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Things To Do In Melbourne

Planning A Trip To Melbourne? Here's our list of top things to do in Melbourne

Melbourne is beautiful city in the island nation of Australia, renowned worldwide for hosting the Australian Grand Prix. It is a mixed bag of attractions which will ensure each visitor of this wonderful city has a memorable trip. With so many things to do in Melbourne, from delectable world-class dining experiences and art galleries to Melbourne’s indigenous fashion and its various sports events (foremost being the Australian Grand Prix) and festivals like White Night, you will surely have a hard time deciding what are the things you should check out first.

An Evening at Astor Theatre

An Evening at Astor Theatre:  Things To Do In Melbourne
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In operation since 1936, The Astor is the last single-screen theatre in continuous operation in Australia. The theatre takes you on a flashback ride to old Hollywood with its graceful golden drapes framing the screen. The theatre can cater to modern day films in 35mm, 70mm and digital formats. So whether you like the old classics or modern cinema, when in Melbourne, you must grab a movie and some popped corn at The Astor.

White Night Festival

White Night Festival:  Things To Do In Melbourne
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A 12-hour art festival cum party, Melbourne’s White Night Festival began in 2013 and has been attracting people from across the world ever since. It has a host of spectacular art installations, unbelievable projection art and a number of unexpected experiences to sweep you off your feet. With cafés and pubs being open all night during the festival, the large crowds of attendees in the CBD also have a variety of options to feast on through the night. All in all, a once in a lifetime experience of art, culture, music, lights and great wine and dine. The White Night Festival happens in February. Be sure to check the dates before booking your tickets to Melbourne.

Sunrise from a Hot Air Balloon

Sunrise from a Hot Air Balloon:  Things To Do In Melbourne
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While Melbourne is a beautiful place to see at ground level, seeing it from above in a hot air balloon will give you a completely different perspective of the city. Chris Shorten, the Balloon Man, has over 3000 hours of flight experience over Melbourne and will be your pilot in the early morning flight which will take you across the city as you see a spectacular sunrise wash Melbourne in its orange glow. You can also add in a hearty breakfast or a glass of wine to your package. Flights are priced between $418 to $448 for adults and $328 for children.

Street Art Photography Tour

Street Art Photography Tour:  Things To Do In Melbourne
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Melbourne has a unique culture of its own with a bold take on art and culture which you can witness in numerous streets and lanes across the city. Hand-painted graffiti, stencil-work and murals dominate the art scene in these lanes and alleyways. Take out your camera and explore the lanes to be amazed and take back a reel of memories. Some of the lanes you must explore are Centre Place between Collins Street and Flinders Lane, AC/DC Lane, Keith Haring Mural on Johnston Street, Croft Alley and Duckboard Place.

Lantern Ghost Tours

Lantern Ghost Tours:  Things To Do In Melbourne
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If being spooked out is your thing and ghost stories give you the thrill, a tour with Lantern Ghost Tours will surely be your thing. With a host of places with some spooky history in Melbourne, you can take your pick of the areas and eras you want to visit. Tours range from 90 minutes to 2 hours and you could also add an optional dinner to your booking. Prices for these ghost shows range from $36 to $48 per person. If you have the stomach for it, they also have a few 12-hour overnight tours.

A Whirl on the Melbourne Star

A Whirl on the Melbourne Star:  Things To Do In Melbourne
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Earlier known as the Southern Star, the Melbourne Star is a giant Ferris wheel standing at 120 m tall. It is the only Giant observation wheel in the southern hemisphere. A ride with a complete rotation takes 30 minutes and you get uninterrupted views of the cityscape for about 40 km on each side. Ticket prices are $16.5 for Children and $27 for adults.

Stroll down Queen Victoria Market

Stroll down Queen Victoria Market:  Things To Do In Melbourne
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With its vibrancy and fashion-conscious people, Melbourne will be shoppers delight. The city is renowned for its markets, from small trinkets to high-end fashion and cultural handicrafts. Melbourne has the southern hemisphere’s largest open-air market, Queen Victoria Market. The Market is open 5 days a week with Mondays and Wednesdays being off. We suggest taking a guided tour of the market where your local expert will tell you about the various local produce available in the market, where to shop from, and a short history of the market. If you’re visiting in the winters, the Winter Night Market should not be missed. With a variety of food and drink stalls and entertainment acts, it will surely be a memorable night.

Sporting in World's Sporting Capital

Sporting in World's Sporting Capital:  Things To Do In Melbourne
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Famously known as the world’s sporting capital, Melbourne is home to the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground. It also hosts the Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne Cup Carnival and the Australian Open. For the sports enthusiasts, planning a trip to Melbourne should revolve around the sporting events they want to attend. From the most Fashionable horse race of the world to the most thrilling of car races, pick your choice and finalise your itinerary.

Bathing Boxes at Brighton

Bathing Boxes at Brighton:  Things To Do In Melbourne
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A visit to the Brighton Beach will be incomplete without using one of the bathing boxes there. These are small cabins or huts usually meant to be used as changing rooms. The ones at Brighton Beach are believed to be there since 1862. While these are simply small cabins to change into beachwear, some may even have an electric connection. Even if you do not make use of one, be sure to get clicked with them as the backdrop. 

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