Perth locals come to unwind. The island offers you the best unwinding experience with walking trails to the bays, or you can hire a bicycle and discover 63 beaches of this A-Class Reserve. You can explore the unique coastline, spot Quokka and rare Osprey, see spectacular Flora and enjoy a game of Tennis or Basketball at Rottnest Island. 

Swan Valley

Swan Valley:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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Swan Valley is the heaven for Wine lovers, which is just 25 mins away from Perth! It is the oldest winery land of Western Australia, and houses more than 40 wineries. Gourmet goodies with cheese and wine make the best combination to explore in Swan Valley. Swan Valley produces some of Australia’s best Shiraz and Chenin Blanc wine varieties. Swan Valley is really a one-stop destination where you can discover the fusion of wine, views and wildlife.

Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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Wildlife in Perth is at its BEST here! To the south of Perth, you’ll find Perth Zoo, which features over 1200 animals from around the world. It is filled with lush gardens and packed with natural surroundings - and you will find animals of all kinds, from all geographical zones. There's "Walk & Talk" activity in the Zoo where you can explore about animals, and even feed them! You can buy your entry ticket starting from $AUS 32 for adults and $AUS 15.50 for children.

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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Experience the charm of Perth - Cottesloe Beach! Tourists in Perth usually come here to enjoy to leisurely lifestyle of Perth as well as explore white-sandy beaches of Western Australia. It's the movie kind of beach where you'll find 24/7 patrolling by Surf lifeguards. You can go swimming, learn surfing and explore snorkelling here with the most friendliest people ever. The best way to spend time on Cottesloe Beach is to pass evenings watching the sun set over the ocean. 

The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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When you want to look for history of Gold, the Perth Mint is the place to be! It offers unforgettable glimpses of Western Australia's history of gold. Here you will find the World's Largest Coin which weighs one-tonne. They take you through hourly guided tours into the discovery of gold in Australia, and you can also witness a short film inside.

Barrack Street Jetty

Barrack Street Jetty:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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This tourist attraction in Perth gives you the ultimate nightlife experience. Barrack Street Jetty is the place for dining, shopping, relaxing and sightseeing - where you can explore the iconic Bell Tower. This tower gives 360° views of the beautiful city of Perth and is a MUST SEE. You can find great food in Barrack Street Jetty, and also find Indian food in Annalakshmi Restaurant.

Fremantle Jail

Fremantle Jail:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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Fremantle Jail is a prison spread over 15 acres, converted into a tourist attraction and world heritage site. The ancient architecture of this gaol, replete with its gatehouses, jail cells, cottages and little tunnels is worth exploring. The prison dates back to late 19th Century and was used to keep European prisoners by the then government. This, and more historical trivia make your tour quite interesting.

John Forrest National Park

John Forrest National Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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24 km from Perth is the John Forrest National Park. It is like a little treasure chest of indigenous Australian flora and fauna, with exotic spices mixed in too. From myrtles to akeas, dryandras to acacias, sundews to blue lechenaultia… if you are a nature fan then you will fall in love here. Visit the Hovea Falls, Glen Brooke Walk, John Forrest bridle trail, etc to indulge in some activities like walks, picnics and hikes.

Aviation Heritage Museum

Aviation Heritage Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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Perth’s Aviation Heritage Museum is a dream for every aviation fanatic out there. There are aircraft displays from civil as well as military sectors, along with artefacts, paraphernalia and other assorted parts of a plane. The museum has its roots in the year 1929 when RAAF was created. Later, almost 50 years later, they threw open the doors to the public. One of the most coveted tours at the museum is the Lancaster tour where you get to actually feel the inside of a real Lancaster Bomber that flew in the second world war.

Swan Bell Tower

Swan Bell Tower:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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Swan Bell Tower is a musical instrument in Perth. Yes, unique and shocking. This structure that looks like a rocket is really home to 14th Century bells that make it one of the world’s biggest musical instrument. There are displays and demos of ancient bells, historical facts about its creation as well as amazing panoramic views of the city and River Swan.

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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Surfers, swimmers and sunbathers, take note — Scarborough Beach is the getaway for you when in Perth and in need for a shot of adrenaline. The sand is almost white, sea breeze picking up as the day progresses, and locals going about kite surfing and windsurfing and paddling in the sea. Isn’t that the most perfect scenery for a beach day out? And because Scarborough Beach is peppered with swatches of grass, families open picnic baskets too and enjoy their day.

Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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Elizabeth Quay is a seaside open playground which is free for all. River Swan is a glorious flow beside it, and the streets of Perth mill with crowds on the other side of Elizabeth Quay. Lately, it has become a cultural hub of the city, with many a concerts, festivals and flea markets organised here. On any normal day, you will find public art displays, alfresco restaurants, promenades and parks at the quay.

St Mary’s Cathedral

St Mary’s Cathedral:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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The seat of the Archbishop, St Mary’s Cathedral is one of the most significant churches in not only Perth but all of this region. It sits on the top of a hill, with a deep rooted history. It took 3 phases to complete its construction, with the final expansion project ended only in 2009. Architecture buffs, history lovers and those with a religious heart will definitely enjoy a visit to this cathedral. Tuesdays are open for special tours that only ask for a $5 donation.

Penguin Island

Penguin Island:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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One of the most amusing attractions in Perth is the Penguin Island. All white sandy beach and clear azure water, the island is home to, as you guessed — Penguins! Along with them, there are other sea animals and creatures too, pushing you to explore the place through kayaking tours, special dolphin cruises and even kite boarding. Adventure seekers come here to sight animals on a snorkelling or diving expedition. September onwards is a good time to visit as the weather is perfect and most animals ready to be sighted, right up until June.

Art Gallery Of Western Australia

Art Gallery Of Western Australia:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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Art Gallery Of Western Australia is situated inside the Perth Cultural Centre. It is home to exhibitions that are a mix of local, national and international art pieces. The art gallery is quite old, going back to the year 1829, when Perth began to consider that art enthusiasts need a place to enjoy in the city. The most special displays in the gallery are that of the Australian and Indian Ocean Rim artists like Heysen and Frederick McCubbin.

Adventure World

Adventure World:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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Adventure World is a thrilling water and amusement park in Perth, all lawned botanical gardens and tall rides in-between. With more than 25 adventurous rides, Adventure World attracts locals and tourists like swarming bees. It is busy almost all year round, especially because it hosts the world’s tallest, longest and steepest water ride — Abyss and Kraken. You will also enjoy Goliath, Inferno, Black Widow, Tidal Wave, and Kahuna Falls. It’s open every day between 10 am and 5 pm.

Fremantle Market

Fremantle Market:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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Shopping in Perth you say? Fremantle Market we say!


This is a historic place, a part of Perth’s culture since 1897. The locals have been shopping from Fremantle ever since, enjoying fresh produce directly from farms, home-made delicacies, knick knacks, souvenirs and local brands of clothes. The market has two parts — the Hall and the Yard, with the former housing all brands and the latter a farmer’s market of sorts.

Hillary's Boat Harbour

Hillary's Boat Harbour:  Tourist Places To Visit In Perth
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The Hillary's Boat Harbour is a relatively new harbour in Perth, an attraction for families and friend groups of the local community as well as tourists. The AQWA Aquarium here adds to a touristy day, while the Sorrento Quay Boardwalk and Great Escape amusement park are other attractions for you to enjoy. Ferries to Rottenest Island leave from Hillary’s.

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