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Cairns Weather And Best Time To Visit Cairns

Planning A Trip To Cairns? Here's a snapshot of Cairns weather and the best time to visit Cairns

Cairns, a small city in northern Queensland is fast becoming a major tourist destination in Australia. With its myriad offerings, and a pleasant climate all year round, Cairns is a must visit place during your trip to Australia. The weather in Cairns is mostly tropical and is characterised by warm days. It has two distinct types of climate, the said types being wet and dry. The best time though to visit Cairns can be decided only once you choose the activities you would like to indulge in. You should, however, be careful of the tropical cyclones the city experiences in the wet season, lasting from December through March. 

Wet Season (November to April)

Wet Season (November to April):  Cairns Weather And Best Time To Visit Cairns
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The weather during the wet season tends to get warm and the natural beauty, with blooms all over the city, make it a scene to remember. Summers are the hottest months of the year with a hot and humid climate all throughout. The rainforests surrounding Cairns are at their best during this time. With waterfalls gushing, and rivers bursting with life, this is the ideal time to indulge in a tour of the lush green rainforests. The Great Barrier Reef will also be a phenomenal experience during this time as there is excellent visibility up to 50 metres and the waters are the perfect temperature. While the days can be warm with temperatures reaching the 30°C mark, the evenings are cool with stormy thundershowers. This is also the season for Coral spawning and the mating season for some species of birds in the region. As April approaches, the weather becomes drier and the temperatures also come down slightly.


A journey on the Kuranda Scenic Railway will be rewarding during this time. 

Dry Season (May to September)

Dry Season (May to September):  Cairns Weather And Best Time To Visit Cairns
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The dry season is characterised by pleasant weather and temperatures ranging between 17°C to 26°C. The skies are clear and the air is dry, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities. Sailing, water sports, and just about any other activity will be the most enjoyable during this time. If you’re lucky, you might also spot a humpback whale or two as they migrate.


As we approach the end of the dry season, the weather begins to get warmer, the reef and the surrounding rainforests begin teeming with life. We suggest you be prepared for the occasional shower in the evenings due to the tropical type of climate of the region. 

The August Paradise

The August Paradise:  Cairns Weather And Best Time To Visit Cairns
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Arguably, August is the best month to plan a trip to Cairns. The most obvious reason for the same is the excellent weather. Keeping in line with the pattern of opposite seasons in Australia, August happens to be the peak winter season. The temperatures are comfortable, with cool nights. The humidity level is low and rainfall is almost nil during this time. All this makes it the perfect time to indulge in the various activities Cairns has to offer. August also happens to fall out of the holiday season of Australia, ensuring you can get accommodation at relatively better rates. 

Stinger Alert

Stinger Alert:  Cairns Weather And Best Time To Visit Cairns
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Do keep in mind the Stinger Season when you plan your trip to Cairns. November to May is the Jellyfish breeding period and poses a threat for dangerous stings from the seemingly harmless looking creature. If you’re here during this period, you will have to wear a protective stinger suit and swim in one of the many stinger enclosures, swimming holes and creeks spread all across. 

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