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Vijayawada Weather And Best Time To Visit Vijayawada

Planning A Trip To Vijayawada? Here's a snapshot of Vijayawada weather and the best time to visit Vijayawada

Vijayawada is one of the most prominent cities in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Being the business capital of the state it’s the second-most populous city in Andhra. Along with Vizag, Vijayawada is one of the top tourist destinations visited by thousands every year. If you are planning a trip to this city, it’s crucial to know about the weather condition here. The climate of Vijayawada is highly influenced by its geography. With Indrakeeladri Hills to its west and the Krishna river flowing through it, Vijayawada has a tropical climate. The summers are usually hot and humid, the city receives a good amount of rainfall while winters are pretty moderate. Therefore, the best time to visit Vijayawada is during the winters because of the terrific weather conditions. Let’s dive deep and learn how the weather behaves in different seasons.

Summer (March - June)

Summer (March - June):  Vijayawada Weather And Best Time To Visit Vijayawada
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The summer season in Vijayawada starts from the month of March and lasts until June. March is quite pleasant but as time progresses, the weather conditions change gradually and by mid-April, the temperature starts to remain in high 30’s. The months of May and June are considered to be the toughest months because of scorching heat and high humidity. This makes it quite difficult for tourists and locals to go for sightseeing. But May and June being vacation time in India, a lot of people visit this city and still are able to enjoy their time and stay. So if you are planning a trip during summers, come prepared with light cotton clothes to avoid inconvenience.


Temperature range: Minimum 26° C and maximum 42° C.

Monsoon (July - October)

Monsoon (July - October):  Vijayawada Weather And Best Time To Visit Vijayawada
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The end of the summer season marks the beginning of the monsoon season. It generally starts from the end of June and spans till the start of October. The rainfall at the start of July is light but it starts getting heavier as the month progress. And as we reach the end of July, rainfall gets extremely heavy. August is another month with a thunderstorm and lightning. Vijayawada receives rainfall from the south-west and north-east monsoons. The city receives an average rainfall of 965 mm every year and cyclones are pretty common in the city. Hence, many call Vijayawada as “Blazewada” because of this. So if you are planning a trip in the monsoon, ensure that you have read the weather forecast well and have come prepared with umbrellas and raincoats.


Temperature range: Minimum 23° C and maximum 31° C.

Winter (November - February)

Winter (November - February):  Vijayawada Weather And Best Time To Visit Vijayawada
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As the monsoon season passes by the start of October, the weather condition in Vijayawada starts to become extremely favorable for locals and especially for visitors who are looking forward to visiting this destination. These favorable conditions remain active until March and therefore, the city looks filled with visitors both Indian and foreigners. The weather between November and March is extremely beautiful and therefore, you get a perfect opportunity to explore more of Vijayawada and its neighboring regions. It’s highly recommended to plan a trip to Vijayawada during the winter season and this majestic city will not disappoint you.


Temperature range: Minimum 20° C and maximum 30° C.

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