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Tirupati Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Tirupati? Here's a detailed Tirupati tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
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27° C / 80.7° F
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Best Months To Visit:
December to February
Recommended Duration:
4 to 5 Days
Nearest Airport:
Tirupati Airport (16 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Tirupati Railway Station (3 kms)

Tirupati the spiritual centre of Andhra Pradesh, is notably one of the most predominant sacred places of India. Situated in the south of India, Tirupati which is popularly identified as Lower Tirupati is a vibrant city which has a number of ancient temples and forts and also serves as a busy thoroughfare for the majestic hills of the Eastern Ghats whose seven peaks rise up above the horizon over the city. The Seshachalam Hills on the northern side of Tirupati, whose peaks ascend at least 2,000 ft above msl are considered the hoods of the mythological snake Adi Sesha, who stands guard over his Lord Vishnu who is said to dwell in the seventh Hill called Venkadri.


There are several places of tourist interest in Tirupati, whence you could combine a spiritual tour with a holiday getaway into untamed nature with the most enchanting waterfalls, safaris into Nature reserves and treks up rugged wild slopes.


If you are planning a trip to Tirupati, our travel and tourism guide will help you plan a fine trip.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Tirupati Tourism And Travel Guide
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Tirupati is a major tourist centre and you are bound to have very good transport facilities to the city. The easiest way to reach Tirupati would be by train.


By Air:

The nearest airport is the Tirupati International airport at Renigunta with flights from a few major cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai. The next closest airport is the Chennai airport that caters to domestic flights to most major Indian cities and international flights to London, Singapore, Frankfurt, Saudi Arabia, Kuala Lampur and Sri Lanka. You can hire a cab from here to Tirupati.


By Train:

Tirupati Railway Station has trains chugging in from most major cities across the country. You could hire a tuk tuk or a cab from the railway station to your destination.


By Road:

There are ample private and government run buses to Tirupati from most cities of the neighbouring states. You could also drive or hire a cab to Tirupati.


Getting Around:

There are local buses, auto rickshaws and cabs for travelling around the town. Tirupati is a well developed tourist township and you’d have no hassles getting around.

Weather and Best time to Visit

Weather and Best time to Visit:  Tirupati Tourism And Travel Guide
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The best seasons do not really seem to matter for the pilgrims who visit Tirupati – Tirumala which seems busy through the year. As a trip to Tirupati would entail nature tours as well, it would be ideal if you could choose the right season. The best season for a visit would be from June to October and December to February.


Summer (March – May):

Summers are crowded in Tirupati, no matter how the weather is. Summers are very hot and humid and not so touristy.


Monsoon (June – October):

Southwest monsoons are alright, but the northeast monsoon of October and November are heavy and travelling up the ghat road to Tirumala is difficult.


Winter (December – February):

December to February are cool, pleasant months and are most ideal for exploring the town, visiting the temples or going off on wild hilly treks.

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Tirupati Tourism And Travel Guide
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Mythological Zoo:

Go off on an exciting lion and deer safari in the Sri Venkateshwara Zoological Park. The thematic zoo that provides information on its inhabitants and their role in mythology, encourages sponsoring for an animal of your choice. Visit the education centre for an in-depth information on the flora and fauna of Seshachalam Hills.


Prehistoric Life Park:

Prehistoric Life Park at the Regional Science Centre is a must visit for kids. The place has models of prehistoric man and animals and detailed information about each species.



The picturesque Rayalacheruvu water tank is one of the best places in Tirupati for water sports as well as a relaxing getaway. Watch the sunrise or sunset at Rayalacheruvu, that’s located between two hills. Incidentally Rayalacheruvu is an ancient water tank built by King Krishnadeva Raya of the Vijayanagara Empire.


Waterfalls and Treks:

Tirupati is loaded with bountiful surprises that nature could offer. Trek to the waterfalls and hills in and near Tirupati. Cascades like Talakona (65 km), Kailasa Kona (46 km) and Sadasiva Kona are some of the places you ought to visit. Check out the beautiful temples for Shiva and Parvathi at the foot of the Kailasa Kona and Sadasiva Kona (45 km) Falls.


Jungle Rides:

Get off on an organized safari ride through the dense forests of Andhra Pradesh to see the wild animals in their most natural habitats.


Meditation Centres:

Indulge in a few hours of serene contemplation in the meditation halls at the Sri Venkateshwara Museum and the Museum of Temple Art. Browse through the library which has a vast collection of books on philosophy, culture, religion, temple art and architecture.


Pulicat Lake:

If you are an avid bird watcher, visit the Pulicat Lake Sanctuary and the Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary about 20 km from the Pulicat Lake to watch the varieties of aquatic animals and migratory birds that fly in from around the world by October to build nests, lay their eggs and fly back home by March. Pulicat Lake which is the second largest brackish water in India, is in the Tamil Nadu – Andhra Pradesh border and is about 80 km from Tirupati.

Festivals and Fairs

Festivals and Fairs:  Tirupati Tourism And Travel Guide
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It’s said that Lord Srinivasa of Tirumala loves festivals, so ever so often the temple town gets to celebrate a grand festival for the deity at Tirumala or at the temples in Lower Tirupati. The annual Brahmotsavam and Navarathri Brahmotsavam (September – October) has literally lakhs of devotees and pilgrims gathering at the Tirumala temple.


What better than the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Board’s Rayalaseema Food and Dance Festival, held in Tirupati to concur with the Brahmotsavam, to relish the fine cuisine of Rayalaseema and to view their traditional dance forms. Vijayanagara Festival at Chandragiri Fort, during the Brahmotsavam is yet another event to look forward to.


On a lighter note, you could take a trip to the Nellapattu Bird Sanctuary near the Pulicat Lake for the annual Flamingo Festival (March).

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