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Gandikota Weather And Best Time To Visit Gandikota

Planning A Trip To Gandikota? Here's a snapshot of Gandikota weather and the best time to visit Gandikota

Gandikota is situated 320 m above sea level and the region mostly has a local steppe climate. The village, like any other place in India, experiences three major climates or weather conditions: Summer, Winter, and Monsoon. The summers in Gandikota and its neighboring regions are extremely hot and humid. The area doesn’t receive much rainfall so the weather condition doesn’t change much during the monsoon. The winters are pretty pleasant and therefore are considered as the best tie to visit Gandikota. The average annual temperature is 28 °C and on average it receives about 567 mm of rainfall annually. Let’s discuss the weather seasons in Gandikota in more detail.

Summer (March - June)

Summer (March - June):  Gandikota Weather And Best Time To Visit Gandikota
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The summer season in Gandikota starts from the month of March and spans until June. The month of March is still pretty decent for sightseeing. But as the season progresses, and you enter April, the temperature starts to increase and reaches its peak in May and June. The temperature in summer can go up to 40° C easily. The high temperature, scorching heat, and high humidity can make sightseeing a difficult task. And therefore, it is not recommended to plan any trip to the region around the summer season. But being a vacation, many tourists still visit Gandikota. If you have got the same plans, ensure you have filled your bags with light cotton cloths to avoid any discomfort.


Temperature range: Minimum 26° C and maximum 37° C.

Monsoon (July - September)

Monsoon (July - September):  Gandikota Weather And Best Time To Visit Gandikota
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The end of summer season around the passing of June marks the beginning of monsoon season. It begins from the month of July and remains active until September. However, it doesn’t rain much in the region during the monsoon and the maximum temperature continues to remain on the higher side. The rainfall does help in getting the temperature down but the humidity remains. Generally, August receives the highest rainfall of the season but otherwise, it is pretty decent. Sightseeing is therefore possible and you’ll enjoy your stay here. However, it is always suggested to check the weather forecast of the region before you plan your trip to be on the safe side.


Temperature range: Minimum 23° C and maximum 32° C.

Winter (October - February)

Winter (October - February):  Gandikota Weather And Best Time To Visit Gandikota
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By the end of September, the monsoon season moves towards the north completely, making way for the best time of the year, the winter season. It starts in the month of October and remains quite active till the end of February and early March. So this is the most favored time to visit Gandikota and you can enjoy your stay to your fullest. The winters aren’t too cold and also the max temperature remains pretty pleasant. You can visit all the top attractions of the village without any problem. The temperature drops in the evening so ensure you are carrying jackets and sweaters to have a comfortable stay in Gandikota.


Temperature range: Minimum 19° C and maximum 30° C.

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