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Lepakshi Weather And Best Time To Visit Lepakshi

Planning A Trip To Lepakshi? Here's a snapshot of Lepakshi weather and the best time to visit Lepakshi

Lepakshi is one of the villages in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. It is considered as the land of the legends. Being one of the perfect weekend getaways, if you plan to visit Lepakshi and ready to get mesmerized by its beauty it is essential that you read through this article to understand how the weather behaves in different seasons of the year. The village lies 660 m above sea level and the climate here is considered to be local steppe. The best time to explore this place is, of course, winters. Let us walk you through its weather in more detail.

Summer (March - June)

Summer (March - June):  Lepakshi Weather And Best Time To Visit Lepakshi
Photograph by memorycarver.com

The summer season in Lepakshi starts from the month of March and lasts until June. The summer season is also one of the toughest times for the locals and visitors due to high humidity and quite unfavorable conditions for sightseeing. So if you are planning a trip during the summer season, ensure that you carry light cotton clothes to avoid any discomfort.


Temperature range: Minimum 22° C and maximum 33° C.

Monsoon (July - October)

Monsoon (July - October):  Lepakshi Weather And Best Time To Visit Lepakshi
Photograph by www.sakrecubes.com

The end of the summer season marks the beginning of the monsoon season in Lepakshi. The season starts from the end of June and spans until September, and at times, the start of October. It rains quite heavily especially in the months of July and August. So it is recommended to avoid visiting Lepakshi in these months. If you still do, carry umbrellas and raincoats to avoid discomfort. 


Temperature range: Minimum 21° C and maximum 28° C.

Winter (November - February)

Winter (November - February):  Lepakshi Weather And Best Time To Visit Lepakshi
Photograph by lbb.in

The end of monsoon is the sign of the commencement of the most pleasant time of the year, the winter season. The season starts from the month of November and extends until February or the start of March. This is the best time to plan any trip to Lepakshi as you'll get a perfect opportunity to explore the best of the city. These are just about ideal conditions for sightseeing and you can witness the grandeur of the majestic, ancient temples and the beautiful carvings on idols. 


Temperature range: Minimum 15° C and maximum 29° C.

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