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Things To Do In Lepakshi

Planning A Trip To Lepakshi? Here's our list of top things to do in Lepakshi

The state of Andhra Pradesh has an amazing mix of pilgrim spots and natural beauty. Being famous as one of the greenest states in India, Andhra Pradesh has a multitude of things at offering. Lepakshi is one of them. It is also known as the city of legend. It's a small village in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh not that far from Bengaluru. People generally visit this place to pay homage to the Gods, especially Lord Shiva. There are over 110 Shiva temples in Lepakshi which is evident enough to say that it is one of the most visited pilgrim sites in Andhra. If you have plans to visit this village and wondering what can be done here, you have landed at the right place. Below, we list some of the most commonly done things in Lepakshi.

Witness the Mysteries of the Hanging Pillar

Witness the Mysteries of the Hanging Pillar:  Things To Do In Lepakshi
Photograph by http://indiamysteries.blogspot.com/

Yes, you read that right. It is one of the mysterious places in Andhra Pradesh is located at just about 400 m from Lepakshi Bus Stand. It's the Veerabhadra Swamy Temple which was built during the Vijayanagara Empire. The old historic structure is an offering to the incarnation of Lord Shiva, Veerabhadra. The temple has several pillars but the one that stands out is the hanging pillar of Lepakshi. The pillar remains suspended in the air just above the ground and you can verify that by placing a piece of cloth underneath the pillar which moves freely. No one knows the secret behind it. Can you solve the puzzle? Give it a try. It's fun and mesmerizing at the same time.

Walk Over the Cloud

Walk Over the Cloud:  Things To Do In Lepakshi
Photograph by www.thetravelreminiscences.in

Is that even possible? Can someone really walk over the cloud? The answer is, yes! The amazing Skanda Gir Hills located at just an hour and a half drive from Lepakshi is one such place that gives the opportunity to walk over the cloud. It is one of the most fascinating places in and around Lepakshi. It basically requires trekking to reach the hilltop. The trekking usually begins by 2 am and you make your way through the tough terrain and get to the top of the hill just before the sunrise. It can be exhausting. But what you get to see after that is simply mind-blowing. An indescribable view of the rising sun making its way out of the clouds. Come and experience the beauty of nature.

Visit the Historic Kalyana Mandapa

Visit the Historic Kalyana Mandapa:  Things To Do In Lepakshi
Photograph by wallbee.us

The next thing to do in Lepakshi is to visit the historic Kalyana Mandapa located inside the complex of the Veerabhadra temple. You can combine this with your visit to the Lepakshi Temple. The mandapa has some of the finest artwork at the display to astonish visitors that' built on an elevated platform. Again, this was constructed during the time of the Vijayanagara Empire to perform the Kalyana ceremony for Parvathi and Lord Shiva during the annual festivals of the temple. Besides, the beautiful carvings of the Gods and saints from heaven to attend the wedding have been depicted brilliantly on structures. The mandapa has 38 pillars carved out of granite stone. The roofless mandapa showcases the finest artwork that's very rare and different from others in the south of India. Worth witnessing.

Pay Homage at Lepakshi Nandi

Pay Homage at Lepakshi Nandi:  Things To Do In Lepakshi
Photograph by http://www.naanushande.com/

The next on our pilgrimage journey list is the Lapskhi Nandi Temple. Yet another fine historic structure built during the Vijayanagara Empire. It's also a popular landmark for tourism in and around the Lepakshi. At just about 500 m away from the village center, this temple was constructed around the time when Veerabhadra Temple was built. The temple houses India's second-largest monolithic structure — an idol of Nandi (the bull). The amazing thing about this is that It is carved out of a single granite which 30 feet in length and 20 feet height. It is decorated with Muvvalahara, a necklace kind of a bell chain with small horns. A perfect place to bow your heads and seek blessings along in a neat and peaceful environment.

Take a Heritage Drive at Jain Heritage Center

Take a Heritage Drive at Jain Heritage Center:  Things To Do In Lepakshi
Photograph by http://www.jainheritagecentres.com/

We all know that Jain heritage sites are simply outstanding when it comes to architecture and grandeur of temples that are built by followers. A fascinating display of Jain artwork can be witnessed all across Gujarat. Even in Andhra Pradesh, you will come across one of the most reputed Jain heritage centers at 14 km from Lepakshi in the Hindupur city. Here, the idol of Lord Parshwanath in Koyatsarga posture is the primary attraction. It's 14 feet high and looks stunning along with other deities within its vicinity. Plus, this place is also famous for cheap silk sarees. These silk sarees look very similar to the famous Kancheevaram sarees. Don't forget to shop for these materials and fill your bags.

Go for a Selfie Session at Balaji Film Talkies

Go for a Selfie Session at Balaji Film Talkies:  Things To Do In Lepakshi
Photograph by www.justdial.com

After spiritual visits to the temples, the next item on our list is Balaji Film Talkies. Again, this place is located in Hindupur some 14 km away from Lepakshi. It's a good spot to spending a fun-filled time with family members and friends. This place is ideal for sightseeing and also taking a pleasure-seeking moment for yourself. You'll admire its innovative layouts, extraordinary architecture, and well-thought execution. A perfect place for selfie lovers for capturing stunning pics with things that have been shot in the films. The nearby shops serve a nice place for exploring fab designs, interesting themes, colorful landscapes, props, merchandise and do a lot more.

Shop At

Shop At:  Things To Do In Lepakshi
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The last thing in our itinerary is, of course, shopping. No trip literally is complete without shopping. And Lepakshi can prove to be a treasure trove for shopping a fascinating range of art forms and traditional crafts. What you can fill your bags with? Ideally, one should purchase these handicraft items which Lepakshi is so famous for. From Kalamkari painting to Banjara embroidery, cotton and jute durries to Kondapalli toys crafted out of softwood, the Bidricraft with silvery contours and Cherial scroll paintings are among the best things to shop for in Lepakshi.

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