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Things To Do In Adelaide

Planning A Trip To Adelaide? Here's our list of top things to do in Adelaide

Adelaide is full of eye-catching art collections and beautiful beach views. You can be magnetised towards Adelaide to soak up the sunshine in the best turquoise water beaches. The destination is filled with striking adventures, and burst of entertainment zones. Find yourself in the midst of heritage architecture, learning about history and culture of Adelaide. The best things to do in Adelaide include water adventures in Wyalla, family fun day at Glenelg, visit to chocolate heaven of Haigh's, action-packed events at Adelaide Fringe and a lot more.

Snorkelling with Sea Chameleons called Cuttlefish

Snorkelling with Sea Chameleons called Cuttlefish:  Things To Do In Adelaide
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Adventures in water are the top activity to do in Adelaide. Thousands of tourists gather around on the coastline of Adelaide to witness the beautiful marine life. Snorkelling in Adelaide offers you a discovery of the sea chameleons called 'Cuttlefish' - species that change the pigments of their skin and blend into the surrounding. They weigh around 5 kg, and Adelaide, SA is know for large-scale mating aggregation of cuttlefish. You can visit Whyalla for annual Cuttlefest which takes place in June and July.

Explore Glenelg

Explore Glenelg:  Things To Do In Adelaide
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Full of family-friendly activities, the area of Ghenelg is the best place to keep the kids busy for the whole day. The amusing sandy-white beaches will drive you crazy with striking houses, rides, water-slides and arcade games. It's a great family experience in the suburbs of Australia and you can spend quality time with your family here. You can also explore laid-back pubs and organic cages in this region.

Chocolate Day Out

Chocolate Day Out:  Things To Do In Adelaide
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Explore and discover the art of one of the oldest chocolate making company of Adelaide, Haigh's. A day in Haigh's is a heaven for chocolate lovers and kids. You can join free viewing Haigh's tour and learn how they make premium quality chocolates from the cocoa beans sourced from around the world. On this trip, you can also taste the Haigh's chocolates and purchase some for your near and dear ones. To visit here, you first have to make the booking.

Attend Adelaide Fringe

Attend Adelaide Fringe:  Things To Do In Adelaide
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Adelaide Fringe is the annual arts festival which holds the record of world's 2nd largest art fest. This fest takes place in February and March for 31 days and nights each year and has a magical atmosphere. Thousands of cutting-edge artists from all over the world participate in this fest to unleash the creativity and meet like-minded people. It is one of the best time of the year to visit Adelaide and witness the art from all around the world.

Explore Hiking + Cricket

Explore Hiking + Cricket:  Things To Do In Adelaide
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This is a must do activity for the hiker at heart! Explore adventurous hiking in Adelaide Oval RoofClimb. It's a worth-drooling curved roofline in the Northern part of Adelaide. The Adelaide Oval RoofClimb may not give you the feeling of climbing the Mount Everest but it has the zeal to fulfil your desires for adventure. It's deemed as one of the most striking sporting grounds in the world and you'll be happiest to watch cricket from a new height. You can also dine at the finest Hill of Grace restaurant to celebrate your climbing success.

Bond with Marine Life

Bond with Marine Life:  Things To Do In Adelaide
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Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary is the place you fall in love with marine life. The gem of Adelaide, Bottlenose Dolphins have made this place their home. Located about 20 mins from the city centre, the place features over 40 dolphins, 100 long-nosed fur seals, 50 kg southern eagle rays, endangered species of Australian sea lions and 10,000 years old mangroves. The place is open 24/7 and you can also have a little picnic out there.

Go on Kaurna Walking Trail

Go on Kaurna Walking Trail:  Things To Do In Adelaide
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Discover and explore Adelaide's traditional history through art on Kaurna Walking Trail. This trail starts from Adelaide Festival Centre and ends at Victoria Square covering in total of 24 sites by walking and learning through art. It focuses on the honour of the Kaurna people's past, present and future. You learn about the spirit of partnership between indigenous and non-indigenous people. The tickets for this walking trail can be purchased from Adelaide museum.

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