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Kurnool Weather And Best Time To Visit Kurnool

Planning A Trip To Kurnool? Here's a snapshot of Kurnool weather and the best time to visit Kurnool

The climate of Kurnool is tropical in nature and has an average elevation of 273 m. The city experiences three major seasons just like any other city in India. The summer season is hot and can get extremely hot and humid. The city receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon season and winters are pretty pleasant. Therefore, due to heatwaves in summers and high showers in monsoon, it is not recommended to plan any trip in these two seasons. And due to the pleasant weather condition in the winter, it is the most recommended time to visit Kurnool. Let’s discuss these seasons in detail.

Summer (March - June)

Summer (March - June):  Kurnool Weather And Best Time To Visit Kurnool
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The summer season in Kurnool starts from the month of March and remains active until June. March is still a good time to visit Kurnool as it’s just the start of the summer season. However, as the season progresses and we enter April, the temperature starts increasing slowly and reaches the high 30s by the end of April. Things get extremely difficult for locals and visitors in the month of May due to heatwaves and high humidity. Therefore, sightseeing can get difficult because of scorching heat. Heatwaves cause people to stay indoors and move out only if it’s required. Humidity levels can be as high as 75%. Hotels and travel agencies run different offers to attract visitors during this time. So if you have received such an offer which you think is good and have planned already to visit Kurnool, ensure you are carrying light cotton clothes to avoid any discomfort.


Temperature range: Minimum 30° C and maximum 42° C.

Monsoon (July - November)

Monsoon (July - November):  Kurnool Weather And Best Time To Visit Kurnool
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Kurnool experiences rainfall in two phases of monsoons. The first phase starts from the month of June and lasts till October. During this time, Kurnool receives heavy showers from the south-west monsoon. The second phase starts from the mid of October and spans till November end. So rainfall in Kurnool is more than decent. Despite a long period of monsoon and rainfall, monsoon is still considered a good time to visit Kurnool. If you’re planning a trip during this time, ensure you have read the weather forecast before making any bookings. And, carry umbrellas and raincoats to avoid any discomfort because of rain.


Temperature range: Minimum 22° C and maximum 27° C.

Winter (December - February)

Winter (December - February):  Kurnool Weather And Best Time To Visit Kurnool
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The winter season in Kurnool starts a little late unlike other Indian cities (where winters knock the doors by the start of November). Due to a lengthy monsoon period, winter in Kurnool arrives from the month of December and remains pretty active till the end of February. The weather during time is sublime and absolutely pleasant. It doesn’t get much cold here the temperature remains in the high 20s during the day time and low in the evening. This is the best time to enjoy the wonderful weather of Kurnool and sightseeing at different spots. Light woolen clothes during this season should just do well. Still, the weather doesn’t remain the same every year, it is recommended to see the forecast before you start packing your bags.   


Temperature range: Minimum 20° C and maximum 28° C.

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