Whitsunday Islands
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Things To Do In Whitsunday Islands

Planning A Trip To Whitsunday Islands? Here's our list of top things to do in Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday Islands, a cluster of islands in the Queensland part of Australia, make you fall in love with the little things. The best way to witness the sunset here is to get on a boat, sail to an island nearby, climb the highest peak and enjoy. Whitsunday combines two of life's greatest adventures - sailing and snorkelling. This tropical paradise makes you experience the best of local birds, lizards, fishes and turtles. You can witness the coastal views from the sky as you experience skydiving from Airlie Beach starting at AUS $300. If you want to experience the original Whitsundays lifestyle, go bareboating. You'll find peace in Hill Inlet, where you can view the coast from the back. There's so much you can do in Whitsunday Islands, so read on to know more!

Visit Cedar Creek Falls

Visit Cedar Creek Falls:  Things To Do In Whitsunday Islands
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A circlet of stunning natural beauty and peace, Cedar Creek Falls make for a great place to dip in clear water. Like a well-kept secret, this spot is hidden away behind the trees and rocks. Walking through the path, you'll find cedar trees, a rocky fall, a cascading waterfall and perfect sparkling water at the Cedar Creek Falls. It takes 30 mins to reach Cedar Creek Falls from Airlie Beach and you can book a half day outing to enjoy swimming and hiking.

Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef

Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef:  Things To Do In Whitsunday Islands
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Snorkelling is one of the best water adventure and the Great Barrier Reef makes it even more interesting with crystal clear water. The snorkelling adventures at the Great Barrier Reef start from Cairns and Port Douglas. Even if you are not a swimmer, some of the sites here are shallow, which makes it easier for you to experience snorkelling. There are infinite day trips for snorkelling that start as low as AUS $100 and as high as AUS $1000. So you can choose/book the one you're comfortable with!

Go Skydiving

Go Skydiving:  Things To Do In Whitsunday Islands
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Experience the thrill of free-fall of heart-stopping 60 seconds from the Skydive Airlie Beach; at the insane altitute of 15000 ft. Witness the marvellous coastal views of North Australia, Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef under you. You can book the activity online, starting at AUS $300. Step outside your comfort zone and take instructions from Australia's best Skydiving Instructors to discover the best views in the sky.

Experience Bareboat-ing

Experience Bareboat-ing:  Things To Do In Whitsunday Islands
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Bareboating in the Whitsundays is an ultimate adventure. Whitsundays offers you to rent a yacht without licence. That's crazy, no? Bareboating is an experience where you will glide through crystal clear water in your own yacht at a tropical location, witnessing the sunset and the fishes. So pick the right yacht, and take your crew along to experience something extremely different from what you have had before. 

Visit Hill Inlet

Visit Hill Inlet:  Things To Do In Whitsunday Islands
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Witness paradise from the back! The shifting tides blend into the white sand and blue hues, which are best discovered from these lookout points. If you want to see the beauty of Whitsundays, explore the Tongue Point of Hill Inlet. But also note that not all operating companies take you through the Hill Inlet. So you'll have to book an operator that offers Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet day trips by a power boat, luxury yacht or a ferry.

Sail around Whitsunday Islands

Sail around Whitsunday Islands:  Things To Do In Whitsunday Islands
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Sailing is the best way to enjoy all that Whitsunday has to offer. Island hopping is never more fun than when done by hiring a yacht and sailing off as and when you tire of one place. Or booking a tour that takes you with a guide to different jewels of the sea. Most of thee sailing trips are 3-4 days long and start from the mainland. There are one-day trips organised too, like the Red Cat Adventures to see the Hill Inlet. Whitsunday Paradise Explorer also offers day tours, eco-tours, snorkelling trips as well as special all-inclusive sunset cruises. Bowen Island is usually coveted for sunset sailing cruises.

Enjoy Segway Tours

Enjoy Segway Tours:  Things To Do In Whitsunday Islands
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You enjoyed sailing tours of Whitsunday when reading about it? Now think of Segway-Wait for it-Awesome tours! Whitsunday Segway tours take you through Cannonvale and Airlie Beach for just $99. The winds whip your face and your hair feels alive, as does your heart, while riding segways through beaches, boardwalks and designated tracks. The Conway National Park is also one very coveted rainforest tour, priced at $129. You must carry your best camera or phone to do loads of photos as well as time-lapse videos. Word for the cautious, Segways are safe, easy to operate and fun (they can be ridden by children too).

Cam, camp, camp!

Cam, camp, camp!:  Things To Do In Whitsunday Islands
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Rainforests and beaches spell camping in thick bold letters, and why not? When you can set up a tent, pull on some wood for bonfire and roast s’mores for dinner! Camping on Whitsunday’s Island will become one of the best experiences of your trip. South Molle Island is gorgeous for these kind of camps, as well as the Whitehaven Beach (yes, beaches make for amazing campsites!). You can book special gear-transfer agencies like Scamper that collect all your belongings and drop them off at your choice of camping as you hike your way there.

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