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Things To Do In Perth

Planning A Trip To Perth? Here's our list of top things to do in Perth

Perth is a hidden gem of Western Australia where you can explore the world of wildlife and marine life, dive into pristine waters, catch a sunset at Cottesloe Beach, take cycling trails down Rottnest Island, discover cruise life and unwind yourself into a leisure lifestyle. Perth offers you an over-joyed holiday, at its best! There are so many things to do in Perth that will make you fall in love with this cosmopolitan city. Here's a list to begin with.

Wildlife and Marine Life Encounters

Wildlife and Marine Life Encounters:  Things To Do In Perth
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Wildlife and Marine Life in Perth is simply beyond beautiful. If you're an animal lover, this is the place where you want to be! Encounter the 1200+ wildlife spieces in Perth Zoo, and see rare marine life while exploring Rottnest Island. For visiting Perth Zoo, the ticket prices start from $AUS 15.50 for children and $AUS 32 for adults. When you want to witness marine life, you have to take a ferry or cruise to Rottnest Island and explore the coastline.

Splashing Watersports

Splashing Watersports:  Things To Do In Perth
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Snorkelling, swimming, diving, surfing... name the water-sport and Perth has it! It's a heaven for beach babies where you can explore the coastline of Rottnest Island or watch the sunset at Cottesloe Beach or Bathers Beach. Kitesurfing and stand-up paddle boarding are the top activities to do in Rockingham Beach. Jet Skiing is available at all the beaches of Perth, but it's super fun in Rockingham and Mandurah Beach.

Leisure Day at Kings Park

Leisure Day at Kings Park:  Things To Do In Perth
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A day in Kings Park is your ticket to endless blue skies and leisure day. Take a jog around or play with your kids in the play area or explore Perth skyline through DNA Tower. Kings Park offers a simply good experience. If you've rented a car, you'll get free parking at the Kings Park, or you can take the public transport to reach here! King's Park is Perth's pride and joy, a haven of bushes and cultivated gardens.

Catch A Sunset

Catch A Sunset:  Things To Do In Perth
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Beaches in Perth are simply gorgeous with white-sand and watersports. Perth has amazing white stretch coastline where you can explore Cottesloe Beach, Rockingham Beach, Mettams Pool, Bathers Beach and Leighton Beach. Bring your sunglasses and keep sipping the cocktail while witnessing the best sunset of your life. If you're lucky, you can find rare starfish, patterned fish and octopus while you're exploring the beach. Here you'll feel like you belong to Perth's happy local club!

Discover River Cruise

Discover River Cruise:  Things To Do In Perth
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Discover your love for water with various cruise experiences Perth has to offer! You can explore Rottnest Island's 1.5 hour cruise tour from Perth or Fremantle, or experience Swan Valley's Gourmet Wine cruise which offers unforgettable wine and cheese affair. You can also watch Whales from Hillary's Boat Harbour Day trip from Perth. There are so many cruise options for tourists! Choose the one you're most excited about.

Explore a Leisurely Lifestyle

Explore a Leisurely Lifestyle:  Things To Do In Perth
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Perth lets you unwind and relax, grants you a place where you can go for an early morning run at the beach, dance along at a studio, go for picnics with your family, enjoy wine tasting at Swan Valley and sing along at Perth Concert Hall. The lifestyle in Perth is something you'll fall in love with. The place also makes you enjoy life with simple and easy-on-pocket experiences. 

Go for Wine Tastings

Go for Wine Tastings:  Things To Do In Perth
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Explore amazing cheeses, home-made wines, craft beers and what not at Swan Valley. But the best of Swan Valley is its vineyards! Swan Valley houses over 40 wineries where you'll be welcomed warmly by the owners themselves. Taste the life of Perth in Swan Valley, and it is a MUST VISIT in summer as the fruit starts to ripe and wines are in the making. 

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